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This new pic highlights the use of the Sanskrit alphabet as homage to the Divine Mother. It has been changed over time but in general it’s an indicator to the origin of all consonants & vowels (known as ‘tatvas’ 36 consonants and 15 vowels) making up all sounds – most commonly heard in the West as the basis for mantras/chants in yoga as they produce the correct frequencies/vibrations necessary for the yoga movement/pose in addition to correct breaths and mudras. These combine the physical aspects coupled with the mental intention of yoga the body needs to get a metaphysical effect (usually experienced by the yoga practitioner through heightened sensory perception in the back of the head and an increased strength in the auric/magnetic energy field around the body).

Lalita Maha Kali Tatvas Nityas

The text is quoted from http://www.religiousworlds.com/mandalam/index.html

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