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I don’t often wear dark Blue but I thought I’d wear it today to take some pics for the customer photo competition at Chicstar.com. Since Navy is a smart colour I do have a pair of trousers, a top and dress that I keep just in case but as I was hunting for said trousers (nice soft, stretchy, ribbed fabric) I realized they were in the wash, humph. So I had to pull out a pair of jeans – now I rarely wear jean trousers, I’ve worn them approx 6 times in the last 15 years. It’s not because I don’t like them, on the contrary I love the myriad of styles and embellishments that can be found nowadays but finding a pair that fit comfortably is too much of a mission for me. I’m quite sensitive so I don’t like anything that irritates my body (like sunglasses or rings) or that constantly need tugging/pulling e.g. jeans that are way too tight or loose in places and I find petite jeans have the same problems as normal length ones. Hence the only pairs that I have are the pair I’m wearing in the pics and a pair of stretch skinnies my mum bought in the late 70’s/early 80’s. I’ve bought and tried other pairs and even resorted to making my own pair of casual chic wide leg drawstring ones which were perfect but were comandeered by a small feathery person of disrepute who used them for bedding and made holes in them, I am not into holey/torn jeans. So basically today’s outfit came down to this pair of ill-fitted jeans which I hold on to for the sake of it or an old school uniform which I’ve been wearing as home clothes for ages… Yeah I didn’t think so either hence the jeans won by default. It’s strange because I used to wear jeans all the time when I was 14/15 (granted they were hand-me-downs so of a better make from previous generations) as well as a pair I actually bought which had gorgeous sari fabric on the legs but after that I simply couldn’t find a pair that fit.

In regards to washing clothes the aformentioned pair of Navy trousers reminded me that I’ve been putting off doing the washing because of the cold. My fingers and toes are fairly numb or sore these days and I just can’t bring myself to do the part of the washing that consists of non-essentials. We haven’t had our washing machine this year which lasted us 8 years previously (RIP and thank you for your service) but the 8 years before that we didn’t have one either so I’d gotten used to hand washing everything. But this year I’ve been less efficient… Plus the state of my hands looking so much older than I am is annoying me. Though that said I do prefer hand washing as it keeps fabrics in better condition for much longer e.g all the clothes I bought for myself when I was 14/15 (no longer needed school uniform and in the days when educational grants for living expenses weren’t such an endangered species) lasted a decade in good condition before being transferred to the ‘home/bed clothes’ classification. Also common fabrics today just don’t live well with machine washing regardless of things like ‘colour fast technology’ and ‘no need to iron’ claims or despite the delicates cycle on many washing machines. Have you ever tested the difference between GM cotton and organic cotton in a machine or any kind of underwear heaven forbid any pretty underwear you actually cherish? GM cotton looks rough and no where near new after one wash and underwear looks old and Grey very quickly as well as less stretchy – both of which make ironing and bleaching necessary to keep them looking good for longer yet increasing the risk of wear and tear. It makes sense that vintage clothing which was either unworn or lightly worn lasted much longer than modern clothing; It was mainly the middle classes and above that had washing machines or access to one (let alone dryers) pre-70’s and generally only socially mobile people (working their way up) had access in the 70’s, so hand washing in addition to better construction led to longevity in decent condition. Even my home clothing looks and feels better than a lot of modern clothing I’ve seen from people I know which ends up as fast fashion, whether it was bought with that intention or not. I’m not saying that hand washing is for everyone but if you want/need your clothes to last as long as possible before upcycling, recycling or using as cleaning rags then hand washing (with kind soaps) and drip drying (if possible) can really help; imo most new clothes just can’t last long with the rigorous nature of the washing machine/dryer. HOWEVER if I can’t pull myself up by the bootstraps and get it done I’ll have to take one of my favourite Discworld books and go to the laundrette whilst trying to convince myself it’s not a waste of money due to my laziness and that my clothes can spare one round in the machines since I’ve been good to them for so long.

Anyway onto the outfit πŸ™‚ the rockabilly inspired sweetheart halterneck was bought from Chicstar, the jeans are old and so is my beloved sequin beanie πŸ˜€ I was wearing a chunky cardi as well but the copious amount of lurex (so 80’s lol) kept causing bright blurs in the photos so I removed it (and as you can see the photos were blurry anyway so they were worse with the shiny material).

Blue Rockabilly Sweetheart Halter Top Denim Jeans Beanie

Blue Rockabilly Sweetheart Halter Top Denim Jeans Beanie

Blue Rockabilly Sweetheart Halter Top Denim Jeans Beanie

Rockabilly Retro Vintage Inspired 50s swing

The price is $19.95 for both standard and plus sizes and remember the coupon WINNER works on everything in store including the auctions πŸ™‚

Buona notte!

Comments on: "OOTD: Blue Day and the Importance of Hand Washing Clothes" (6)

  1. You have such a pretty smile, toned arms and shape! I think we usually see you in long sleeve garments so I never noticed that before πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much and that’s a massive compliment coming from you – Ms gorgeously toned hard bodied wonder woman! πŸ˜€ It’s true my pics have been showing my arms more lately since Diwali lol.

  2. You look stunning!! Awesome post! ❀

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  3. I love how you have managed to mix retro with modern-you look so classy!

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