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I had the distinct pleasure of being introduced to bomb cosmetics recently, by the same friend who introduced me to Lush years ago (thank you friend!) and wow – I was impressed.

Bomb cosmetics have a wide variety of delightful and delicious looking (don’t eat them!) products that really appeal both asthetically and nutritionally for your body. Just looking at their product displays is somewhat overwhelming, it’s like being a child on their first trip to a candy store. The designs, colours, smells and for an adult, knowing that the company is one with values.

Now I’m the kind of person that likes to give gifts, for whatever reason or even no reason, if I like someone (and sometimes even if I don’t lol) I like to give gifts. It’s just my nature and I’m always looking for ethically minded gifts that people in general will like, whether we share the same ethics or not. That way I’m not going against my principles and the recipient still gets something truly beautiful and enjoyable.

From Bomb Cosmetics I think that the Bomb Cosmetics Luxury Ballotin Assortment Bath Gift Set would make an excellent introductory purchase or gift since it lets you can try six of their best selling cocoa and shea butter based bath products for a much lower price than if you bought them separately – bargain!


The set includes:

Rose Bath Creamer, Purple Bath Mallow, Marigold Bath Creamer, Rosebud Buttercup, Pink Bath Gem and Jade/Turquoise Bath Gem. Great for some luxuriating bath times and all vegan friendly.

OR for the more creative and quirky tastes there is:


The Bomb Cosmetics Soap Paint Gift Pack is a gift set with three colours; rich raspberry (pink), crunchy apple (green) and oceanic wave (blue).  They are fruity, rich and cleansing soap paints are enriched with essential oils and make bath time for fun especially if bath time is shared (not suitable for children of 3 and under).

Some more info about their company:


One of life’s necessities but also one of life’s greatest pleasures. At Bomb Cosmetics we believe bathing is a time to indulge, a time to reflect upon and enjoy those increasingly rare opportunities to spend a little quality time by yourself. But being a little selfish and enjoying some “me time” doesn’t need to come at a price to the environment.

Environmental Issues

At Bomb Cosmetics, we aim to run our business in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. For example, the card we use in our products has a minimum recycled content of 70%. We use glass, aluminium and PET for our jars and bottles, all of which are easily recycled.

Animal Testing

Animals shouldn’t suffer because we choose to take these little pleasures in life. We ensure that none of our suppliers test our ingredients on animals by committing to a fixed cut off date policy in line with major animal right groups recommendations. We never will and never have tested our finished products on animals. We will support raw material manufacturers who fund alternative methods of testing the raw materials we buy.

Our manufacturing is very simple – we make everything by hand.

All of our products are mixed, pressed, moulded, rolled and shaped by hand. We don’t use anyone else to make our products and all of our products are made in our factories by our own trained staff. This way, we make sure our product quality is of the highest order – all of our products are 100% inspected before they are packed.

Our commitment to animal rights and the protection of our environment are commitments we take very seriously.

Hand Made Soaps

Our soaps are all made by hand in our own factory by hand. Each block is poured by hand, and then sliced by hand. All the shapes you see in the slices are made of soap and they are made by hand too. We use the finest quality ingredients and essential oils to make our soaps. They all contain Glycerine (from Palm oil) which is proven to lock moisture into the skin, meaning our soaps moisturise while gently cleansing your skin. They are very mild, having a pH of around 7 which is neutral. Our soaps contain the very finest perfume oils which means they leave your bathroom smelling fantastic, even when they are not being used. Why not treat yourself and find out how good they really are?

We take the art of bathing seriously

At Bomb Cosmetics we take the art of bathing seriously. Whether you want to relax after a hard day, refresh yourself before you go out or just lock yourself away for a little time to pamper yourself, we have designed our products with all of these situations in mind.

Our aim is to design products that make you feel special every time you use them. We combine fragrances that make your mouth water, or remind you of special times, or simply make you smell divine, with the finest, carefully selected essential oils.

And to complement our fragrances, we use natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter, rare oils like Gold of Pleasure and exotic naturals like Tabatinga White Clay which is harvested from the rainforests of the Amazon in a sustainable manner.

Their ingredients are not 100% natural but they are head and shoulders above many of the normal high street brands. This is a great introduction into the world of natural health.

They also sell soaps, face/body cosmetics and fragrances; a one stop shop for skincare 🙂


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