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Hello everybody,

it’s been quite some time since I posted any designs, that’s because I haven’t been competing but here are the last set of designs I entered into the Chicstar Design Competition 1  for your viewing.

Edwardian Victorian Lace Satin Gown Dress Fashion Illustration Design

Edwardian inspired full length gown with draping on the side, fitted/structured bodice with sweetheart bust. Lace over the fabric bust and panel over the waist for contouring but also over the bare skin of the upper body and arms for a sexy yet mysterious look. Faux pearls and cameo brooch on the front for a finishing touch.

Fashion Design Illustration White Black Lace Gown Maxi Dress

Strapless maxi gown making use of Black/White colour contrasting and accentuating the bust and waist. Lace panel over Black fabric down the front and an attractive yet practical slit on the front side.

Fashion Design Illustration Black Lace Gown Maxi Dress

Variant of the above, this is fully Black but with contrasting fabrics i.e. the main body of the dress would be a cotton spandex or ponte and the trim on the waist would be a matte satin. Again Black lace over Black fabric and a front side slit.

Thanks for looking and I hope you liked them!

Comments on: "Fashion Illustrations" (2)

  1. Great dresses! I like the second one best. The white overlay gives it a real pop!

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