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‘Tie Hem Reversible Tunic Dress’ – Black with pattern trim on inside

This is my new entry for Chicstar Competition – posting a pic of yourself or someone you know wearing an item of Chicstar clothing.  If you like it please click on the pic, which will take you to their ChicStar pages and vote Yes.  Also why not take a look at the other entries and vote, perhaps even get involved yourself, it’s great fun and nice to see the clothing on different people.

Tip – you get $10 for entry into the contest and an extra $100 if you win.

This photo is the one we didn’t use but I still love it! The model is my beloved mother dearest!

Being the warrior Goddess Kali


Comments on: "Using Print for a Warrior Theme – photo contest!" (2)

  1. Hi Dolly i just read what happened about your pics being declined… why would they first accept them then declined them right after… i think their rules are so confusing and random… i personally don’t like that they don’t let you post more than one picture on one site but i mean is free publicity for them, they should accept it also i know is their business and they don’t want to credit that 20dlls because is a loss for them but after all if we are happy costumer we’ll keep buying from them, that’s how it should work right? anyways i like the way you defended your rights! cheers to you all the way from California, and since i couldn’t find a site to publish my pictures i made one (i’m still working on it but they already accepted one of my pics i posted there), i leave you the link so when you have another picture you can post at least one there… http://www.blankwomandiaries.webs.com

    • Thanks Yulie, and the throne photo from last week was proven to have nothing wrong with it at all, and yet was declined en masse with other photos accepted on other dates, for no reason. I do find that they come up with new rules as they go along and then don’t edit their rules pages which can lead to long conversations – partly because of the time zone difference and partly because I have to repeat myself over until they acknowledge what I’ve said and it’s not a language barrier thing either since their English is very good. The result being that all of the declines I’ve had have been half down to the rules not having been available or clear and half down to nothing being wrong at all but they were declined anyway and when you disprove something they’ve said, they make something else up to save face though that’s human nature. Hence I wrote the contest guides on here.

      All in all it’s still a great design and cash-back opportunity for many though, heck I’m one of the oldest posting members lol. I totally agree with your point about the one photo per site thing as well – they used to allow that and it’s good for people who for example have a ton of friends on social networks, though people can still post as many as they want on one site, but just claim for one entry. On the other hand, from the business point of view it’s probably more helpful SEO wise in that their name will reach further places on the internet by having pics on different sites. In comparison to most sites I think CS has a lot of give and take whereas most other consumer sites don’t have these ‘rewards’ at all, but of course CS have their favourite members. However we all know the results of favouritism, popularity is a fickle and demanding thing.

      Thanks so much for the support and for the site recommendation – I’m looking at it right now and it’s beautiful. I love the idea of ‘fill in the blank’ – I’m gonna have to think about what adjective suits me lol. You can use any of the sites I posted this morning on CS i.e. blue melon, mejuba, fotki, imageshack or deviantArt if you have an account there. Also there’s fotolog and 23hq.

      Kind regards.

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