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Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to all those interested in fashion design and taking photos in great clothing! From armchair fashionistas, hobbyists, budding designers to professionals, one and all, welcome!

Here you will find updates following my progress as a hobbyist fashion designer, reviews and photos mainly through a website called Chicstar. It is an established online store/real manufacturing company that has been hosting online fashion competitions for a quite a while now. It’s free to register and to participate and is open to all. I’ve been a member for over 4 years. More on that later!

I started drawing by hand using regular graphite pencils, HB and 2B, then I added colour with regular colouring pencils and now I’ve moved on to digital design. I draw my designs on forms and individually. I’ll post pics of old and new designs as I go along. I use Gimp (freeware) and as I get better I will post tutorials.

I’m not a professional designer and I don’t follow trends, I’m just someone who does a bit of amateur design now and then and know what I like. However, I live in a fashion capital even if I don’t follow fashion I can’t help but be surrounded by it and since fashion is very diverse here with plenty of couture, counter-commerical, novelty, vintage and multi-cultural as well as the catwalk/highstreet trends there’s much to find interesting. I appreciate fashion and adornment as a form of expression.  I also like to see the great range of submissions and talent of other members at Chicstar, it’s both inspiring and challenging.

Full length waistcoat/sleeveless jacket

Long brocade/jacquard waistcoat

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