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This post features the pics that formed the basis of my new blog theme so for once I quite like them 😛

I was going for a sharp yet sweet look and using one of my favourite colour combinations – Black and Pink, usually Fuschia/Hot Pink but quite frankly any shade will do except Puce.

Yes I’m wearing a short skirt here – something I rarely, very rarely, less than once in Blue moon do and can count the times on one hand but I was doing a bare midriff set which was even more unlikely so I thought ‘what they heck’.







The outfit as usual is a mix and match from various places. The tuxedo jacket being from Chicstar.com, the skirt a relic from Topshop that I bought in my teenage days and never wore, the waistcoat (in the first pic – though unfortunately quickly became too warm to wear) a reduced item from Principles, the shirt from a local discount boutique, the tights from a market stall (excellent buy and thanks mum for buying them I love them!) and the hat & tie from good ol’ eBay.

Comments on: "Retrospective OOTD – Dapper Dolly?" (1)

  1. I really like that skirt! I do keep coming back to pieces of clothing I used to despise but suddenly take a liking too. I have a few outfits on my blog as well.

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