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Morning all and early *but very quiet* mornings to the sleepy heads still in bed!

Mum has been talking about rock cakes for a while now, which obviously meant she wanted some lol. However with the extra chilly onset of Winter our diet kind of slipped… but we’ve had a fair bit of sugar lately so I’ve been holding back. This morning called for a treat and boost though so we decided to make them!


2 cups plain flour (we got a sample of organic stoneground wholemeal)
1 flat tsp bicarbonate of soda
Depending on your sweet tooth 1/2 or 2/3 of a cup of brown sugar
1/2 flat teaspoon of ground ginger
1/2 cup sultanas, raisins, or currants, or any mix of dried fruit.
1/4 cup sunflower oil
10 tbs of alternative milk (we used freshly made soy milk here)

What we did:

1. SIFT the flour and baking soda together (very important – we barely ever sift but in some things and with the thicker flours baking soda sometimes doesn’t mix fully and then you get ‘salty’ patches in your results, and since rock cakes are quick and easy without much prep or concern for presentation it’s easy for it not to get mixed thoroughly.) OR dissolve the baking soda in 1 tbs of hot water or milk and then add to the flour.

2. Mix in the sugar. We used muscovado here but demerara is fine too.

3. Lightly oil/grease your baking dish. NOTE that rock cakes spread upwards and/or sideways so usually little ones would be necessary in a big dish. However we weren’t bothered with making two batches so didn’t mind if they started to meld into one big cake since they’re easy to separate.

4. Pre-heat oven to 200°C/ Gas Mark 6 / 400°F.

5. Our and stir in the oil into the dry mix.

6. Mix in the milk. It should turn into a dough the more you handle/mix it, not too wet but sticky enough to hold together. It doesn’t have to look too nice.


7. A tbs should be used to spoon out each ‘dollop’ and place separately on your baking dish. However since we were being casual with these I used a really big spoon and placed 6 blobs on the dish instead of 12 on two dishes for two batches which would have made regular sized and shaped cakes.


8. Place in the top part of the oven for 30min until Brown.

9. Once done, take them out of the over and leave them to stand for 20min.

10. Voila and total scrumminess!


Bear in mind doing it this way will mean that you don’t get the Black bits (slightly burned) perimeter which I usually associate with rock cakes, these will be softer and fluffier as they are bigger than normal but will still harden on the outside the longer they’re left to stand.

You can almost any fruit and cake spice (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom) to rock cakes – we didn’t have any fresh fruit but cherries are particularly nice in them as well as a bit of lemon rind.

There were delicious with dandelion and burdock loose leaf tea! (Very easy to pick weeds and hedgerow herbs, dry out thoroughly and then use for tea.)

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