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Today’s outfit is also featured in my last post for being an outfit inspired by a quote(s) from a book, you can see the arty/philosophical versions that I made (and actually consider more truthful) HERE as this post features the candids from this virtual reality we live in…

The main part of the outfit is the top which has printed on it the words ‘”And your point is…..” T-shirts for women that take no crap.’ A partial statement that can be a question and/or a demand seeking an explanation, truth, wisdom, enlightenment and/or perhaps a summary. At first I couldn’t remember when I bought this top thinking it sometime between my late teens and early 20′s but then I recalled wearing the other of the pair that I bought during college. So I at least bought it when I was 14-16 (and there’s no bobbles or signs of wear of them – quality or what) from the ever awesome, eclectic, and formerly infamous Camden Town Market(s) (it’s changed a lot since then, having been renovated after the controversial fire). There was a stall there for a short time that only sold these tops though strangely I couldn’t really find many that I was ‘into’ at the time but since they were doing a ’2 for £10′ deal at the time I bought two. The other says ‘You say I’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing’ yeah… Let’s just say I wear it as an under layer nowadays. That said if it went on and explained the cultural use and background info of why the word is attributed to women as an insult, why many words are feminized and then used as insults and why it’s the word for a female dog being god spelled backwards and where the word ‘god’ comes from I’d probably wear it as an outer layer. The meanings of words like ‘live’ and ‘evil’ only seem like a coincidence or a joke.

For the record I have never intentionally been a stereotypical ‘b’, that doesn’t mean I haven’t acted flippant when I should have been more considerate. The times when I’ve obviously hurt somebody’s feelings carelessly I don’t forget or stop regretting them and I don’t repeat – thankfully they were never unforgivable and I apologized sincerely, tried to make up for it and make them genuinely feel uplifted. I’m not excusing myself, there are plenty of people out there who are nasty pieces of work consistently and think of themselves as good and decent or ‘normal’ and plenty around them who’d call them that too but I ain’t one of them. I bought that top because many people confused me with a ‘popular type’ and the connotations that go with that from being mean, exclusive or what is generally thought of as stupid and even if forced to credit me in any way it was always beneath them, in a jokey way or within a framework of acceptability/believability, others of course went the opposite way and denied and undermined outright not giving a damn about the consequences or because they relished it or to hide their own flaws and/or insecurities. People love to save face. Anyway…

The skirt was a cashback purchase and the hat belongs to mum from I don’t know how many decades ago :-) My roots blended in more with Red but the hat was necessary with Blonde for this Red/Black outfit otherwise I’d have looked far more ‘full on’ in the pics though it’s ok in person, on camera it looks very ‘vampy’ and that’s not me or what I aspire to be. That said, the way I wore the hat makes me look a bit like a chauffeur or air steward lol, driving M’Lady around which I would be doing (for mum) if I could drive.

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat

I’ll be back… ;-)

To update this post with links/pics of other bloggers I see celebrating Fancy Friday.

Have a Good Day One and All!

Other bloggers celebrating Fancy Friday

Vanessa at Nessbow

What can I say, for someone who has a feel for the alternative and born from a Goddess who does her own thing completely how can I not love this outfit!? I love that sub-style of goth that is fun and cute, not Lolita but still colourful and detailed. This outfit is also somewhat free spirited which I think suits Vanessa very well!

What can I say, how can I not love this outfit!? I love that sub-style of goth that is fun and cute, not Lolita but still colourful and detailed. This outfit is also somewhat free spirited which I think suits Vanessa very well!

Maricel at MyClosetCatalogue

Another cheerful outfit though in another way, very bright and from her post a bold move - a nice way to celebrate Fancy Friday!

Another cheerful outfit though in another way, very bright and from her post a bold move – a nice way to celebrate Fancy Friday. Love the use of light Orange through the outfit!

Camila at TheGeekChickBlog

Mixing tribal print with rustic comfort, an unusual and very interesting combination - fashion forward and of course fancy yet comfy works! I love the glow of the sunshine on her and in combination with the background in her pics.

Mixing tribal print with rustic casual, an unusual and interesting combination – fashion forward and of course fancy yet comfy works! I love the glow of the sunshine on her and in combination with the background in her pics.

