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Hello to the blogosphere!

I’ve just been ‘tagged’ in the Liebster Blog Awards 😀 and through a little reading I’ve found that amongst the many and varied blog awards out there the Liebster Award is a little different. It seems to be focused on introducing blogs and getting to know bloggers; those ‘tagged’ have basically been both nominated and awarded for having an interesting and inspiring beauty blog and thus get to be a winner and award mantles of their own to other bloggers they deem ‘deserving’. All in all it’s a bit like a game where everyone wins and people get to see blogs they may not have come across before.

I’ve been tagged by Kathleen of MushyKitty and I gather from her post and the links within that the rules are a bit ambiguous or have become so but it’s supposed to be fun and games such as this change over time. The rules I saw are as follows:

Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.
Ask 11 questions of your own.
Nominate 11 bloggers.

Also apparently the nominated blogs must have up to 200 followers.

Now, my nominator has answered 11 questions, gave 10 questions and has 5 awardees. I personally have more than 200 followers and Random Venus has awarded blogs with over that amount as well (understandable as the amount of followers and social networking aren’t always advertised on the blog and there’s so many awesome blogs to choose from regardless of how many followers they have). Hence I’m going to share 10 facts, answer the 10 questions, ask 10 and nominate 10. Sounds good to me 😉

Before I continue I want to say thank you to Mushy Kitty for the award and for liking my blog enough to think it worthy, it’s always nice to win something and even nicer to be thought of as informative yet appealing. Thanks again and to all those that read/share/like/comment on my posts 🙂



10 Facts about myself

Hmm, I’m kinda an old fuddy duddy and am quite boring hence whenever I talk about myself (in conversation) people tend to roll their eyes or glaze over though thankfully no one has ever fallen asleep! Yet! Here width you will probably find out more about me than anybody has ever wanted to know.

1.    I like to walk everywhere possible, people who know me call me the taxi driver (though I’m nowhere near that knowledgeable!) I rarely get lost, am great with following maps and even if I have never been to a location before I can find the place via landmarks and general bearings.

2.    I used to be able to tell the time by looking at the sky and hence gave up wearing a watch as a teenager but then unfortunately became dependent on my mobile phone.

3.    My mum played semi-professional basketball (yep basketball is for everyone regardless of height and gender woohoo!) and practised 4 hours a day 6 days a week. I didn’t know that until later in life but evidently inherited her work ethic as I used to work out 4 hours a day as a teen and if I missed a day would make up for it the next (less sleep), that grew to 5-6 hours a day in my mid-twenties though I haven’t exercised properly in quite a while now and my joints have stiffened so need to get fit again!

4.    My second home is always a library; I live, breathe but have not eaten 😉 in them.

5.    I’ve been vegan for 7 years. After the initial detox phase where you feel like you’re constantly eating the same thing, haven’t yet learned how to adapt your culinary practices, depend on pre-made substitutes and generally feel a bit miserable; I started craving all of the vegetables I previously hated i.e. tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, olives and brussells sprouts. I adore them now. I’ve been fruitarian, liquidarian and raw vegan for suitable amounts of time within the 7 years and fruits & nuts were my favoured intake, however living in contaminated environments and in my individual circumstances I found being vegan in general works for me.

6.    I worship my mother.

7.    One of my earlier aspirations was to be the female Indianna Jones, without the promiscuity. Though Relic Hunter (1999-2002 tv show) and Lara Croft beat me to it.

8.    I’m a natural spinster and don’t date.

9.    My best friends are parrots… and a cat.

10.   I got my monthly £300 household food/grocery budget down to approx £30 by foraging, bargaining, recycling/filtering water, making my own organic non-dairy milks, soup, tea, tofu, flour, ‘butter’ and cream. I also don’t watch tv or use a microwave. I’ve basically become and continue to be as health and purse savvy as possible.

