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Ok so today I am paying homage to spots, glorious spots – the fabric print kind not the skin kind 😉

I thought I’d go ‘all out’ (for me anyway) and wear some funky retro sunglasses with them which I bought as a novelty ages ago and never got round to wearing. My face shape is more suited to cat shaped shades but I had wanted more space age style rounded glasses at the time and having found they didn’t suit me as much I a bit disappointed and left these in a drawer for a while. But I finally decided, cat eye glasses aren’t that embarrassing and I’ll wear them regardless!

Retro Black White Polka Dot Spot Sunglasses Halter  Top Wrap Skirt

Retro Black White Polka Dot Spot Sunglasses Halter  Top Wrap Skirt

Retro Black White Polka Dot Spot Sunglasses Halter  Top Wrap Skirt

The glasses are a market stall buy (yes I love markets whether food, fashion, antique etc they are awesome), the polka halter top is from Chicstar.com, the skirt was a charity/thrift store find being Versace made in lined and draped chiffon. I consistently donate excellent unworn and pre-loved items to charity shops and know they have fabulous clothes in them at affordable prices and this is probably the only non-vintage high fashion branded item I own and would consent to wearing because it was bought from a charity shop and because my go-to Black wrap skirt that I’d been wearing for about 15 years had finally been laid to rest (RIP) and I couldn’t find another on short notice anywhere that suited me, otherwise I tend to steer clear of the big and luxury names. For example I particularly disliked some of the Versace for H&M advertising where they showed a model as if she was a clone on a production line and in very disorientating situations, everything was careful controlled and manipulated like puppetry – I really didn’t like what that could have been implying of the target audience. Moving on – I don’t remember where I bought the bolero from but it was probably eBay ha!

Hope you liked the pics!

Comments on: "OOTD – Retro Polka Dots!" (2)

  1. I love this outfit! The polka dots are so timeless.

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