Leah at MorningInk

Adorable in her lovely flowery dress made smart but quirky with the satchel and shoes yet edgy with the jacket. I'm likin' her sense of style and pops of colour!

Adorable in her lovely flowery dress made smart but quirky with the satchel and shoes yet edgy with the jacket. I’m likin’ her sense of style with the pops of colour and accessories! Love that necklace!

Smiles all round today with the bloggers featured today, very nice to see and feature for all you readers too! Remember to checkout their blogs for the full posts and the Fancy Friday theme is open to anybody who wants to give it a go!

T3 is a literary fashion challenge thought up by Maricel of MyClosetCatalogue and and Selah of ABibliophilesStyle – basically you choose an outfit based on a quote from a book you’re reading or have just read. Why am I posting it today you may be wondering? Ya I’m such a last minute person but in my defense at the time of posting it’s still Thursday in some parts of the world(!) and their linkup tool is open for a week to add your link to… Can I be called fashionably late? ^^’

This is the third T3 since it went live and my other posts were:
1) To Kill A Mockingbird (is a sin)
2) The King in Yellow/The Yellow Sign

The themes being: 1) justice and so-called law, 2) killing parasites and today’s/3) wisdom.
In effect 1) the Trial, 2) the Execution, 3) Evaluation/Sorting through the Tricksters. All in time for Easter with today being ‘Good Friday’ an’ all.

Master of Stupidity – by Toba Beta

No I didn’t pick the title to refer to myself…

The Master of Stupidity is written in prose in sharp and concise statements which of course would need expounding to explain fully but that’s not the point of the book. An aide to memoir rather than a full on diary between Master and Disciple/Student in this case called ‘Smartass Disciple’. They discuss many things but mostly about how people react to things and each other in life in. As for genre I’d call it a philosophical satire.

The title is a play on words, to be a master (or mistress though that has other connotations) of something you’re generally at the top of the hierarchy or top of your game, seen as skilled/knowledgeable yet here it is of stupidity. Oxymoron? Just call one a fool or idiot already? Not really… A fool and an idiot are not the same thing and stupidity can apply to all different kinds of people and acts. So much of the dialogue is about common sense and ‘obvious’ perception but then how common is common sense?

I don’t agree with everything in the book especially the curious interest in defeating/overcoming death yet at other times talking about the pangs of eternity and not worrying about death or space or time because it’s all roughly the same thing or doesn’t matter yet also acknowledging that death as we know it isn’t death. However it’s a philosophical, political, thought provoking and sometimes mood enhancing read with bluntness, irony and feeling.


The court jester or the fool of the world (incidentally today is World Juggling Day) plays the part of the entertainer to their uppers whether they be happy or more akin to Pagliacci the sad clown. Yet the fool has generally  had the ears of the royals and court as well as the person on the street, or at least insider info, whether it be a side role of giving advice/opinion or running important errands. For all the bells and whistles the fool is an intelligent character, they might sleep on hay on the floor outside the master’s chamber door but they are often shown as people with so much knowledge they can’t be bogged down anymore, they’re in the clouds yet always present/sharp. Oft similarly portrayed as ‘little old ladies/men’ that those around them take for granted thinking of as weak, senile or patronized but how does one get old? By avoiding tricky situations, letting others do the dirty work, not having many problems – just going along with the prescribed life, being a strong bully, having a passion, becoming strong enough in general such as through hard work or… being skilled/knowledgable. The oldest and/or injured lion is the most dangerous. That quiet little sweeper Lu Tze from Discworld style or knitting biddie Miss Marple style aren’t always innocent, naive or stupid.


There are so many awesome quotes in this so I’ve chosen the ones that spoke to me most at the time and organized them into general subjects to make them a bit easier to read. The language is a bit old fashioned in that it sounds a bit back to front in places, that’s because the author is Indonesian and English was not likely the native tongue e.g. think of the ‘Romance languages’ where to a person with fluent English and/or English as a first language French, Italian and Spanish can sound like the sentences are backwards, though that is how olde English was as well.

