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Night all!

I’ve just finished colouring and shading an ink outline I did a while back based on Disney characters but with my own interpretation. I had a few hours and decided to finally do it.


Rapunzel Warrior

Make sure to clear up the scanned image as erased lines still tend to show up, smudging occurs, extra lines make it harder to colour and sometimes the images don’t scan in White but rather a Yellow/Brown.

Stage 1 – Draw in pencil, not too dark, take your time and use a good eraser. Ink over pencil (when dry, rub out the pencil) and scanned to comp.

Retro flat colour style:

Rapunzel Warrior

Stage 2 – Colour and get as pixel perfect with smooth lines as possible dependent on circumstances i.e. how tired you are (lol), how much patience you have, whether you’ll resize (if you make the pic smaller, pixel ‘bleed’ and jagged lines aren’t as obvious but I decided to keep this full size) and how clear you want it.

Fully shaded:

Rapunzel Warrior 3D

Stage 3 – Shading, depends on how 3D or shiny you want it, I prefer highlights and low lights to extremely light and dark contrasts (except on shiny/metallic surfaces). The White ‘raw’ outline on the foreground is intentional as I wanted her to look as if she’d just torn/ripped off a page and come to life. It would look better without but I’ve never been one for pure elegance, I like my pics a bit wild.

Finishing touch(es):

Rapunzel Warrior 3D

Stage 4 – Special effects (depends on which program and some have optional add ons). In this case I added a shadow drop.

Note: For the younger readers, I started colouring this on Sunday night and have just finished having spent a few hours on it each night. I would not recommend this and it’s better for your eyesight to draw (especially digital art) during the day with lots of light, preferably natural day/sunlight. For some reason I tend to draw at night or I start in the day and before I know it it’s night with the artificial lightbulbs on. Staring at the computer screen can lead to blurry vision which can make you feel a bit dizzy or disorientated (even modern no-radiation screens are too bright to stare at) so remember to take regular breaks to rest your eyes, moreso at night. Plus, your artwork will look different in daylight and nighlights so taking breaks helps you refresh your eyes to see your work clearly.

See ya!

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