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I think most ladies are aware of the bad rep that horizontal stripes have since they risk making the figure looking wider in ways the wearer might not appreciate. There’s also the risk of the stripes ‘expanding’ and curving in an unflattering way whereas vertical stripes add length and give the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Recently I discovered that horizontal stripes can actually be very flattering for us beauteous ladies who aren’t thin (for thinner beauties horizontal stripes can enhance and accentuate) and the secret is: wear thick panel stripes rather than pinstripe or narrow stripes. In the case of the dress below it also demonstrates that contrasting fabrics/colours can help too by making the item seem like a bodycon design. I’d have personally preferred block Black panels instead of Red contrasting with the Black lace but Red was still pretty and vibrant.

I took this photo for Chicstar Competition 3 – posting a pic of yourself or someone you know wearing an item of Chicstar clothing for $10 entry and the chance to win a further $100. The model is my beloved mother dearest who is a UK size 12/US 8/EU 40.

Original version  

 Competition Entry

This dress is now discontinued as I bought it a while ago but there are plenty of other cute ones available, if you see anything you like remember to get your 30% discount with the WINNER coupon code!

Comments on: "Horizontal Stripes not the Enemy?" (2)

  1. Love that you’ve photoshopped your mum into a bird of paradise type creature!

    Bug @ Bugwear

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