The skirt and the hat don’t really have anything to do with it lol other than to go with the top (and the hat to hide my roots). Speaking of which, it says ‘”And your point is…..” T-Shirts for women who take no crap.’ Depending on who is reading and how the phrase is said, the question can be seen as pointed, demanding or challenging but it can also be seen as asking for an explanation, clarification or summary. It can be rhetorical, defensive or genuinely asking for an answer.

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat

I’ll leave it there for now unlike in my other two T3 posts, these quotes speak for themselves.


Smartass Disciple: Why do arrogant people like to use complex words?
Master of Stupidity: Ask them straight! You’ll get a simple scary version.”

“To understand the truth of everything, it took guts more than simply thinking.”

“If you don’t listen to the question entirely, then you are going to revise your answers frequently.”

“While you are so busy trying to make yourself humble, many are persistently and quietly promoting themselves.”

“One thing I don’t like about crap: its size that is too big to be digested.”

“If you seek for truth, be prepared to find the otherwise.”

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat


“The more you know, the less you understand. That’s so cliche’. Wanna know the scary version? The more you know, the more f*ckups you find. That’s what really makes you even less understand.”

“You won’t be able to find the truth by merely seeking it. You also have to change your perspective and yourself.”

“We ain’t alone in this universe. We just don’t wanna be disturbed.”

“What is seen by mind, is an environmental image that projected by public consciousness in vicinity.”

“God doesn’t take sides. He created all of them.”

Smartass Disciple: Master, why heaven is up there and hell is down there?
Master of Stupidity: If otherwise, it wouldn’t be celebrated as Ascension Day.”

Smartass Disciple: Master, how do I know that I am not dreaming right now?
Master of Stupidity: You don’t. Only those who see you’re dreaming can tell it.”

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat


“Fight for change? Thirst for difference? Start talking what men avoid talking about.”

“No secrecy, no business.”

Free Will: “I made you think so.”
Predestination: “I knew you had to.”

“There are only three types of citizenship: hero, villain, nobody.”

“Nothing is coincidence in strategical perception.”

“Nobody could rule this world merely by peace.”

“Gentlemen agreement is the front cover of hidden agenda.”

“Your money myth affects your gain and luck. In economics, illusion of money affects wealth.”

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat


“I don’t understand you, darling!
That’s what I’m talking about, dear!”

“People need no advice, they want wisdom-based entertainment.”

“Eventually, there’s certain limit in telling bare fact through words. It ain’t about diction constraints, but common ability to understand.”

“They don’t directly listen to you. They just hear things within their minds that triggered by your words.”

“Nobody could be an observer without being involved.”

“When we perceive aliens as a joke to be laughed at, they feel so pity for us on the success of their plans.”

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat


“I’m a hot..and cool guy.”

“100% holy means completely separated.”

“Holiness on earth is a spiritual fantasy.”

“Many people still feel so scared about spirit or ghost, not yet realizing that there are so many unidentified living creatures on this planet earth which might be even more dreadful.”

“I like slang words, straight to the point. I like words of wisdom, straight to the heart.”

“Earth is the largest being on this planet.”

Black Red T-Shirt Long Sleeve Slogan Top Satin Lace Up Goth Skirt Biker Cap Hat

Interesting eh and within the book delivered with humour, be it direct or otherwise. But heck this orchestrated chaos (as opposed to nature which is organized) we live in is so messy we gotta laugh otherwise we’d cry ’til we run dry.

To finish and with my own words: “I can tolerate a fool, but not foolishness.” A ‘fool’ being explained above and also to an extent being clumsy, silly, of ‘naturally happy/jolly/cheerful’ disposition or making mistakes (that are not unforgivable). Foolishness being wanton negative selfishness (positive selfishness being looking after yourself/others/priorities but not by being unethical) or negative indulgence; doing things just because you can/want to, being disproportionate, wasteful or ungrateful.


No way?

I kid you not.

Today I went on air on Capital Radio ‘London’s No.1 Hit Music Station’ (potentially 8 million listeners) at a prime slot to tell people about a costly mishap, well a slapstick series of events. I won’t go into it because I think enough people heard it already given the station’s popularity and it was embarrassing/humiliating enough!

