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Not sure what to put in small gift sets or Secret Santa exchanges?

These are a collection of ‘ethnic’ ‘tribal’ style rings I bought as a lot from eBay really cheaply from the ‘job lots’ section. They are obviously not real silver, they are costume/fashion adjustable rings but they are well made and don’t look as if they will change colour if taken care of. I think they are attractive and have a sense of ‘strength’ with a nice balanced blend of minimalist elegance and ornate decoration, and the stones have a rich colour and texture. Also, as they are a range of colours they will be easily coordinated with different outfits.

Ethnic Costume Rings Jewelry Jewellery

I don’t usually wear or buy jewellery but when I do I like it to be distinctive and have personality and being practical and thrifty I figured I might as well get a bunch in one go which was cheaper and there’s none that I don’t like. I’ll keep a 2-3 and the rest will make excellent filler gifts.

Ethnic Costume Rings Jewelry Jewellery

Which are your favourites and which do you think would suit me most? (Yeah not the best picture of my hand lol but hey it’s cold and I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning lately so they’re drier than usual!)


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