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The family kitty companion and I share a bedroom, and since the temperature has fallen quickly lately it was time to change kitty’s area from Summer to Winter. The plants were the first to be moved to warmer climes/lighter places on the other side of the flat which left kitty’s garden room quite empty. So not only did her part of the room need to be warmer, it needed to be more comfortable now as well since the plants can’t keep her company anymore. Plants keeping company you ask? Well it’s true. The plants are very uplifting and comforting providing their own sense of privacy, they let in the sunlight (when it’s sunny) and they provide a canopy when she wants to sleep, especially in the evenings with the artificial lights are on.

So, I thought to myself – what would make a lightweight but efficient canopy, preferably with more coverage than the plants? I used one of my mum’s lengha (Indian skirt suit) scarves/shawls, moved my lamp (which I barely use) and placed it over her bed. Then I was looking around for something suitable to add to the bed to make it warmer and remembered a fleece blanket she had in an old sleeping place she doesn’t use anymore. Coincidentally both the shawl and the blanket happen to be Mustard/Gold and hence match giving her area not only extra physical warmth but a warm colour/feeling as well and just looking at it makes me smile because it’s gone from garden lush to tropical heat looking lol. How awesome is that?




Comments on: "Chic Kitty? Garden Room to Tropical Hut" (9)

  1. Amy Pownall said:

    Your kitty looks like my kitty, Brenda Leigh >^^<

    Thanks for stopping by AmyLovesAustin… you're my first 'drop-in'…wow!
    I'm lovin' your designs 🙂

  2. Oh my word! So cute! That is great you do that for your cat.

  3. I was delighted to find a visiting cat curled up on our sofa, and invited it to sit on my chest while I put my feet up. Unfortunately I fear it left us its fleas! Obviously I should have made it a tropical cosy corner like yours.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s nice to know that non-specialists enjoy these books too.

    • I’m sure the cat would have loved that 🙂 and no problem; your blog is one of the most interesting I have come across at WordPress so far.

  4. PinkChampagneBeauty said:

    Aww kitty looks so closely and cute there! Just adorable!

  5. PinkChampagneBeauty said:

    I did mean cosy… Predictive keyboard is hell!

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