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Sabrina The Teenage Witch‘ was a comic based tv show about a teenager learning to be a witch and getting used to her powers and the issues around when/how/why to use them amidst trying to be a well adjusted ‘normal’ teen. The other main characters were her two guardian aunts Zelda and Hilda Spellman (who were fully fledged witches) and their human-turned-cat familiar Salem Saberhagen. Even though they were from an ancient race and tradition, they moved with the times and were pretty modern and that included their extensive wardrobe which was chic,  functional, a little loud and had an array of costumes. There were many wardrobe changes per episode but hey since they could change  their whole image with a point of a finger (as well as change the  lives of others with an incantation or potion) mere outfit changes were easy and abundant! All three witches and some of the secondary characters also had amazing hair and make up, I don’t think I’ve seen another show where I really noticed the quality of the make up presentation and how it suited each character and their outfit. Additionally, I’ve never seen so many fabulous hair styles for short hair (Zelda and Hilda) but Sabrina wasn’t left out, they were seriously stylish ladies with a great support team!

For anyone who hasn’t seen the show but might be tempted to take a peek, expect comedy, strangeness, magic, school life and some heartfelt moments. It was quite a light hearted show but with loveable characters and annoying villains yet it still had believable progression where the main characters went through school, university, work and marriage. It was also a further development from Melissa Joan Hart’s former major tv role as Clarissa Darling in ‘Clarissa Explains It All’.

Now on to the clothing and that said, there were so many outfits I wanted to show you that this is a two-part post!


Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good shot of this but Hilda Spellman (left) wore a really flattering (for the curvy figure) and bouncy, velvet, empire waist dress with marabou hemline – so cute and it moved so nicely as she walked!

Zelda Spellman wearing an adorable Black cardigan with Dalmation print fleece collar and cuffs – love it!

As you might have seen from my post on ‘The Nanny’ I love interesting waistcoats and jackets and here Hilda is wearing a gorgeous vest with classy candles on it in a sleek fabric over a satin shirt. Very nice and great smile too.

Zelda wearing a similar cardigan/jacket as before but this time it appears to be a mini leopard print and zip up rather than buttoned.

I LOVE this coat, I always maintain that dependent on the cut, style and fabric, animal print can look classy, hot or tacky. Many of the modern jackets and coats I’ve seen are not well fitted and use all over print and tend to be in garish prints as well but this, this is a masterpiece, it’s chic, flatteringly shaped for any figure and is unique. If I could buy this, I would.

Hilda looking glamorous in a leopard print shirt – gosh a lot of it so far lol.

Hilda looking fantastic in a 50’s rockabilly style swing dress made of what looks like Red satin – very bold and feminine.

Hilda again looking gorgeous in a Black high neck, long sleeved top and leopard print, lace up/corset style waistcoat/vest.

Ski wear has always stereotypically been bright and even trendy but checkout Hilda in her marvelous ensemble and Zelda in her well fitting more conservative style. I love that headband Hilda!

Hilda lounging in her Winter outfits. The Pink and Black sweater is so cute and the Pastel Yellow waistcoat is so fresh and stylish (currently).

Now there’s an advert for ski-wear if I ever saw one. Though is White a safe colour for the slopes?

Both sisters looking awesome, Zelda looking chic and cute and Hilda looking funky and comfortable. I really like that shade of Pink Zelda has matched with the White. I can never remember the name of that shade though, anyone else knows or can hazard a guess?

Sabrina looking beautiful in an LBD, tights and lace undershirt with high neck – a smart, pretty yet attractive outfit.

A moving shot but as you can see Zelda has on a smart deep Red trouser suit and Hilda a tiger print (Fran Fine anyone?) skirt suit.

I love this outfit because not only it is it a warm monotone, it’s smart and compliments Sabrina’s skin tone well and matched with her pearl style accessories it’s perfect. Being a medium Beige it also went well with the darker Browns. Very nicely put together.

