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Evening all!

Many people are worried about the contents of their food nowadays as more people are realizing things like is eating/drinking flourescent coloured foods alright?

Thankfully my mum randomly read about artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives, the unnatural e-numbers, gelatine, aspartame and MSG 17 years ago and stopped me from eating foods with those obviously written on the label. It also got us thinking about what is really in our food; then when I went vegan just over 7 years ago I stopped drinking fizzy/carbonated drinks. However, having drank them quite regularly before the cravings didn’t cease straight away. Strangely enough I’d really crave them between January-March for the first two years and the rest of the time was fine though there would be a small desire at the back of mind. It took about 2.5 years to get over them.

One day some years afterwards I accidentally discovered/made my own by simply pouring fruit juice into a cup that still had water and sodium bicarbonate in it (common old fashioned remedy for alkalizing the system and preventing/alleviating indigestion and bloating). Note – when I say ‘bicarbonate of soda’ I mean sodium bicarbonate/baking soda and not baking powder.



Basically I use just a dash or two of baking soda in a large glass, top up with fruit juice and that’s it.

If it’s too fizzy I either leave it a while or add water. If I don’t drink it all or leave it and it goes flat, just a tiny bit of baking soda will make it fizzy again. That’s is, no sugar or anything (though it’s up to to the person drinking if they want it sweeter). There’s no method either – I can either put the baking soda and/or water at the bottom adding the juice to it or vice versa. Neither the baking soda/water or juice have to be fresh out of the fridge/carton, it can just be bicarb water or juice I’ve had sitting out for some time and then just add one to the other = fizzy drink that tastes as if it’s just been opened.

I find the result of using grape juice is very much like cola imo and pineapple juice creates a fizzy orange taste.


Many people are worried about their sodium levels these days too but I personally think it’s easy to confuse the word ‘sodium’ for ‘table salt’. Personally I don’t use processed White table salt and prefer Pink Himalayan salt, Celtic salt, rock and sometimes sea salt and I don’t have a problem with bicarbonate of soda, epsom salt or the nigari I use for tofu. I’ve also heard good things about Red and Black salt. I believe those salts to be healthy and necessary for the human body (e.g. saline) as with natural sugar which many people avoid nowdays as well as natural and high fat oils over processed/refined ones. So this is just my preference and not a recommendation.

Also fizzy drink is just a treat not a staple part of my diet.

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