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Troop Beverly Hills Film

Troop Beverly Hills Film Shelley Long

Hello all!

I remembered a great film with awesome fashion, characters overcoming the odds, friendship and comedy. Troop Beverly Hills was a light hearted film with some serious elements, about a rich group of ‘Wilderness Girls’ (girl scouts) and their troop leader, a misguided, impractical socialite who shows courage of conviction and spirit. You know the script, it’s the storyline where the main characters are segregated and sabotaged but come up trumps whether it be an (insert random sport here) team or unpopular kids at school. Basically like real life in a social sense but with a happy ending (nix the part about getting back together with a trampy ex) and in this case without the crazy wealth,  outrageous wardrobe and great cartoon intro/opening sequence! But anyway, on to the pics!

White Navy Polka Dot Spot Stripe Skirt Suit Yellow Hat Bow

The first look at the main character Phyllis Nefler sets up the fashion tone for the rest of the film and let’s us adjust our eyes to ‘high colour and shock’ mode. This woman had some guts, I like that.

Tribal Animal Leopard Print Leather Look Tassels

Next shot – the best friend…. aye carumba, taking animal print, tassels and leather to another level but hey, it was the 80’s and she was a romance novel author. ‘Nuff said.

Shoes Stilettos

Ok who has ever done this? Gone into a store, tried/opened a ton of shoes and said “I’ll take these, these, these and those”. I can’t even imagine it!

Black White Bead Haute Couture Fishtail Dress Gown Boutique

One of the characteristics Phyllis used to describe herself on the Wilderness Girls Troop Leader application form was ‘thrifty’ – well this dress cost $5600 and she pointed out that a bead was missing and the sales lady gave it to her for $5000! That’s one expensive bead and gives a whole new meaning to word ‘thrifty’!

Black lace top, gloves, mini top hat, Yellow Mustard blazer suit

Another characteristic was her ‘love of animals’ – in this case the animal being a jewel encrusted trinket frog… Even though you can’t see much of the suit, I can tell it’s gorgeous. Look at that collar and I love the Black used for contrast.

Shopping Hat Boxes Clothes Fashion

This can’t be good for your health, or maybe it classified as a type of weight lifting? I’ve never tried it but I’d definitely lose the heels. Exercising and spraining an ankle isn’t a good mix.

Red White Polka Dot Spot Skirt Dress Suit Wide Belt Brimmed Summer Hat

Very vintage, I love the peplum and general shaping of the suit/dress and the hat – yes I love wide brimmed hats! The sleeves are a bit much and I’m not loving the belt but she carries it all well. She reminds me of one of those porcelain figurines, what do you think?

Haute Couture Yellow Pinstripe Floral Embellished Dress Suit

To be honest, I am speechless, almost. It’s stunning, it’s funky, it’s awful but with carefully considered details! First up – the fabric is actually pinstripe as you can see in the close-up and in a nice colour combo I think, the flowers are multi-coloured and layered, it has a matching hat and the Orange heels are complimentary. But! Come on, seriously? It looks like a dress made out of paper/card for a panto dame. The flowers look like papier-mâché and gawd why those hip panniers? Yet at the same time it looks well made, go figure.

Troop Beverly Hills Wilderness Girl Scout Uniform

Phyllis and her troop buying their uniforms, with complete disdain. Khaki and ill-fitted, not good for the fashion conscious.

Troop Beverly Hills Purple Pink Stripe Vintage Inspired Skirt Dress Suit Wide Brimmed Hat Satin Gloves

Phyllis takes their uniforms aka fashion emergencies to her tailor, who doesn’t even want to touch them and uses a handkerchief as protection! His suggestion is burning but even so, he does an amazing job as you’ll see next. As for what Phyllis was wearing – magnifique! I truly love her two tone Purple dress/skirt suit, everything about it well cut, shaped and defined without the shoulders and hips being too large and that fabric is gorgeous looking. I could do without the hat and gloves for this one though, which I think cheapen the outfit and make it look too costume-y.

Toop Beverly Hills Wilderness Girl Scout Uniform

Ta Da! Complete transformation and wow, what an improvement! I’d wear that happily. Being ‘practical’ and fashion forward she also had pleated trousers, a pleated chiffon flouncy skirt and riding style trousers made to go with the jacket as well as the alternative uniforms shown below – clever eh? A troop leader needs a variety of styles for the wild outdoors of Beverly Hills 😉

Troop Beverly Hills Wilderness Girl Scout Uniform

More alternates – a nautical version, an everyday version and…

Troop Beverly Hills Wilderness Girl Scout Uniforms

voilà! The pièce de résistance made for their ‘khaki fashion show’ whilst peddling cookies at the same time. I actually really like this though it’s a bit like a superhero costume lol but I adore the lamé lined cloak!

