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Good moontime to all,

Friday the 13th is obviously a very special day to many for various reasons; from those being of the superstitious persuasion, to others twisting that fear and hoping for good luck and then to enthusiasts of numerology; from basic divination, convoluted yet seemingly simple systems like key numbers/dates in politics to sacred geometry.

From a fashion point of view it was an opportune day for taking pics 😉 and perhaps in an alternative way – additionally Friday is ‘Fashion Friday’ post day for many bloggers so it had to be something different from the norm theme wise. I decided to go semi-Victorian and despite the dull, gloomy weather I took some pics though I won’t have them to post for a while yet… Hence they’ll be in a retrospective OOTD/WIWT post.

So moving to what I do have; mum and I decided to do something else that was different and attempt to design fabric prints. As usual mum came up with the ideas and I made the foundations of the designs, we both worked the concepts and finishing touches. Mum is the inspiration and I’m the technician, who grumbles and rants because it takes longer than anticipated and is usually much more complex than the ideas seem lol. Plus I have to be satisfied that everything is balanced and in harmony depending on the theme, style and just general overall look/feel so we end up doing things over and over. We’re hardly in sync either; when she has a defined vision in mind I want to experiment and vice versa, when she’s looking at the big picture I’m looking at the detail and vice versa – which is actually a good thing because then we’ve got all bases covered. That said we’re much better at practical stuff like DIY, again she’s the ideas woman and can makeshift create/fix anything whereas I’m better at back engineering or working out instructions that others ignore or toss away – I can’t imagine us doing interior design because when it comes to artwork lol the stress, reaching an end that we’re both satisfied with… energy wise I’d be wiped out lol.

Note – prints have to be tile-able i.e. when a print is used for fabric (or anything e.g. wallpaper) it is duplicated to fill the space hence the perimeter has to be seamless. The edges have to fit together like to give a smooth picture however prints used as borders or trim don’t need as many sides to align. Mum figured out how to do geometric/kaleidoscope patterns using any design straight away (like figuring out how Pi fits everything from obvious geometric shapes such as shells and flowers to things that are not obviously symmetrical like humans/creatures) so that took that problem out of the way and we’ve got some ideas for those. I prefer designs that don’t touch the edges so tiling them isn’t an issue anyway but it’s fairly simple to get overlapping details in place, well the process is but the doing is another matter which takes time, staring at the screen intently and precision.

On to the prints – I’ve used the measurement template from chicstar.com because they have a print competition and I figured I might as well enter them into it.


For now good night!

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