I had to tell it in a funny way but I’m an old fashioned, droll person with a sardonic tone of voice that gets more emphatic accompanied by expressive hands as I go along and my voice is kinda deep to boot (though changes to girlish now and then of its own accord). The person contacting me coached on how to deliver, tone of voice and frequency i.e. straight to the point, bubbly and fast so I couldn’t tell it the way I would have but that’s ok (and I’m not usually a bad raconteur in person!) I also had to speak much louder than usual. I think my voice came out a tad slower and teensy bit less energetic than a chipmunk but at least I was understandable, didn’t trip over my words or fall into umming and ahhing!

So what did I win? £500. Not much but when you don’t have it, it can be hefty. Suffice to say it will almost all have to go on bills and a couple of gifts but I’m going to try and squeeeeze a tiny bit aside to treat us with, heck I haven’t had fresh fruit or veg at home since my pineapple salad post, I think we deserve it!

Pineapple Carrot Chillie Salad Gajar Ka Achar

I’m just waiting on the competition team with the prize details now, I’m outdated and thought I’d be put through to them on the phone straight afterwards but was told they’d contact me shortly *rubs hands stressfully thinking about what food I’m going to make!*

Do I feel lucky? Well, do I?

Oh please. Well… If luck is a freak incident or series of coincidences then I guess I was extremely lucky in this competition though it came at a price! I’ve been regularly entering competitions for 7 years now, both direct ones where you just enter your contact details and effort based ones where you have to put together an entry submission or in this case, go on air. I’ve won six prizes, mainly books and the biggest (and best imo) prize being this tub of coconut oil.

Viridian Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Hell I’ve put hours and hours (and hours) into competitions and have entered thousands, some one off entries and others where you have to enter consistently. Obviously most tribulation, frustration and heartache comes with the effort based ones especially when the winners are picked on popularity, who can social network the most, chosen randomly, or when it’s the same characters being chosen again and again. If there’s a Silver lining I guess I can say at least I do it out of necessity rather than addiction… Wait, that doesn’t sound good either… At least I started as a creative outlet and hobby, phew good intentions save the day!

Anyway, it’s true to say that for all those people that have weekly or monthly wins or big wins instead of regular ones and have somehow caught the favour of ‘Lady Luck’ or whoever’s in charge there’s a heck of a lot more who don’t win, it only takes one person to beat you (the same as with anything in life), and even more who don’t enter at all. So I’m grateful for this win and give a solemn nod to all those who enter and enter, try their best, lose their mojo, pick themselves up and try again, repeat the vicious cycle and perhaps eventually give up. A lucky break can happen, it’s not guaranteed and I wouldn’t recommend comping as a hobby but if you have to, you gotta be in it to win it.

Thanks and all the best!

Songkran – The days allocated/celebrated as the first day of the year for many Asian countries. In places such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Lao and Burma Songkran (otherwise related to the Resurrection) is celebrated from 13-15th April, with some places starting on the 12th or ending on the 16th. It coincides with numerous ancient Asian calendars. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songkran_(Thailand))

Easter significantly occurs after Songkran and to many old world systems (and most importantly Nature herself) the transcendence of darkness to light, or separation to wholeness or symbolically (but with more gravity than the word ‘symbolism’ usually attracts) the journey into the manifested creation or ‘cave’ begins and is hence prior to the exiting of the cave/the resurrection. Easter is another ancient marking of time that pre-dates Christianity (http://www.mother-god.com/easter.html) and what is now thought to mark a journey of three days is actually three weeks n’est pas? The Entrance, the Suffering and the End. (The Gnostic and pre-vedic early Hindu Creation scriptures are most commonly known through the later, and altered, Inanna/Ishtar and Demeter/Persephone ‘myths’ where the Daughter has to go through the netherworld to be reunited with the Mother and the Dark Mother is usually misconstrued or confused with the Traitor Goddess in an attempt to insert the Maiden/Mother/Crone triad.)

Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and Taiwan just had their tomb-sweeping festival (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qingming_Festival) where they tend to the graves of their ancestors who have ‘passed’, or transcended or in transition since ‘death’ in this world is now not really Death but a passage which is why we pray for the dead, give offerings that could be of help to them and hope for their souls to be handled properly as if they are not completely gone. Death is the cessation of existence but the Qingming Festival exemplifies that death here is an extension of existence, just different to how we think of/feel it and its position between Easter and Songkran is no coincidence. The ancient calendars are processional and even though people may look and sound different, fundamentally they are the same and the various Asian cultures are more obviously linked though on the World stage we are all linked by our roots.

Easter – the Entrance. Qingming – the ‘dying’/suffering and passing. Songkran – the End/Resurrection of the Daughter in unification with the Mother, also celebrated on May 1st/Maia 14th with the Feast of the Exaltation of the Queen of Heaven. To read about this beautiful festival, its history and meaning: “The Exaltation of the Queen of heaven“.

All About Easter

The Dawn of the World

Eastre, or Easter, is the Great Feast of the Death and Resurrection of God the Daughter.

People who are new to this often imagine that it is taken from Christianity. It certainly does sound very similar, doesn’t it?

Let us begin by looking at the word Eastre/Easter. What does it mean in relation to Christianity? Answer: absolutely nothing.

Easter comes from the name of the Teutonic goddess of Spring and Dawn, Eostre. The name is closely connected to Greek Eos, goddess of Spring and Dawn; Sanskrit Ushas, goddess of the Dawn; and Babylonian Ishtar, the goddess whose descent into the under-world is celebrated in Her spring festival.

The name, as associated with spring/dawn, is so deep-rooted in human language that it goes beyond the normal linguistic “families”. For example, we find the same syllables in the Japanese words asa (morning) and ashita (tomorrow – recall that in most languages, the concept of “tomorrow” is closely connected to that of “morning” – the new dawn, cf mañana, Morgen or the original English meaning of morrow).

So, when we say the word Eastre, or Easter, we are invoking the concepts of morning/dawn, of spring, and of the goddess who rules them. The word has no connection whatever with the Christian “Easter” mythos, except that it is connected with a goddess who dies and is resurrected, descends into the under-world and returns.

None of this should be very surprising. The mythos of the dying-and-rising god-savior is found again and again in ancient religion, and naturally this “god” began as Deity in Her original feminine form and was only “masculinized” by later patriarchal editing.

Why spring and dawn? Because spring and dawn are the equivalent points in the cycle of the day and in the cycle of the year. Spring is the dawn of the year. When cycles were more deeply understood, it was natural that the word for one should also be the word for the other. A very closely associated word is “east” – where the sun rises – and we may note that in the Wheel of the Year Easter comes at the eastern point of its “compass”.

However, the cycle runs deeper than that of mere this-worldly events. “As above, so below”. Things of the world are but reflections of those things that transcend, predate, and are the causes of all worldly being.

Thus the rebirth of the day, and of the year, are but shadows of the rebirth of the cosmos itself and of Deity Herself.

We are here dealing with something fundamental to being. Something that goes deeper than any merely physical science can into the very questions of what existence is and why there is any universe at all. We are entering into regions that are beyond our limited human understanding, but which have been explained to us from the beginning in terms of a mythos that we can understand and relate to.

We know that there is ultimately only one Reality, and that is the Absolute, the Divine, the Atma. We also know that there appears to be a universe and beings (such as ourselves) that exist separately from Her.

How can this be? How can there be a world apart from the Sole Reality? This is the Mystery of Manifestation. The Sole Reality manifests some of the infinite potentialities that lie within Her “outwardly” in the form of a universe. Thus, from our perspective, She is the Creatrix of the world.

However, in order to maintain a world in apparent separation from Herself, She must enact a paradox, since if anything were truly separate from Her, it would instantly cease to exist, because She is existence. Therefore She must come to the place-where-She-is-not.

This Mystery of the separation of the Absolute from the Absolute is enacted in the Nativity mythos.

The Mistress of All Things rose to Her feet. For She had conceived a Daughter that was not separate from Her, but one with Her, and the Child of Her Light.

The Daughter is the Lesser Light of the Mother. While the brightness of the Solar Mother is “too great for us [i.e. the manifest cosmos] to look upon” the Daughter’s Lunar light reflects upon, and sustains, manifest creation. [Naturally we are speaking of the supernal and universal Solar and Lunar principles here - not merely of the astronomical bodies that providentially reflect them for our particular world-system].