Answers to Mushy Kitty’s Questions

1.    A recent research shows that wearing a bra can make your breasts saggy. What’s your take about this?

A: I can’t comment on the research as I’m not aware which study it is and as with all research I would think there are counter studies. I can comment on my own experience and that of the women I’ve seen/known. I think it’s believable and reasonable to think that breasts can become dependent on undergarments such as bras and therefore either sag or feel as if they are under more pressure when the underwear is removed and/or not worn for an amount of time usual for the wearer. However, I think that bust size and posture play important parts in the rate of ‘sagging’ over time. For example, in general the average and larger sizes will be under more stress than the smaller sizes (all sizes in proportion to the height/weight of the individual of course as what is considered average can be bigger on a small person and vice versa) so many people require support. Women who are menstruating generally feel soreness as the breasts are sensitive and even feel bigger before/during that time and hence their comfort could be increased either by wearing or not wearing a bra. It would be personal and perhaps dependent on the time of day whether active or asleep (I don’t advocate wearing a bra to bed but in some cases wearing a suitably loose and soft one can assist by holding them gently in place rather than letting them fall to the sides and pull). Then there are women who for whatever reason didn’t or couldn’t breastfeed and consequently have a bigger bust size than before they were pregnant, to counter the strain on the front and back of the upper body a bra and/or other support garments may be necessary. Many women start wearing thicker straps and underbust support in such conditions.

I’ve also found women experience general improvement with the position of their bust when they straighten their posture and even moreso if the head is held higher and the shoulders pushed back. I’ve found women have heightened satisfaction with their physique if they have consistently good posture (types the woman who due to lack of a desk recently has been sitting hunched over a computer on her bed).

There are other factors to take into consideration such as how active a person’s lifestyle is e.g. if they move around a lot on errands or play a lot of sports they will need support but then again if they moisturize and/or sweat enough the skin should stay or be firm yet supple enough. Also a person’s health and what they consume can partially determine how quickly they age and in what ways; many people are constantly seeking the chalice of youth and many are looking younger as they get older and in general people will likely fall into both camps for and against wearing bras. I once heard an interview from a woman who started drinking unfiltered apple cider vinegar fairly late in life but said she no longer needed to wear a bra whereas speaking for myself; I prefer to wear one. I am a feminist and support the suffragette movement and successive waves but I doubt I would have burned my bra(s) – I wear underwired ones but mostly prefer non-wired, soft breathable fabric ones with a bit of stretch and find them helpful. Old fashioned corsets on the other hand – bring on the bonfire! I like my internal organs in place thank you very much and don’t think a tiny waist is anything to aspire to.

2.    Who’s your favorite beauty blogger?

A. That’s a tough one, I don’t have a favourite as I read a variety. I particularly like to read posts from ethically and naturally minded beauty bloggers, both those that review products bought or make their own. I respect anyone who is spreading awareness on the subject and especially those who are young and experimenting/learning on their own; I find that intuitive spark to be admirable in the reality we live in.

3.    Who’s your favorite fashion icon?

A. Another tough one, it’s very difficult for me to have a singular favourite in such wide fields. I’ve been impressed by many but I have to say that I like people, in a fashionable sense, who are quirky and eccentric though a I generally find extremely fine tuned and idiosyncratic images off putting. There’s nothing wrong with having a very stylized and detailed appearance but I am a bit conservative so as long as the image is appropriate to occasion I ‘m fine but otherwise it can grate on me. Despite my own appearance being perceived as ‘loud’ and unique to other people I still have a sense of propriety, usually more pronounced than people with a less individual sense of style.

Ok I’ve gone around the houses with that one; I’m going to narrow it down to ‘Fran Fine’ of The Nanny in modern times and Georgina Llolobrigida of bygone days.

Fran Fine

gina Lollobrigida

4.    Who’s your inspiration in publishing your blog?

A. Another member of Chicstar.com who had their designs in a blog; I thought it’d be handy to have my designs in one place and featured together rather than lost in a sea of competing designs.

5.    How did you come up with your blog name?

A. I wanted people to know that even in these days of consumerism and where buying is purported as an answer to economic downturn/recession we can still get value for money e.g. cashback and rewards. Some of us spend out of necessity, some out of habit and some simply because they can but I thought at least it’s better to be in charge of what you are spending and to extent where that money goes afterward. I’ve come across many people who advise getting the cheapest deals possible without caring about the producers of the items or the wholesalers. I don’t want to buy things at the cheaper price whilst those making the items can’t afford them, wholesalers going out of business and I don’t want to be ripped off either so I try to take an interest in the early stages of fashion and make the end product pay me back too through promotion or refashioning or help someone else through recycling. That’s the basic concept of fashionthatpays.

