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Here’s another one for the Julie Andrews fans!

Darling Lili (1970) a film in which she gave her usual talented, charismatic, elegant and fiery performance – in style! Also starring the ever loved (not by me, ahem, but by many) Rock Hudson wherein they played star crossed lovers during World War I. I’ve found that many of the films starring Julie had extensive wardrobes with a flair for the dramatic and smart, and this film is no exception.



The film opens (and closes) with Julie both singing beautifully and looking beautiful in this gorgeous dress coat, notice the typical 70’s angel sleeves:

Black Silver Sequin Stage Gown 1

Black Silver Sequin Stage Gown 2

Men in housecoats/smoking jackets (without the smoking) = debonair

Mens Housecoat - Jacquard

I’ve never seen a woman’s housecoat like this one, austere yet sexy:

Red Brocade Womens Housecoat - Front

Red Brocade Womens Housecoat - Back

I love the colouring of this suit, I’m not so keen on the scalloped edging with the ruffled pussy bow blouse but on Julie it looks fresh and charming:

Purple Maxi Skirt Suit - Front

Purple Maxi Skirt Suit - Back

Now this is truly lavish and decadent, I’m not keen on the pattern in this fabric but it is certainly one of a kind and hopefully with faux fur:

Gold & Silver Lame, Sequin, Fur Trim Gown Coat - Front

Gold & Silver Lame, Sequin, Fur Trim Gown Coat - Back

I adore this peignoir/nightgown, perhaps in another colour and smaller sleeves but the shaping, cut and detail are to swoon for:

Peach Marabou Housecoat/Peignoir - Front

Peach Marabou Housecoat/Peignoir - Back

This is a richly elegant and smart dress suit – shirt, dress and cloak – she wore it in a countryside sunrise picnic, not an outfit I’d usually recommend for such a setting but it’s fiction afterall. I also wouldn’t normally recommend mixing Red and Pink but there are occasions where it can work, and in this particular case as the lighting is subdued the shirt may actually be a dull shade of Red.

Red Dress, Shirt & Cloak - Front

Red Dress, Shirt & Cloak - Back

I’m a fan of vintage nightgowns and peignoirs, and this is characteristic of the more plain yet still feminine duos in White and Lemon, the overlay looks like chiffon though it could be organza. Either way:  flowing fabrics +  beautiful lady = *wistful sigh*

Vintage Layered Chiffon Nightdress Nightgown - Front

Vintage Layered Chiffon Nightdress Nightgown - Side

Recognize the fantastic museum? 😉 Plus, her suit is fabulous.

Green Jacket Skirt Suit with White Muff & Hat - Front

Green Jacket Skirt Suit with White Muff & Hat - Back

This is gorgeous skirt suit outfit and like in my previous post about the film ‘Star!’ it shows how a leopard print outer garment should look, glamorous and tasteful (and the fur should be faux):

Leopard Fur Coat Cloak

Brown Skirt Suit - Front

Brown Skirt Suit - Side

I’d love to own a nightdress/gown like this – dreamy and romantic:

Pink Chiffon Night Dress/Gown 1

Pink Chiffon Night Dress/Gown 2

This is a very unusual housecoat or two piece outfit, you can’t see it but it it has the dark trim on the bottom, the one you can see and also at the hem which adds to the unique design and adds length and a slender line. It looks as if the spots/polka are a kind of ‘silk’ velvet on a thinner, perhaps semi-sheer rayon fabric. This wouldn’t appeal to many but it appeals to me!

Polka Dot Spot Velvet Chiffon Housecoat 1

Polka Dot Spot Velvet Chiffon Housecoat 2

Gorgeous high collared cape/coat in which she delivers my favourite line of the film:

“That filfthy, scheming, cheating, faking, lying, egotistic, selfish, hedonistic, son of a… [slams door]!”

Brocade/Embroidered Black Cloak

This is a gorgeously fitted yet wearable pastel Blue maxi dress with front wrap slit/split, bell sleeves and possibly detachable cravat and matching accessories:

Pastel Blue Ruffle Dress - Front

Pastel Blue Ruffle Dress - Back

That’s all for this film, but just as the fashion was a treasure the film itself was a little gem of easy viewing and another of her unfortunate badly received films due to lack of perception of the viewer climate/social consciousness at the time. But if you’ve been inspired or are a an Andrews/Hudson fan why not check it out and see if you like it?


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  1. These practical attributes are still attractive in nightgowns but they are also styled to be more feminine and to make the wearer more attractive.

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