Harvey Kinkle and Libby Chessler aka Sabrina’s boyfriend and the mean girl of the show. Now this is how I imagine prom fashion to be; formal and beautiful though I do think it could stand to be a bit more casual/wearable to allow the kids to move about it more comfortably and enjoy themselves without being restricted or sweating. That said, I’m not fond of many of the modern prom styles I’ve seen in the past few years – it’s more showgirl than evening dress imo.

Sabrina also looking beautiful in her Champagne gown.

I couldn’t get a full front shot of the outstanding gown Zelda is wearing but it’s absolutely decadent in flesh tone taffeta(?) and Black lace overlay and full length bustle. It was well fitted, worn with matching evening gloves and looked simply stunning.


Hilda choosing between outfits in a quick succession of outfit changes – which do you prefer? I can’t decide but I think it’s clever that the third was a fusion of the first two for a happy compromise.

Proving that lace never goes out of style Zelda looked beautiful (didn’t she always?) in a pale lace shirt/blouse over a matching vest. Smart yet feminine.

Harvey in his fetching outfit of all Black with contrasting waistcoat, it gave him extra masculinity and smartness. I’m not keen on Sabrina’s dress for the school dance though.

Harvey looking smart yet casual.

Both aunts looking very smart in their suits, I like Zelda’s tweed especially, the fabric, colour and cut are very nice.

Ok I have a penchant for vintage sleepwear but who knows any teenagers that wear such beautiful and dare I say ‘innocent’ nightdresses/gowns and peignoirs anymore? It was weird to see but a pleasant surprise. Note on the right is Jenny Kelley, Sabrina’s first best friend in the show.

It’s not a great picture but Libby really looked nice in the Black trousers and B/W floral high necked, long sleep top – it may not be flashy but full coverage can still be very flattering and on older women it can be slinky.

Now I wouldn’t normally like that blazer but Hilda makes it look good and it’s perfectly matched with a Black skirt so as to make it appropriate for day wear.

Sabrina and Hilda looking beautiful in tradition Asian wear, for some reason Zelda didn’t go for it but then again, she can pull off skin tight exercise lycra.

Don’t they look pretty? Hilda is wearing a retro splash pattern button up shirt dress with wide belt and Zelda looks cute in a girlish Pink sweater set.

This would have gone in the ‘Super Cute’ section as Sabrina is simply wearing a Red version of the Black shown above but Hilda and Zelda made the scene more casual. They all look great though and I love the Red lace Sabrina has on.

Hilda is wearing a good example of a well structured waistcoat/vest in Red sateen and over all Black for an extra complimentary shape. Zelda’s outfit consisted of a diagonal bold stripe shirt and trousers with decorative piping – interesting, I liked it.

The three and Sabrina’s father kitted out in lovely South East Asian clothing.

Hilda’s looks so cute in her outfit; I’d probably never wear a dress with a fruit and star theme but she rocks it over the long sleeved top and checkout those muted Yellow shoes – sweet outfit.


Now I’m not a major disciplinarian on school, college or uni clothing, it’s true that I prefer uniform for school for many practical and even some social reasons but when it comes down to it, as long as it’s decent (not risque or too inappropriate) and relatively clean I don’t really comment on it. However, many a time in this show the girls were dressed too skimpily for my liking and I don’t think it set a good example. The main and worst offender being the micro mini skirts. I’m not a prude and I don’t expect people to totally cover up but I think that over exposure and too much emphasis on modesty are two sides of the same coin. Both have their own set of issues and for school at least I don’t think short skirts are appropriate. Basically, if you can’t sit down without the skirt covering all of your butt and at least the top of your thighs comfortably without the seat touching your skin or tights then it’s too short.  For school I’d say knee length and longer is best because at the end of the day it’s school, not a party – there should be some degree of respectful clothing. Many may not agree and prefer shorter skirts but I don’t think it’s necessary for school education or showing off socially in that same environment, and I don’t think that tights/pantyhose make up for lack of length either – especially in Winter.  Girls your jackets/coats should not leave you wondering whether you’re wearing a skirt when you see yourself in a mirror. Your skirt should be visible underneath your outerwear unless you’re wearing full length outerwear and no don’t get smart and tell me your jacket is hip length or shorter hence making the skirt ok 😛 .