Thus the feminine Holy Trinity (or so-called “triple Goddess”) of Mother, Daughter and Dark Mother, are, like the Hindu Trimurti, respectively the Creatrix, the Sustainer, and the (ultimate) Destroyer of manifestation.

The Daughter protects manifestation by being present in every part of the manifest cosmos, even the very lowest: descending “into the nether regions, giving up the Divine light and going down into that place wherein is no light, but only the profoundest darkness”.

With the descent of the Daughter into the nether regions, the world is subjected to that cutting-off from the Divine Source of Being that would have happened if the Daughter had not existed. And when the Daughter is slain, the world’s source of existential sustenance is severed:

1. Now from the time when the Daughter of Heaven had passed through the first gate of Hell, a barrenness had fallen on the earth; and neither bird had sung nor any flower showed its beauty forth; nor was there joy in any heart. 2. But when the Maid was slain upon the pillar of the world, an awful darkness fell on all the earth. 3. And the rivers of the earth ceased to flow, but drained away into the salt sea, and the sea ceased to move, but stood still in awful stagnancy.

Note the imagery of the rivers ceasing to flow. The river is a symbol of the connectedness of all things to their Source. It is precisely this connection that is severed here.

This is the Divine Sacrifice upon which the existence of the cosmos is founded.

Within the Wheel of the Year, Eastre is the three-day event that marks the end and the re-beginning of the cycle. The three days are as follows:

Kala: Moura 28th (March 19th, or 18th on leap years). Kala is the last day of the year. It is also the last day of the fifth season and thirteenth month of Moura which leads up to the Kala event. On this day, Our Lady passes through the Seven Gates of Hell and is slain upon the Pillar of the World.

Hiatus: No date. This day does not “exist” in the Filianic Calendar (March 20th, or 19th and 20th on the two-day hiatus of a leap year). This is the Day that Has No Date – the Day that Is No Day. On this day Our Lady is dead and the cosmos is dying. All statues and pictures of Mother and Daughter are covered in dark veiling. On this day one should try to avoid referring to, or even thinking of, the future. One should act as if this were the Last Day. This is a hard discipline and almost never can it be done perfectly, but even the attempt gives a very profound sense of the Ending and enables one to experience the Resurrection and New Year at a surprisingly deep level.

A special chant used during the Hiatus may be found here.

“And Her Daughter rose again and was alive again.

And amid tears of joy, They embraced and were one.”

Resurrection/New Year: Culverine 1st (March 21st). This is the first day of the year, the day of the Resurrection of Our Lady and the Rebirth of the World:

20. And when they beheld Her, the children of the earth rejoiced, and the rivers flowed again, and the sea began to move.

21. And the children of the earth cried: lift up your voices in song and laughter, for the Princess of the World was dead and is alive again, was broken and is whole; and there is no place whereto Her joyous rule does not extend. 22. Give praise to the Mother of All Things and praise to Her Daughter.

23. Rejoice, for the world is renewed.

After the preparation of Moura, the sacrifice of Kala, and the strange non-time of the Hiatus, the sense of a complete world-renewal for believers is almost uncanny. Our alignment with the world’s most ancient ritual system, and with the fundamental mythos that underlies cosmic manifestation, is remarkably powerful, for we are participating in the world’s most ancient “magic” – the “magic” that is creation itself.

These dates are ‘continuous’ and cyclic only as we ‘know’ them in our existence, in our lives, hence the events they acknowledge seem to repeat but remember that they are only there to remind us of an event, not repetitive events, not a story that is re-told. Our lives are no longer in sync with the cosmic passage of events and what we remember seems like déjà vu because we are multi-dimensional non-linear beings that have been extremely condensed so people confuse past, present and future (e.g. when ‘new discoveries’ are made which are actually the uncovering of past memories). The real Entrance, Suffering and End is one event that we mark in our ‘years’ or timelines that have been set and assigned to us by ruling establishments and so it seems continuous as if we are living our lives and events over and over again through the years but really our lifetime is one unit, one passage of time and the events that we are marking are happening once and once only.

