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Pukka Ayurveda Organic Skincare Collection Gift Set Oil Serum Moisturiser Spray Toner Review 1

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent this gift set by Pukka’s online PR but all thoughts and opinions are my own after having tested the products. I made it clear that I could only test vegan friendly products and so a couple of the samples have not been reviewed but their details are given below for reference.

I was pleasantly surprised when Pukka PR contacted me, previously I had known Pukka only for their awesome teas and hadn’t realised they specialised in skincare, let alone ayurvedic skincare, as well.


In brief ayurveda is an ancient and comprehensive medicinal and health care system from India. It focuses on balancing a natural healthy body with one’s surroundings in harmony mainly via prevention but also treatment. It encompasses the whole lifestyle and further depths cover areas such as foods beneficial for the body, mind and ‘spiritual’ capacities. In regards to skincare most of the companies I’ve seen that sell Ayurvedic products tend to go by the tri-dosha method where there are three general types of person (‘person’ meaning both the body type and personality) and hence provide products with ingredients that cater well to each of those types.

You can do a brief and fun quiz on Pukka to check your type here: Pukka Dosha Quiz

I personally have a huge crossover of two types with a small but still significant third type so when buying ayurvedic beauty products I tend to just have a general mindset and pick things based on ingredients I like and know work well for me. I find that acceptable for ‘light’ ayurvedic products such as the ones from Pukka with well known ingredients commonly used and grown or imported here but I tend to be more cautious with ‘heavier’ ayurvedic products with lots of exotic and often strong ingredients especially those with numerous spices. In those cases I think being a crossover type has more of a consequence since I’ve had skin irritation and long periods of breakouts after using strong products meant for one type.  After having tested some of the Pukka range I don’t personally think I need to worry about that and haven’t had any adverse reactions but I’m mentioning it for people who are new to ayurveda and are a crossover type who might think it’d be ok to use any ayurvedic product because one range was ok for them. In those cases where people are interested in a tailor made program or products they should seek the advice of experienced practitioners.


Pukka Ayurveda Organic Skincare Collection Gift Set Oil Serum Moisturiser Spray Toner Review

The darling sample set, attractively presented in a small gift box reminded me of a chocolate box – always a temptation – and contained 5 x 10ml mini sized products securely slotted inside the inner box thus safely surviving shipping and a ‘free’ 2ml sachet of oil.

1) Gentle Cleanser
2) Uplifting Toner
3) Radiance Serum – vegetarian friendly
4) Deep Moisture Day Cream – vegetarian friendly
5) Nourishing Night Cream
6) Firming Face Oil 2ml sachet
And an information leaflet

‘Completely free from parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and colours’ and not only are the cardboard boxes recyclable but the plastic tubes along with their caps are as well.

Key for ingredient lists in review:

† Naturally occurs in essential oils
‡ Derived from plants
() Nature identical preservative system approved by Organic Standards


1) Gentle cleanser – Organic Rosewater & Green Tea Skin Purifying Formula

Aqua, Hemp Seed Oil*, Rose Flower Water*, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Seed Butter*, Glycerin*, Glyceryl Stearate‡, Sucrose Stearate‡, Coco-Glucoside‡, Castor Seed Oil*, Olive Fruit Oil*, Green Tea Leaf Extract*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Aloe vera Leaf Juice Powder*, Soap Tree Bark*, Amla Fruit 100:1 Extract*, Gotu Kola Leaf 120:1 Extract*, Turmeric Root 20:1 Extract*, Manjishtha Root 70:1 Extract*, Neem Leaf 50:1 Extract*, Coconut Alcohol‡, Tocopherol‡, Xanthan Gum‡, Lactic Acid‡, Dehydroacetic Acid() , Benzyl Alcohol() , Citric Acid‡
Organic content: 92.9%

Gently massage onto your face and neck. Rinse off with warm water.

This product reminds me of a lotion; it’s White, creamy, has quite a thin consistency and subtle fragrance. The first time I used it I was surprised at how much grime it removed. I live in a congested city as shown by the ‘black snot’ that many of us suffer from by the end of the day but I’m still not used to seeing that much dirt on my cotton wool pad and I used more than one serving of the cleanser to completely clean my skin. I was also impressed with how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards, another reason why this reminds me of a lotion.

On the following occasions I used the cleanser as recommended in the directions above so I couldn’t physically see how much dirt it removed but my skin felt clean and just as soft and smooth as the first time so I was happy. The cleanser removes both make up and dirt well and when I used cotton wool to rub my skin with it I used two pea sizes for my face, and three for the front and back of my neck and ears. When using the washing method I used approximately three pea sized drops in total.

I’d rate this as a 5/5

Full size 50ml – £11.00
Individual sample 10ml – £2.50

2) Uplifting Toner – Organic Rose & Orange Flower Skin Firming Formula

Rose Flower Water*, Orange Flower Water*, Alchohol*, Aqua, Calendula Extract*, Chamomile Flower Extract*, Marshmallow Root Extract*, Gotu Kola Leaf Extract*
Organic content: 100% of the agricultural ingredients are organic.