Below are some examples to illustrate what I’m saying – yet, the top of the outfits shown were usually fine and sometimes very stylish.

Oops Libby and Sabrina match, which is not great for enemies, but the real problem is even though they’re both wearing pinafore style dresses which can be really cute, they’re way too short – Sabrina’s is barely covering her underwear.

This one’s only here because after Sabrina changed her outfit from the pic above as she and Libby wore the same thing, she then realized she was wearing the same as Jenny which she didn’t look too happy about. However, friends wearing the same or similar clothes can be cute sometimes and I believe there’s a popular best friend fashion trend in Japan. As far as I’m concerned, as long as the clothing is decent, it’s ok for school.

Now these would have been really smart and attractive suits for school had the skirts not been so short. The top of the curve on Libby’s thighs are showing – not good.

This is such a cute outfit, such a cute outfit, I mean look at the perfectly matching items and fabrics but the skirt kills it. It only just covers her butt when she is standing – not good. For an older woman that wouldn’t be helpful either especially as it’s not a tight fitting skirt.

Again – potentially great outfit, great colours and cute in a smart way – had it not been for the skirt.

Hilda and Zelda just returning to their adult selves after a jaunt as teenagers and being surprised and repulsed at their outfits (that Sabrina had picked for them).


This is a great example of what is great for school and what isn’t – Sabrina totally has the look polished with a fitted jacket over a top and trousers, all matching. Whereas Libby’s outfit is inappropriate  i.e. the gap between her stockings and skirt is more for lingerie than school clothing.

The top halves are ok but the bottom halves…

The same as above and in Libby’s case her powder Blue ensemble is really pretty and flattering.

Sabrina beats Libby on appropriate school attire again. You know, I understand the love for pop socks/stockings but for school wear the top parts should be underneath the skirt, not partially showing or in the case here, completely obvious with no chance of ever reaching the skirt no matter how much miracle grow you use.

In this example Libby beats Sabrina – as long as those are leggings and not tights. As usual I like the top of Sabrina’s outfit but you know the rest.

There you have it, for any girls and young ladies reading this, you can still look great in school even if the clothing is a tad bit more conservative. You don’t suddenly get dowdy and old when you hit 25-30 for example – there are decades after that. So theres no need to squeeze all your attractiveness into a few short years, if you show it all off what have you got left? Save some mystery, cultivate your mind, try to keep your body healthy,  feel comfortable; and then not only will you physically look great for yourself and to others, you’ll have much more to show for yourself in the end. I know it’s hard, the pressure to conform or look a certain way is always present but you can be better than that.

That’s all for now but join me for some fun in Part 2 with guest stars, costumes and opening credit outfits 🙂 Ciao!

Comments on: "The modern stylish magic user? ‘SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH’ Pt1" (7)

  1. Great post! Took me back to my young teenage years! I think I watched every episode of Sabrina! 😊

  2. I loved this show! At the time I took the outfits for granted but now that I’ve read your post I realize just how much thought went into each 1/2 hour episode. Thanks for the memories and the new outlook on the show.

    • No probs, I’m glad you liked the post and I agree – a lot of effort indeed so its nice that we can appreciate it 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love how you think those outfits at the end were ‘skimpy’ and I’m still at a loss as to why you thought that the last Sabrina outfit wasn’t appropriate (she was wearing dark colored tights with her skirt). Seriously, have you SEEN what most teenage girls wear today?

