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RE-POST – I had a lot of trouble with this post, the publishing, editing and comments feature wouldn’t work properly so I had to delete it and repost which meant all the comments on the original were lost – I apologise about that.

‘Ello ‘ello everybody,

I hope you are all doing fine and being beautiful this morning :-). Below are my new entries into Chicstar.com Competition 2 – Alter someone else’s designs. On the left of each picture is the original, on the right is my alteration. Click the pics to vote 😀

Remember that if an alteration is accepted; aprototype is made and goes to auction. If successful and chosen for production/inclusion in the product range, the original designer and the alter designer get $500 each.

The Alterations contest is specifically for prototypes where the original designer gave permission for their design to be altered, and where their prototype was not chosen for production following the auction. The prototypes eligible for alteration can be found on the ‘Protos’ page in the menu, and have ‘Alter‘ written underneath them.

Full length sleeves, removed shoulder puffs, added buckles to midriff.

Made full length.

Added tier, full length, moved middle tier lower.

Full length sleeves with lace up, reduced collar, lifted bust line.

Full length sleeves, buckles to lower arms, removed shoulder puffs.

Added tier, buttons/ruffle trim, removed shoulder puffs, full length sleeves, reduced collar.

Ruffles to front, lacing contoured & longer, sleeves. Lacing should be Black or White,not Red.

Note – Two of the tops by Rachael Storms above were two of my favourite protos ever made and it was very hard to decide how to alter them because I think they’re perfect already. However, they weren’t chosen for production before and thankfully due to this competition they can be altered, giving them another chance at success.

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