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Hello hello hello Everybody! 😀 Gosh it’s been a while since I posted any new designs so I have a bunch right here and more in the works!

Firstly though, some news in regards to a new competition on Chicstar.com.

It’s a new design comp and rather than designing clothes, the purpose is to design fabric prints… uh huh, cool right? Now we’re not so limited with the visual fabric choice and can experiment; prints add a vibrancy to fashion design which is great to have.

The print contest section can be viewed HERE.

We can’t currently comment or vote on them but Chicstar have mentioned that it is a good idea and may be looking into allowing votes and comments. Also, I’m not sure whether that will mean more colours available for production though, it could mean that the prints chosen will utilize the colours commonly used already. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t added an info guide for this contest just yet as I haven’t seen the whole process in action. What I gather, both from the info on site and by contacting them, is basically: anyone can submit a print of their own independent design in one of the stated formats (AI – Adobe Illustrator, PSD – Adobe Photoshop  or JPG) on the templates provided HERE. They will be displayed in their own section on site and people can submit designs using those prints. Any clothing designer can use any of the prints no matter who submitted them. Those clothing designs go into Competition 1 and are voted on as usual. If Chicstar Accepts one of those clothing designs to make as a prototype, the clothing designer will get the usual choice between $50 credit or a prototype copy. If the design then goes on to Win (to be made for production and sold in store) the print designer will get $100 and the clothing designer will get $1000. That’s all I know for now but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet.

Ok, so on to the designs!

Presented below is the first of 3 new designs – submitted in a number of variations, many utilizing the beautiful prints submitted in the aforementioned new contest. These clothing designs are currently being voted on in Competition 1 – submitting original designs. If you like them or want to see what other people are saying click the pics and maybe vote. You can also view my past designs by clicking my name on any of the ChicStar pages.

Floral Wrap Lace Trim Dress Pink & White

This dress is in the wrap style but with a more practical fit. The dress is primarily made out of two main pieces of fabric, the back piece and the front piece which partially shows the back piece as it wraps around to the front. Out of the 6 buttons on the side, the top 3 are functional and bottom 3 are decorative. Underneath the bottom 3 buttons the back and the front fabric pieces are sewn together – they do not open like a classic wrap dress that leaves you exposed in the wind or with movement. As they are sewn together I have given the dress a hi-low hem for ease of walking. The top of the dress – neckline and shoulders are trimmed with lace which goes all the way round the front and back.

 Floral Wrap Lace Trim DressFloral Wrap Lace Trim Dress Red & BlackFloral Wrap Lace Trim Dress Red & WhitePlaid Check Wrap Lace Trim Dress Design E Pink BlackPlaid Check Wrap Lace Trim Dress Pink & Black

Wrap Lace Trim Dress White with Black

Now his is the original image for this variation, which as you can see I used a Mint background. However, Chicstar don’t display coloured backgrounds, so if you click on the pic and go to site you will see that the version I submitted has a White background. I was just experimenting with this one and really liked it so am displaying it here in its original form. If you do submit designs with coloured backgrounds, Chicstar will change it to White whilst processing.

 Wrap Lace Trim Dress White and BlackWrap Lace Trim Dress Black White ButtonsWrap Lace Trim Dress Black and WhiteWrap Lace Trim Dress Black Spiral and White CirclesWrap Lace Trim Dress Design Black Spiral White CirclesNext post – Set 2! See ya soon!

Comments on: "New Designs! Here Comes the Sun – Set 1" (2)

  1. awesome work there DD! im impressed!!!

    • Thank you hun, it took a while and I’ve been updating my style, plus I’ve got lot’s more to finish lol! So glad you like them! 😀

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