We are almost at Songkran and interestingly enough:

The traditional greeting is “สวัสดีปีใหม่” (sawatdi pi mai), basically “Happy New Year”. Sawatdi is also used for “hello” or “goodbye”. Pi and mai mean “year” and “new” respectively in Thai. Another greeting used is “สุขสันต์วันปีใหม่” (suk san wan pi mai), where suk san means “happy”.

There is also a Total Lunar Eclipse combined with the full moon on the 14/15th April making a Blood Red Moon, all in good time :-)



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Hola mes amis, viva la Vendredi!  *Waves Friday flag* :-D (I know that first sentence is a mish mash of languages and the syntax is haywire ^^’ ) Today I’m wearing a mixed outfit where technically the shirt and the vest are not fancy separates, however in essence my outfit reminds me of vintage days […]


Dasha at GreenMakeup passed this award on to me and being that I find her blog and effort amazing I’m very glad to receive it :-)

Here’s what she has posted about herself from her About page:

“I need to express myself through colours and brushes. With creating new looks and images I fly in my own world. I love to work with different kinds of people and I’m very happy when my work makes people feel beautiful and unique.”

My make-up artist career started several years ago at University, where I studied fashion design. I have been inspired by the beautiful world of fashion, make-up and colours since ever. During my studies I started to expand my knowledge with several make-up courses, workshops and assistant works. Then I decided that the passion for make-up will become my profession. First I worked for magazines, fashion shows and video productions in my country. Then I moved to Milano for a year and later to Paris where I gained precious experiences while working with professional models from all over the world, especially on photo shootings and in showroom. Meanwhile, I also made a huge change in my perception about beauty products and lifestyle. I had an opportunity to collaborate with a beauty salon, that used just organic cosmetics. When I’ve worked for the first time with natural make-up, I was very surprised and at the same time excited about this new discovery. The results had shocked me in a positive way. I’ve tried a completely organic skincare on my face for the first time and my skin looked younger, fresh and felt really healthy. That occasion led me to dig deeper in this new field. I started reading and trying new organic products and especially learning about the harmful ingredients in cosmetics. I even realized that I had some health issues in the past because of using too much chemicals, even in cosmetics. My make-up kit is now filled with lots of natural cosmetics. However, when doing a professional photo shooting, I still have to use professional products to gain a perfect and lasting look. But I do my best to include more and more natural products even there as well. Otherwise, on myself I always wear just the best natural cosmetics.

My wish for the future is to create my own truly green make-up brand and to write a book about the new concept of beauty!

I really like sharing my experiences, expand my knowledge, make new connections and start new collaborations. But most of all, I love make-up!

I kindly invite you to read my blog, share your thoughts with me and most of all: ENJOY!

Dasha – makeup artist, writer & editor of this blog

Rules for this Award:

1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her post/page and/or sidebar

2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days (1 week) – this can be done at any rate during the week. It can be ALL on one day or a few on one day and a few on another day, etc.

3. The Nominee shall name his or her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during the 7 day (1 week) period.

4. The Nominee shall make these rules, or amended rules keeping to the spirit of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, known to each reader s/he nominates.

5. The Nominee must finish this sentence and post: ”A Great reader is…”

My nominations

Miz Shaaz Style

The Geek Chick Blog

Morning Ink

My Closet Catalogue


The Edge of Veg


For Vanity’s Sake

Mimosas and Fashion

Cats Holiday

The Otaku Judge

Budget Friendly Too

Chicly Cute

Plus Size Proud

A Great Reader Is…

Someone who reads your posts consistently, not necessarily all of your posts or reads them thoroughly but skims enough regularly to get the gist, leaves a comment showing they have done so and hopefully understood/appreciated.

Black White Polka Dot Spot Vintage Retro Inspired Top Pinup Pencil Skirt Wide Belt

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Howdy ladies, gents, one and all! So today I’m back in Warwickshire, specifically Warwick and so that gave me some time to wander around, um I mean productively spend at Warwick Castle This attraction is usually busy and people seem to prefer it to say where I was last week at Kenilworth Castle, perhaps partially […]


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