Spray onto your face after cleansing or as a refresher over make-up.

This is a handbag bonus imo, it comes in a solid glass bottle with a securely fitted spray dispenser and strong plastic lid. It’s a watery thin liquid perfect for a spray and Gold in colour. The first time I used this I was feeling very tired and insufficiently hydrated and as soon as I sprayed my face I felt instantly refreshed and invigorated. I became wide awake and all traces of sleepiness were gone. It absorbed very quickly and left my skin feeling a bit more toned.

I don’t usually use sprays over my make up but since the directions say it’s ok to do so I thought I should give it a try. It was those attempts that emphasized the only downside of this product imo, and it’s to do with the packaging not the cosmetic. The spray nozzle has one small hole in it which meant that whenever I sprayed my face with it, it came out in a splurt rather than a fine mist and that happened regardless of the pressure I used on the pump. Hence when the liquid came into contact with my skin it instantly fell down to my neck and chest if I wasn’t quick enough to stop it. Therefore I didn’t find it suitable for spraying over make up, that is unless you wear make up that won’t streak or wash off easily and it’s not something you’d want to try unless you have your make up on you to reapply afterwards just in case. To rectify the issue I sprayed the palm of one hand (both hands cleaned beforehand) to then quickly pat together with the other hand and spread the liquid over my face/neck manually, and when wearing make up lightly dabbing my hands over my face.

Overall I liked using this product before or after moisturizing in the mornings, or by itself during the day to benefit from that instant revitalization. With a nozzle adjustment it would be perfect for long haul trips too. I’d rate this as 4/5 due to the packaging which makes it difficult to fulfill its purpose, but the liquid itself does what it says in the title.

Full size 100ml – £17.50
No sample info available on site

5) Nourishing Night Cream – Organic Frankincense & Avacado Total Repair Complex

Aqua, Hemp Seed Oil*, Rose Flower Water*, Starflower Seed Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Perilla Seed Oil*, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Seed Butter*, Glycerin*, Glyceryl Stearate‡, Sucrose Stearate‡, Coco-Glucoside‡, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Sesame Seed Oil*, Aloe vera Leaf Juice Powder*, Amla Fruit 100:1 Extract*, Gotu Kola Leaf 120:1 Extract*, Turmeric Root 20:1 Extract*, Manjishtha Root 70:1 Extract*, Neem Leaf 50:1 Extract*, Frankincense Oil*, Australian Sandalwood Wood Oil*, Coconut Alcohol‡, Tocopherol‡, Xanthan Gum‡, Lactic Acid‡, Dehydroacetic Acid()­, Benzyl Alcohol()­, Limonene†
Organic content: 92.9%

Apply a blueberry sized amount to your face and neck after cleansing and toning.

This product is a White cream, with a subtle smell and slightly more oily feeling/texture than the cleanser mentioned above. Using the recommended method of application I could just about spread it all over my face and the front of my neck if I was fast since it absorbs very quickly so I found that it’d sink into my hands or fingertips faster than I could apply it and it absorbed into my face just as quickly. I had to apply it swiftly in one direction over my face to get it everywhere otherwise parts would be missed if applied randomly and there wouldn’t be enough left on the hands/fingertips to spread in different directions. There was not enough for the back of the neck and ears so I had to use extra.

The cream left my skin feeling soft and full but not moisturized to the level I usually associate with night creams. That thought was validated in the morning when my skin felt dry. My solution was to either use more before going to bed or topping up during the night. However that still didn’t leave my skin feeling or looking well nourished or significantly softer.

Overall I’d rate this as a 3.5/5 as according to the leaflet the cream is designed for dry to damaged skin whereas I have normal skin and dehydrate internally quickly yet the cream didn’t last long enough or work deep enough for me so I don’t know how dry skin would fare. It might work better for people with normal to moist/oily skin however bearing in mind that this is an ayurvedic product it is blended with certain body balances in mind which was the reason why I didn’t combine it with another moisturizer or oil to further provide for my skin overnight.

It might have properties that work best slowly overnight but personally I see the night and sleep time as the perfect opportunity to make up for what the skin goes through during the day as well as a chance to add the nourishment the skin could have gotten through the day but didn’t i.e. because it wouldn’t be very presentable to have a visible layer of moisturizer on. Hence I like a night cream to give me extra in all those important areas both visibly and invisibly e.g. nourishment, softness, suppleness and if I’m lucky a youthful radiance. I don’t expect it to last throughout the day but I like it to last at least until I wake up and wash. I couldn’t really see or feel those factors in the mornings after using this cream.