    • You obviously didn’t love my thoughts then :-). Yes I’ve seen what many young girls and teens are wearing today and I know how difficult it can be for parents/guardians to shop for their daughters when there’s little variety and a lot of the clothes are modeled off clothes for young adults and women. That doesn’t mean I think it’s ok to wear skirts that are akin to shorts or hot pants in length and when you bend or sit down your butt is practically touching the chair/wall/whatnot, if anything that’s just dirty like people not realizing just how many people have sat on and done all kinds of things on public transport and then people are putting their skin on all that which doesn’t get washed. A lot of Sabrina’s skirts/dresses were just underneath her crotch and I don’t consider tights to be a substitute for leggings under items that are more practically layered as long tops (and like I said on the last outfit ‘if’ they were tights and not leggings). I’m not one for following trends just because they’re commonly carried out/popular or going with a route that I consider less ‘bad’ in comparison, if I consider something inappropriate I won’t advocate it by saying ‘well at least it’s not as bad as ‘so and so’. For example for a quite a few years recently females were wearing tights as leggings and barely covering their butts, either not realizing or caring that tights get more transparent the more they are stretched and the footless tights mostly worn were called opaque but not very high denier in general and not even marked in denier anymore which was misleading. I find the effect was/is ‘skimpy’, not that that is always a bad thing just it can be inappropriate especially for everyday wear and instance of this tv show that wasn’t set in a place where it was beach weather a lot of the time.

  4. Personally, I hated this era for style. It was a fun time, and I grew up in the 90’s/00’s, but people dressed atrociously. The worst offender is the low/mid rise everything. Um, no. The waist, is NOT three inches below the belly button. Higher waists look so much better, and I am really glad the “mom” jean shape is in. Second, I hate the overly bright colors, overuse of layering, and over use of accessories. Minimalism is so much more chic. As for make up, I have never seen anyone that looks better with make up. Its ugly. I get that some women have fun painting their faces, but I really wish they would get a coloring book instead. And WHY is a mini skirt so darn wrong??? People used to play tennis in them in the 60’s and 70’s. Showing your well toned legs is perfectly fine. Even older women can get away with slightly shorter skirts, in my opinion. Not to mention that knee length is very difficult to style. I love midi length skirts myself, but they really only flatter very thin, willowy slim hipped women, while almost anyone with a toned body looks good with skirts above the knee. And highschool is very much a place where social learning is as important as academic learning. Students combine the two, and that is how it should be. At that age you have a lot to learn in both areas.

    • Lol perhaps you’d be Libby on the show, make-up free of course :-p . I do tongue-in-cheek fashion in film/tv show posts – generally I think if people are comfortable in their clothing and it fits well, it’ll show; that comfortable feeling allows people of different shapes and sizes to wear clothes that may not be recommended for their shape, weight, height and body colouring. There’s no total accounting for taste 🙂 whilst minimalism is traditionally Parisian chic in fashion for example in architecture they in contrast heavily copied India, as flamboyant and exotic as possible. India’s traditional dress sense is similar though their modern interiors and clothing has westernized and minimized they still know how to be peacocks. Minimalist lovers might think many traditional styles of dress worldwide tacky and repulsive by your description, perhaps even beneath them but others think of minimalism as boring. Then there are those who pick and choose per situation.

      As for mini skirts and school I’ve stated my opinion in the post and in comment – if you don’t mind your or your dependents/siblings butts almost on show and don’t mind guys not doing or feeling the need to do the same then that’s upto you/the wearer and the dress code :-). Plenty of women (and cross dressing men) wear short skirts and look sexy regardless of muscle tone but I don’t think sexiness and school need to go together in dress code let alone the pressure for hair removal that goes with it if showing skin or if one has hair that protrudes through tights/fabric. I don’t think overt makeup beyond simple skin coverage belongs in school beneath highschool/sixthform/college (college not being the same as university here) years either (though given this is a tv show heavy makeup was expected and they represented older teens), I wouldn’t be against boys wearing simple makeup too if they wanted.

      As you can see short skirts/dresses were in my ‘Super Cute’ and ‘Good’ sections, I just prefer to reduce pressure, bullying and superficially thinking of others as ‘ugly’. I remember our Head of Year teachers going around with nail polish remover, making sure we didn’t wear anything that obscured the neck above the neckline of the blouse (which meant many of us got ill in the Winter especially since the heating was only on in the Summer and we weren’t allowed to be in classrooms at break times), looking for jewellery beyond studs and a simple chain, banning hair colour/extensions/colourful accessories and checking the colour of our tights/socks as well! Now that served nothing other than conformity in and out of school for the sake of being authoritarian with contradictory use of Health & Safety.

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