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…Flavoured Milk or Ice Cream mmmm!

Hey all!

I’m kinda happy today as I found some awesome reduced veg and fruit! There’s a fresh fruit/veg place nearby (not sure what to call it as it’s not quite a greengrocer and not quite a farm food store, nor wholesale or a health food store with lots of prepared packaged items) and they were selling bags of produce at reduced prices! I would guess they were near their end dates but they’re not pre-packaged so they don’t have fixed dates on them and they don’t have signs of spoiling so perhaps they were expecting new stock in. Whatever the reason I was lucky to be there at the time and picked up two full bags (large perforated freezer roll type) of mixed sized mushrooms for £1 total and a bag of full sized bananas (two and half bunches) for 50p. Usually I’d find a quarter of those mushrooms for approx £1.99 and the cheapest price for a bunch of small, hard, somewhat tasteless bananas would be approx £1. Plus, since they don’t heavily refridgerate everything these taste much sweeter and more filling. I ate two (not together as they were too filling for that) and then mum suggested making ice cream…

For low powered and/or short bladed blenders or electric hand blenders:

Now this is my issue – I have an almost useless blender which I have to aid a long the way with anything semi-solid so I barely use it for anything other than easy liquefying and do the rest manually. So this option is best for making milkshake (equally delicious and thicker than melted ice cream).

Peanut Butter and Chocolate (1 serving)


Frozen Banana x 1
Peanut Butter x 1/4 cup
Homemade Organic Soya Milk x 1/2 cup (frozen and crushed)
(Note: Water can be used instead of milk, I just prefer milk and other alternative milks can be used such as coconut milk. I also make a fair amount of soya milk which is why it’s homemade but it’s easily store bought nowadays as well.)
Raw Cacao or Cocoa powder (haven’t tried it with melted down bars but that would make a nice topping!) x 1 tsp
Brown Rice Syrup (date syrup is also good with chocolate though sweeter, can use any fruit syrup though. I just like the subtle taste of rice syrup.)
Topping – Rice Bran (naturally sweet in a subtle way and compliments the rice syrup.) x 1 shake



Banana and Mixed Dried Fruit (1 servings)

Frozen Banana x 1
Homemade Organic Soya Milk x 1/2 cup (frozen and crushed)
Dried Currants, Sultanas and Raisins x 1/4 cup
Macca – optional 1/2 tsp
Cane sugar or Molasses/Muscovado – optional 1/2 tsp

Crushing the milk/water before blending helps the blender to mash the banana properly and keep the cold, thick texture of milkshake. Depending on your blender it may be best to use semi-frozen banana (I personally find that it can barely slices of banana let alone big pieces or whole).



Chocolate – Don’t be fooled by the size, milkshakes made this way are very filling and fulfilling. This one would be great with a sprig of mint or a strawberry.


Fruit (this usually makes 3/4 cup but I had to give some to a hungry mini watcher before I could even get to pour it). Those are unripe apples which are sweet in an incredibly tangy way, they really add to the taste. They could have been added into the mixture but I prefer to crunch them with the milkshake with their strong edge in tact. This was a great wake up call/pick me up for a groggy morning – would also be great after a workout.

Flavoured Milk

Regardless of your blender or whether you hand mix, anyone can make flavoured milk. All you have to do is increase the milk/water to 3/4 or 1 full cup. Any more than that and you’d definitely have to increase the quantities of the other ingredients to enhance the flavour. Also, nothing needs to be frozen though if you really wanted you could use frozen/semi-frozen banana.

For high powered type blenders:

Instant ice cream?

Helping to get the consistency of ice cream:
For the frozen texture: frozen banana, ice or alternative milk will do.
For the creaminess: frozen banana, nuts and/or alternative milk.
For sorbets: frozen banana and ice, no nuts or milk.

Using the above recipes simply decrease the amount of milk/water to 1/4 cup and freeze.

Tip on nut use: the nuts of choice from the general consensus of shop bought and homemade recipes I’ve seen are cashew nuts. However as nuts are pricey and sometimes hard to find, I’ve used peanut butter but wouldn’t use that in a non-peanut butter tasting ice cream. I’m not sure how loose peanuts would taste so can’t recommend them as an alternative but I find using milk instead of water helps in regards to a getting a creamy effect. Though if you intend to make enough ice cream to save and freeze rather than eat in one sitting, just using milk can make it too hard when frozen and it might separate when served/melting giving a watery taste so investing in cashew nuts would probably work better.

Tip for alternative chocolate chips – if you make tofu, you’ll find that the bean pulp/okara you have leftover (from the tofu option, not the milk one which grinds the beans more) has soya bean ‘bits’ left in it. I’ve used okara in dessert and cake making and have found that those bits taste like chocolate chips!

Put the ingredients in a blender and then use a spoon or scoop to serve.


Depending on how easy it is to get ahold of ready-made ice cream, milk shake or flavoured milk the above may be more or less convenient for you but in the long run it should be cheaper making use of ingredients many will already have and without the artificial/processed/refined ingredients.

If only I’d known that in my early days when I paid premium price per scoop for the most delicious ice creams I’d ever tasted, real mmm lick the spoon slowly moments. They were awesome, I enjoyed every moment, they were of the healthier variety but I was paying through the nose for them. I’d also tasted the not-as-healthy cheaper vegan brands and found most of the ones available in the UK lacking in consistency and taste, though the brands I tried in the US were delicious in taste and texture e.g. carrot cake and Cookies n Dream (Rice Dream) which can make it less tempting to make your own unless health is the determining factor. Personally I was tired of never having any ice cream and the idea of having a ‘treat’ normally seen as junk food yet purely healthy really appealed to me so I finally looked at the ingredients of the pricier brands and saw the usual truth. Minimum amount of ingredients but higher quality. Typical. The cheaper brands always have a truckload of ingredients or lesser quality. Reverse reasoning made ‘true’ by common practice – paying more for the simple recipes made with less treatment. Like with chocolate spread, bars and a bunch of other things, I was paying for something I could easily make myself. So I did!

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