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This outfit and outing was actually for Sunday and you can see it was a Black & White polka day. The top is a retro one which I borrowed from mama, the wide belt is a market buy (wide belts in classic colours are such an essential 😉 ) and the vintage inspired pencil skirt is from chicstar.com. I wore it backwards as I liked the buttons as a front feature. I also had my Chinese ‘panda’ jacket; Black cheongsom outer fabric padded for warmth and with White faux fur trim down the front, hem and cuffs – I love it so but didn’t get a pic of it and then my gloves almost went walkabout lol.

I went to a local book exchange store which is basically a place where you can take books that you don’t need/want anymore and swap them for other books. I admire book exchanges because not only do they give books another chance, they are cost effective and in addition to popular books they also tend to stock titles that I don’t usually see in libraries – really interesting and sometimes obscure titles in a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction. The swapping systems such shops utilise vary per store but generally depends on the condition of your books, whether they’re hardback or paperback and sometimes publishing date or retail price. Some stores use colour coding, points or token/credits that you collect by donating your books and can then spend. They’re another great avenue for books in usable condition, such as libraries and charity/second hand stores other than selling, recycling or dumping.

Black White Polka Dot Spot Vintage Retro Inspired Top Pinup Pencil Skirt Wide Belt

On this occasion I topped up on Craig Shaw Gardner and Ngaio Marsh, got a couple of the Abarat titles from Clive Barker that I hadn’t got round to, a quaint book on Victorian household tips, another on natural health and a couple of young adult distopian titles. I was tempted by the classic literature and the ‘Age of Innocence’ by Edith Wharton caught my eye but I decided against it.

Black White Polka Dot Spot Vintage Retro Inspired Top Pinup Pencil Skirt Wide Belt

I love being amongst books though I know some people think books or reading as a hobby is a waste of time and prefer people watching or experiencing things for themselves. I believe that books are records; housing the thoughts, feelings and observations of masses hence there are tons of information, experiences and personality in them. Reading can be a personal or shared experience and for each reader the mental picture can be different as well as trying to see what the author was saying from their perspective. Experiencing for oneself obviously has advantages but we can’t experience everything and would you want to? Learning from others is helpful as well (though as with everything discernment is needed), for inspiration, guidance, instruction or even prevention. It’s almost the same as going to youtube and looking up tutorials or videos on any topic – it’s just a different sensory form of information and arguably a more creative one for the recipient because you have to think and visualize the whole way through, there’s no ‘shutting off’ to a beta brainwave unless you find the content boring or tedious of course ;-). I personally like them just as much as non-tree e-books which are more practical and convenient (respect to websites for self published works and internet libraries) but have less character and perhaps aesthetic charm imo. Old books are a particular joy which is partially why I like book exchanges akin to enjoying thift shops for clothes or charity/second hand stores for both (and more!) 🙂

Black White Polka Dot Spot Vintage Retro Inspired Top Pinup Pencil Skirt Wide Belt

The background on this one was a bit too busy so I removed it and asked mum to make abstract one for me (she usually has the ideas and I make them but she’s had a hands on approach in some of them) and she decided to go conceptual instead as she does with her own pics. She is very much a conceptual artist which is why most of her pics have interesting looking and meaningful backgrounds. Even with hand drawn art she’s the same; my style is fantasy/sci-fi when hand drawn but having realism in the detail. That was the way I was re-taught in school and after I learned that I could never change it without looking at my attempts and thinking they didn’t look right, however if someone else did something similar I could appreciate it. I was told that if I made conceptual art purely from imagination or not realistic looking I’d be marked down (alot – and the obvious hypocrisy there being the history of many revered artists) so I stuck to fantasy art but by drawing ‘from life’ e.g. using physical objects to draw and placing them in a fantasy theme. Whereas I’d need a person or photos of physical features to draw someone and would automatically do so with detail, she’d draw from her mind and could use flowing lines and geometry and it’d still look great. I find digital art more laborious but less restrictive and easier to remedy!

Lalita Kali Goddess End Time Nibiru Water

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