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Moving on to Set 2 🙂 hope you like them!

Remember if you like them or want to see what other people are saying click the pics and maybe vote You can also view my past designs by clicking my name on any of the ChicStar pages. Members can also add designs to their wishlists for an extra chance at seeing them Accepted and possibly chosen as Winners.

Halter & Shoudler Wrap Top White

This top is a two-in-one style stop giving you the benefits of the fitted halter style (thick strap) plus the on shoulder (but near the edges) style giving a sexy neckline and the ability to wear a bra underneath. This top slips on over the head, and the front unties with the sash belt to make it convenient and fitted. The appearance is like wearing a waistcoat over a top.

 Halter & Shoudler Wrap Top Black & Plaid CheckHalter & Shoulder Wrap Top Pink Check Plaid & BlackHalter & Shoulder Wrap Top Pink Check Plaid & WhiteHalter & Shoulder Wrap Top Pink Black Floral BeltHalter & Shoulder Wrap Top Pink Floral &WhiteHalter & Shoulder Wrap Top Spiral Circles Black WhiteHalter & Shoudler Wrap Top Spiral Circles White & BlackHalter & Shoudler Wrap Top Spiral Circles & B/WHalter & Shoudler Wrap Top White & Black Waistcoat Vest

Next post – Set 3! Yeah!

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    Great designs! I enjoy your blog!

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