Full size 50ml – £28.00
Individual sample 10ml – £2.50

6) Firming face oil – Organic Starflower, Arnica & Rosehip Mature Skin Formula

Evening Primrose Seed Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Sesame Seed Oil*, Rosehip Fruit Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Starflower Seed Oil*, Poppy Seed Oil*, Wheatgerm Oil*, Neroli Flower Oil*, St John’s Wort Extract*, Tocopherol‡, Petitgrain Leaf Oil*, Arnica Flower Extract*, Amla Fruit 100:1 Extract*, Gotu Kola Leaf 120:1 Extract*, Turmeric Root 20:1 Extract*, Manjishtha 70:1 Extract*, Neem 50:1 Extract*, Citral†, Geraniol†, Farnesol†, Limonene†, Linalool†.
Organic content: 99.9%

Apply a small amount to your face and neck before, or instead of, moisturising.

Even though this oil is described as for mature skin, I’m 30 years old hence my skin isn’t young or old but it’s not far off from either and since I love oils I was still glad to give this a try. Plus looking at the ingredients I figured that even though they may be particularly beneficial for mature skin they wouldn’t be detrimental to younger skin, though I’m no expert and don’t claim to know how the combinations of the ingredients would work – but still, I risked it and wasn’t worse for wear 🙂

My first impression was that it was a nice, light oil and the scent strangely reminded me of soap – not a bad thing in the slightest as I love natural soaps, also some people might find that refreshing. I found that a little went a long way and it absorbed quickly in comparison to most of the oils I’ve used.

It left my skin feeling soft and a bit more taught around the eyes and mouth. Those benefits lasted with multiple uses and the oil is light enough to wear during the day if you use a thin layer and have a little time to let it sink in fully if you want to add make up afterwards, but it also works well overnight if you use a suitable amount to last. I found that when I used it twice a day the overall condition of my skin felt better, it didn’t have a noticeably youthful effect but the skin felt improved. I surmise that with long term use the benefits would be recognized more and since a little of the oil goes a long way a full sized version should show that.

I’d  rate this as a 4.5/5 since it’s not really designed for my skin but did help it a little.

Full size 30ml – £38.00
Individual sample 2ml – £0.40


3) Radiance Serum – Organic Aloe Vera & Manuka Honey Revitalising Formula

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*, Manuka Honey*, Xanthan Gum‡, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Roman Chamomile Flower Water*, Australian Sandalwood Wood Oil*, Olive Leaf 1:1 Extract*, Amla Fruit 100:1 Extract*, Gotu Kola Leaf 120:1 Extract*, Turmeric Root 20:1 Extract*, Tulsi Leaf 70:1 Extract*, Lemon Balm Leaf 1:1 Extract*, Passion Flower 1:1 Extract*, Citric Acid‡, Potassium Sorbate()­
Organic content: 97.5%

Apply a thin layer to your face and neck before moisturising.

Aloe vera and manuka honey to soothe and refresh. Gotu kola and lemon balm to tone and brighten the complexion.

Full size 50ml – £32.00
Individual sample 10ml – £2.50

4) Deep Moisture Day Cream – Organic Neroli & Shea Butter Deep Nuture Complex

Aqua, Hemp Seed Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Shea Butter*, Beeswax*, Rose Flower Water*, Rosehip Fruit Oil*, Poppy Seed Oil*, Cocoa Seed Butter*, Glycerin*, Glyceryl Stearate‡, Coco-Glucoside‡, Sucrose Stearate‡, Coconut Alcohol‡, Amla Fruit 100:1 Extract*, Gotu Kola Leaf 120:1 Extract*, Turmeric Root 20:1 Extract*, Tulsi Leaf 70:1 Extract*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Aloe vera Leaf Juice Powder*, Neroli Flower Oil*, Ylang Ylang Flower Oil*, Tocopherol‡, Xanthan Gum‡, Lactic Acid‡, Dehydroacetic Acid() , Benzyl Alcohol() , Citral †, Eugenol †, Iso Eugenol †, Benzyl Salicylate †, Geraniol †, Farnesol †, Linalool
Organic content: 92.6%

Apply a blueberry sized amount to your face and neck after cleansing and toning.

Neroli flower and shea butter to soothe and soften. Rosehip and poppy seed oil to firm and protect.

Full size 50ml – £26.00
Individual size 10ml – £2.50


This is a lovely set of high quality products with practical variety and caters to various skincare needs. It’s presented just right for a gift or personal treat and makes an interesting introduction to complex skincare principles.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to try these and share my experiences.

The set can be purchased at http://www.pukkaherbs.com/organic-skincare-collection.html for £18.90

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  1. I love the Pukka Tea products, they taste amazing.

  2. Great Review!!I am a fan of ayurvedic products myself!!

  3. I think I’m in love! From the packaging to the ingredients, thing brand has got my attention. I hadn’t heard of it before but now I’ll have to investigate further. Thanks for the review!

    • I’m glad you like it! I was very impressed with the set and products as well, they’re definitely worth checking out! Thank you for stopping by and reading the review 😀

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