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DISH 2 – Semi-Hot Rice, Cabbage and Parsnips

300g Rice (White or Brown, long or short grain – we used short grain Brown)
1/2 Savoy cabbage shredded, reduced and mixed with parsnip/soy milk mash
1 tsb Coriander Seeds
1 tsb Cumin Seeds
1 tsb Mustard Seeds
Lemon to squeeze

1. Reduced the cabbage by itself in the wok to cook off the excess water and made the mash – as described in DISH 1

2. Mixed together.


Number 2 is the dish focused on this post, this photo shows the cabbage/parsnip mix before adding rice.

3. Washed the rice, added an appropriate amount of water (White rice tends to cook at a ratio of 1 cup rice = 1.5 cups water, but Brown rice tends to take more) and brought to the boil and then simmered until soft but still firm.


I tend to find short grain/puffed or sticky rice is best for striy frying but it’s personal preference.

4. Whilst cooking the rice I quickly fried the seeds separately in a small frying pan to ‘pop’ them.

5. Once the rice was sufficiently softened, I put it and the oil/seeds into the wok, mixed gently and stir fried gently quickly.


6. Squeeze some lemon juice over the top.



To serve rice in a rounded shape either carefully tip it upside down from a small bowl onto the serving dish or a mould can be used.

AN ALTERNATIVE to this is steamed/boiled rice with just the cabbage/parsnips stir fried and served on the bed of rice rather than mixed in. It’s just a matter of preference and who’s eating it.

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