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Today mum and I went for an easy to make soup and bread meal – a tasty and addictive flatbread (which inflates) called puri/poori and creamy chana (chickpea) soup.



Wholemeal flour (or any flour)
Sea or Rock Salt (pinch)
Oil (Sunflower or Olive)

When bread making (puris, chapati, paratha) we always make a lot so that we can keep it and they can be eaten separately hot or cold (and if you’re like me with peanut butter or fruit spread). Hence mum used 4 cups of flour and 1tsp of salt to make the dough.


Roll them out into circles (or any shape you want), if you don’t have a rolling pin & board a plate/tray and large cup or jar work instead. Make sure the circles are sized to fit into your pot of oil 🙂



I usually roll and mum fries but I had to take the photo 😀


Heat the oil in a pot or large wok like pan if you want to fry more than one at a time and simply use a spatula to put them in and take them out (whilst draining any excess oil). Once they go into the oil they start to inflate, note that if you don’t use a rolling pin they usually don’t balloon fully but it’s no big deal. Turn them over and let them finish inflating and take them out. The whole frying process only takes a few moments.


You can either place them on a kitchen towel lined bowl/container or on foil. We use foil as we cover them over once they are cool and put them in the fridge.




300g Dried chickpeas
1lt/1000ml Water
1/2lt or 500ml Coconut milk
1 flat tbs Cayenne pepper
1 flat tbs Curry powder
Pinch of coriander seeds

When making bean soup nowadays I use my tofu/milk maker as it is a hot blender/bean grinder and it means I can make beans in 25min without having to soak them (24 hours in Summer and 48 hours in Winter). So basically all of that goes into the beloved maker and voila comes out beauitfully creamy, evenly spiced and textured. Strangely enough I find I can use less spice in the maker too and still get the same taste in comparison to cooking on the hob, I don’t know why that is but it saves ingredients 🙂

Mum figured out how to make perfect coconut milk and coconut cream using the milk maker (both are fine for cold use/drinking or cooking) from the coconut chips posted HERE and we can make loads of milk, cream, pulp and dessicated which would otherwise cost a lot of money ready made and so is a real treat. I’ve really been enjoying hot frothy coconut milk with date syrup 🙂



The bread can be opened to put soup inside so you an either use the bread as a scoop or carrier.


For those with fresh vegetables a simple tomato and onion salad with vinaigrette or mint sauce; or a carrot and raisin salad with sweet or spicy chutney (add finely chopped Green skinny chillies in the chutney for chilli lovers) for a marvelous accompaniment.

Note that puris can be made with mashed potato inside and/or peas (sooo more-ish) or fried veg by simply cooking them first then piling some on top of a circle of dough, covering with another circle of dough, sealing the perimeter with a fork or your fingertips and then quickly deep frying. Warning – your stomach may tell you you’re full but your hands may still reach for another, and another…

Even without the above the bread and soup meal is a tasty, humble, hearty, wholesome and filling meal 🙂

Comments on: "Balloon Bread and Chickpea Soup" (2)

  1. I used to make poori at work. And also little pani puris. I wonder if I could make them gluten-free?!

    • They can be made with chickpea or lentil flour, I’m not sure about the gluten free status for rice flours but making gluten free pooris is something to think about 🙂

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