Troop Beverly Hills Asian Chinese Pajamas Green Silver Lamé

Pajamas at their best, n’est-ce pas?

Troop Beverly Hills White Faux Fur Coat Hat

Who doesn’t want a full length faux fur coat? Not the right shape for me but I might not say no. As gorgeous as it is in White though, it’s terrible impractical as Phyllis finds out when trying to save a fondue pot in a muddy area in a sudden downpour… needless to say, it was not nice.

Troop Beverly Hills Shelley Long Nightdress Peignoir

Oo la la what a peignoir! I’d be tickled Pink to have that set, well if the nightdress/gown was more of an Olga bodysilk fabric but the faux fur sleeves on the robe are ‘to die for’, I bet they were wonderful to wear and feel.

Troop Beverly Hills Shelley Long Phyllis Nefler Yellow Mustard Business Shorts Blazer Suit

I’ve never been sure of ‘office shorts’ but paired with the blazer in what looks like a two tone Mustard and Canary Yellow suit, they are actually rather fetching and yes, I know many hate it but I like shorts and leggings with heels. Hey they can work, remember Sandy from Grease?

Troop Beverly Hills Animal Zebra Print Trousers Skirt Wide Brimmed Summer Yellow Hat Gloves

Now this is actually one of my favourite outfits from the film, I don’t think I’ve ever seen trousers and a full length matching over skirt/sarong which is open at the front. I have seen shorter, opaque over skirts both open and closed and worn some but this, this is something very different and to my mind, very attractive and catwalk chic. I’m not keen on the matching zebra print fabric on the chest area of the top but I like the way she wore two scarves in Black and White chiffon to match the flowing nature of the skirt and I can take or leave the matching gloves but they are a nice touch. Thankfully she wasn’t Cruella De Vil. (As for the hat, meh I wear a wide brimmed Summer hat, it’s practical and in her case looks a bit like a halo lol, plus she was gardening. I know, I know, gardening in that outfit?! Well, gently pruning.)

Troop Beverly Hills Phyllis Nefler Black White Print Jumpsuit Wide Red Belt Bow

I wasn’t too keen on this outfit when I saw it from the front, though I thought it was well worn with the Red accessories, but when I saw it from the back and saw the way it moved. Can you say sashay? Very nice and smart too.

Troop Beverly Hills

Loud and proud sisters (leaving divorce court). I love that Chartreuse dress suit that I’ve highlighted on the left.

Troop Beverly Hills Shelley Long Phyllis Nefler

I love polka dots as much as the next person and appreciate the trend that’s been happening the past few years but there’s such a thing as overkill. On the other hand, those could be pajamas, I’m not sure. Either way, the bow makes her look like a cutie pie, and you can’t lose with that.

Troop Beverly Hills Red Black Sparkly Dress Skirt Suit Blazer Swallow Shoulder Embellishment

I know it was the 80’s but still, that’s gotta be taking shoulder embellishments too far. Other than possibly being called ‘artistic’ it looks like she has a dead bird on her shoulder and that’s just not cool. Sparkly or not, you can’t make that look cruelty free. Without it the suit isn’t too bad though on line between sophisticated and clownish, that is if your eyes can get past the double whammy of shoulder pads and swallow.

Troop Beverly Hills Leopard Animal Print outfit

Prehistoric lady strikes again. Wow, what an outfit! Skin tight leopard print, whopping great shoulders and matching scarf – a knockout or a gawd what on Earth are you wearing moment? Just to note, she was talking into her scarf because she had a tape recorder inside for dictation. Well, at least she was visually open about being a man eater. Get it? 😉

Troop Beverly Hills Evening Gown Blue Green Purple

What exquisite construction – too bad it looks like a cake, though if anybody could pull it off it was Phyllis.

Troop Beverly Hills Ball Gowns Evening Dresses Shelley Long Mary Gross

When two crazy dresses meet hopefully they don’t mate.

And now lastly, for your nostalgic viewing pleasure, here’s a great clip from the movie featuring some great, embarrassing dance moves that Shelley Long actually looks ok doing (well, except the Freddie, but no one could look good doing that)!

That’s all for now folks, I hope you enjoyed this installment of Awesome Fashion in Non-Fashion Films! Troop Beverly Hills Poster

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  1. I haven’t seen this movie in years, I used to love it. Wow some of those clothes are out there!

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