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Please allow me to introduce you to the final design and the variations in this series, numero 3!

Remember there are many awesome designs submitted to Chicstar, and we’d (designers) love your feedback.  Also, if you see anything you’d like to buy here’s a great 30% discount code for you, type WINNER into the coupon box on your order at checkout and viola!

Floral Peplum Dress Rose and White Red Pink

This is a peplum dress with a twist. The ‘top’ section is made of two pieces, front and back with the back being partially visible at the front via the left shoulder. This gives a contrasting look. Also – the peplum hip hemline is assymetric so higher on the left side and lower on the right side – that allows the underneath side of the fabric to be shown, this continues the contrasting look. The skirt section is knee length and has a slit/split at the back for ease of walking. There are three decorative bows on the back over the zip (I felt a zip would be easier than buttons).

 Floral Peplum Dress Full Roses Pink Red White DesignPeplum Dress White and Floral Roses Red White Bodice PinkPeplum Dress Checkerboard Check Cherry Black & WhitePeplum Dress Check Cherry & Black WhitePeplum Dress CheckCherry & B/WPeplum Dress Mainly Black with Checkerboard Check CherriesPeplum Dress White with Check CherriesPeplum Dress Hearts Red and Black DesignPeplum Dress Red Hearts Black BodicePeplum Dress Black with Red Hearts DesignPeplum Dress Red Skirt Black and Hearts BodicePeplum Dress White and BlackPeplum Dress Black on White Contrast DesignPeplum Dress Blue Jacquard BrocadePeplum Dress Red Jacquard Brocade DesignPeplum Dress Black with Contrast DesignThat’s all for now folks, thank you so much for visiting. Adieu!

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