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  Welcome to part 2 of the fashion overview for ‘The Nanny’!

Do you think hers and her co-character’s clothing and style are to die for or to die of? 

Is a spotlight necessary for their outfits to highlight their greatness or do they radiate like flourescent lighting forcing you to shield your eyes instead?

Does their fashion move you – love, hate, like or dismissed on the grounds of apathy?

For those unfamiliar with The Nanny, the theme song said it all (by Ann Hampton Callaway and Liz Callaway:

 She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens,
Til her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes.
What was she to do, where was she to go
She was out on her fanny.

So over the bridge from Flushing to the Sheffield’s door,
She was there to sell make up but the father saw more,
She had style, she had flair, she was there,
That’s how she became the Nanny.

Who would have guessed that the girl we described
was just exactly what the doctor prescribed?

Now, the father finds her beguiling, watch out C.C.,
The kids are actually smiling, such joie de vivre
She’s the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan.
The flashy girl from Flushing, the Nanny named Fran.


The choices below are from my own personal viewpoint but as we know there’s no definitive accounting for taste despite pressure and influence from outside influences.


Black & White contrast blazer and check/plaid top.

Couture semi-chain mail, decorative with real or costume jewel detail.

Perhaps it’s fabric and not metal – but stunning multi-coloured gem detail.

Unique patchwork jacket over smart Black trousers and White lace blouse

Jacket with ‘compser’/musical theme and bold buttons.

Mixed colour plaid/tartan jacket and White ruffled shirt with big collar and cuffs.

White lace shirt, plaid/tartain waistcoat and Black trousers.

Fran – Contrast/alternating fabric jacket, White polo neck and jeans. C.C – Red blazer with unique collar and Black skirt.

C.C – One shoulder, sparkly evening gown and full length Black wrap/cape with Green trim.

C.C and old school friends – evening party wear.

Fran – Red velvet and White lace corset dress with lot’s of detail in Pink and Cream.

Back of Red velvet and White lace corset dress.

Fran – Pinstripe skirt suit with vest/waistcoat, bold pattern tie and White shirt.

Fran – Shimmery/shiny White, full length, fitted, strapless evening gown with detailed bust and gloves.


Black blazer with beads/studs?

C.C – classic suit. Fran – Red, Black & White skirt suit with hat.

Fran – Red sweetheart bust lace up mini dress over Black polo neck top and tights.

Fran – Black polo neck top, trousers and leopard prin waistcoat. C.C – Business suit with inserts in the blazer.

Fran – White biker jacket over Black polo neck and trousers.

Fran – cohesive colour blocking with subtle/muted shades. Dress and tights.

This is what I call colour blocking, as opposed and prior to the current trend, where the colours used blend and compliment each other and when the outfit is pulled together to maintain and give balance rather than using any colour combination and chopping the body into sections.

Purple tights, skirt and Purple floral velvet top.

“Let’s not talk about it”

Fran – Mustard Yellow cardigan over Black polo neck, Pink print shirt and Black leggings.

Fran – Vinyl multi-colour skirt suit over Red polo neck and Black tights.

Fran – Big boho/hippy coat over Mustard Yellow polo neck top and jeans. Maggie – pop socks/stockings and skin tight dress. Guest – Oversize purse bag.

Guest – use your own description. Fran – same as above.

Fran – Red, Cream and Black stripe suit and hat.

Fran – Orange blazer, Red polo neck top, floral skirt and Red tights and shoes.

C.C – stripe Beige and White blazer. Fran – Red, Black, Cream & Green jacket with huge ball buttons and hat.

Fran – beach outfit, mini top and sarong.

Fran – Red and Gold leopard print pajamas. Sylvia – floral kaftan.

Fran – Highly contrasted colour floral waistcoat over bright Royal Blue dress.

Fran – Pink newspaper/print suit.

Fran – Red polo neck, metallic urple shirt, multi-colour waistcoat, metallic Charteuse skirt and Red tights.

Fran and Maggie – extreme lycra workout/gym outfits.

Fran – Light Purple velvet top, multi-colour waistcoat, metallic Chartreuse skirt and dark Purple tights.

Fran – Rainbow streamer jacket.

…and now for your viewing pleasure – some of her signature robes!



Love what you’ve seen so far? There’s a chance for you to own original costumes/outfits as worn by Fran Drescher/The Nanny (and other celebrities) here:


Comments on: "Awesome Fashion in non-Fashion TV – ‘THE NANNY’ Pt2" (12)

  1. I love the fact that I’ve stumbled upon your blog, it’s amazing!

  2. Fran Fine was a Fashionista! She was over the top but I used to love her outfits.

  3. oh wow i LOVE fran!!! she’s wonderful, and i loved her style – it was no-bars, no holding back, out there type style. great blog, thanks for visiting mine 🙂

  4. Ahh..the robes!!!!!!

  5. She’s a true inspiration for me, I buy all my clothes thinking of her, i really live thru this incredible woman. Only I wish I could find those white ruffled shirt she likes to wear, I love them alot too! And there’s that fantastic black velvet dress (prob a Bob Mackie) she wears on the nanny show called The Fashion show, I can’t seem to find anywhere.
    God I wish there could be some Fran drescher’s Auction, that would drive me crazy.
    Thanks for the article I totally LOVE it, good job!

    Nora from France 🙂

  6. Loved this section of the blog. I adored Nanny and she was a bit of an influence growing up. Brings back such happy memories 🙂

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