6.    What’s your fashion boo-boo?

A. I guess that would be my hair, as garnered from the quiet and vocal opinions of others whether people I know or strangers on the street. I like my hair and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that but it always gets a reaction and mostly negative. I’m blessed with thick hair I believe partially due to something my mum did when I was a baby. There’s an Indian custom where babies (who are pretty much born with a full head of hair) have their heads shaven and fortunately for me at the time my mother didn’t know that it was only supposed to be shaved once, so she went on doing it haha. I ended up with very thick and quick growing hair, thankfully she also didn’t colour or treat her hair whilst pregnant. That meant that I was later able to sustain Blonde hair for half of my life where after bleaching most people lose it or suffer breakage. However, being Brown skinned and Blonde haired has not had the best social impact.

Also, I was wearing the ombré look long before it became popular and being fashionable like that out of season is always tricky. Basically I had stripey hair i.e. ‘banding’ which is a result of colouring or bleaching and for whatever reason not achieving the same shade as before. Now I didn’t have an issue with that and left it that way out of choice because I liked it and therefore didn’t see the need for touch ups or toner, my hair looked fiery (in an organized way) and it suited my personality. But you know how people are – rude and opinionated often without basis. I’d leave my roots for ages as thankfully never felt the pressure of doing every 6-8 weeks, I did them every 3-4 months on average and sometimes less than that. Surprisingly enough I still looked good and people weren’t really bothered by it, at least rarely in public but they hated the stripes so I’d call that my fashion boo-boo.

On the flip side my mother and I home colour and so we’ve learned how to change and maintain our hair as we like it with less abrasive methods and concentrations than in a salon (the amount of women I’ve met who’ve had horrid colour experiences at the hands of a hairdresser… when you find one you can trust and work with it’s hard to find another) plus we saved money doing it ourselves!

7.    Nude or Bold colored lipstick?

A. Why pick one, I’ll take shades from both sides day or night 😛

8.    Learn the advanced make up or just let science do it (surgery)?

A. Advanced make up or just wear less. I’m vegan so pharmaceuticals and most treatments are not an option.

9.    What are your beauty insecurities? 

A. Eh, everything? If I were to be honest there’s a long list but realistically it’d be my weight as I gain/lose weight quite easily so I’m quite conscious of it and don’t find it easy to plan outfits in advance. That and my skin is quite irritating.

10.    What’s your favorite scent of perfume?

A. Patchouli or wild musk rose oil. Before I was vegan I was partial to the perfumes of an Asian brand called Al Haramain; exotic and spicy fragrances in distinct bottles.

My 10 Questions

1.    If you could write a book about your life what would you call it?

2.    What is the most interesting beauty treatment you’ve heard of and want to try or have tried?

3.    Do you think standard working hours are too much or too little for the average person and is 10-25 days annual holiday entitlement enough?

4.    Is there a craft or skill you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the opportunity? E.g. glass blowing or abseiling?

5.    Do you believe in aliens?

6.    If you were a fictional character (from any media e.g. books, comics, cartoons) who would you be?

7.   Are caravans/mobile homes a practical solution to the lack of affordable housing?

8.    Would you prefer a coastal, countryside, suburban or urban residence? Or something totally customized (e.g. tree house, mud hut, cave, inside a piece of modern art)?

9.    Pick a movie you think is closer to reality than we acknowledge e.g. a film labelled as fantasy but features the cold hard truth.

10.  What would be your ideal theme park (different to the ones you’ve heard of or been to)?

Passing the Liebster Award on to:

A Liebster Award of my own design:






















Honourable Mention for divine beauty that transcends and is all:

My ‘Carpet’ Moment:

From what I’ve read some of the Winners post a pic of what they would wear to accept the award and make a speech which sounds like fun but I’m seriously not going to make a speech as I’ve written a copious amount already. In regards to the picture apologies but I don’t have any new photos nor the time to take a new one for this occasion so I will have to use an old one to illustrate accepting this award – I know, MASSIVE fashion faux-pax but I have little choice so be gentle : )

Me and Harry

Goodnight all and adieu!

Comments on: "I’ve been Awarded the Liebster Beauty Blog Award!" (3)

  1. congrats! it was fun reading those questions and finding out more about you. and, hey, I love the photo! oh, I had the big belt like that one too. and shirts with ruffles and/or big leg o’mutton sleeves. The bigger the better 🙂

    • Thank you for your congratulations and that you liked the post! I couldn’t agree more about the big belts and sleeves – they always give a bold look! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. I couldn’t walk around all the time without my phone, because I have no sense of direction! (Thank you google maps!) So cool that you can. 🙂

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