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Welcome readers,

I thought I’d share a little about my top 4 vintage designers with you and illustrate exactly why I love them. I’ll dedicate a post each to these fab four:

1. Bob MackieExtravagant Glamour

2. Frank UsherElegance

3. Mary QuantInnovation

4. BibaReinvention

Even though all of the above brands are still available today (Mary Quant and Biba in limited availability, through mail order and House of Fraser respectively) and still have gorgeous modern designs, it is their vintage history that really set them a part and where their best fashion designs shone through.

In the top spot is BOB MACKIE, not a household name but very famous and very acclaimed nonetheless, best known for Hollywood costuming and outfitting for show stopping events like award shows. He was the most dazzling of the sparkling variety at the time and his works are easily remembered.

antiquedress.com - Gold gown as worn by Whitney Houston

vintagetextile.com - Gorgeous beaded wrap scarf style sweetheart dress

runwaytoretail.blogspot.com - Uber glam Red sequin/fur (go faux) ensemble

stylehive.com - gorgeous simple Grecian style robe dress with Silver polka

antiquedress.com - Amazing Pink beaded costume

coolspotters.com - Simmering White/Silver elegance

fashion.1stdibs.com - Sumptuous Red beaded frock, I'd buy this in a heartbeat if I could.

fashion.1stdibs.com - Dreamy White gown with gathered bust and fantastic beaded bolero jacket

antiquedress.com - Nude colour sparkly slinky dress as worn by Cher

Bob Mackie also has an impressive range with Barbie, now I’m not usually a fan of Barbie (or Cindy or Bratz) but I do admire their clothes now and then and the Mackie collection is exceptional. Additionally, unlike most Barbie dolls, the faces are all different which adds to their overall design.

1994 - Queen of Hearts

1997 - Madam du Barbie

2001 - Fantasy Goddess of the Arctic

2001 - The Charleston

Bob Mackie is also very well known for their costumes for touring stars such as Cher who worked with them frequently on her tours, Whitney Houston, The Supremes and Tina Turner.

Some might call his designs garish and tacky and it’s true to an extent, but when they’re right, they’re unbeatable as an overall collection. I’ve seen plenty of individual pieces or seasonal collections from other designers and from other periods that I prefer but overall the Bob Mackie brand is a benchmark for the true glamazon siren. 

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