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Rice – White long grain Indian rice (not basmati) boiled until just soft enough, not too soft with garlic, cayenne, turmeric and a bit of apple cider vinegar (unpasteurized with the ‘mother’). The amounts depend on preference and this particular rice needs to be slow cooked with a lot of water to get the best results so I went with instinct rather than measurements.

Soup – 1 cup of Orange split lentils, 1 of dried chick peas and about 80% of 1 cup of dried soya beans (80g), 1.5lt water, 1 flat tbs cayenne, 1 flat tbs mild curry powder. Cooked for approx 25min.

Tip – we use soya beans in bean soups because we find they really help make the soup smooth in consistency otherwise the outcome is a lot less predictable and usually involves chunky and hard to eat bits leftover sometimes making a whole layer at the bottom.

Vegetables –  Mum quickly Browned brussells sprouts and carrots by light/quick frying with a little sunflower oil (olive, safflower or hemp oil would be preferable) and tamari soya sauce (tamari has a high percentage of soya beans, sugar free and usually gluten free. Note – whatever soy sauce you use remember to check if a healthy salt is in the recipe.)

Mum added soup to the rice to make it extra creamy and thicken/make it grow and get a lot more out of the original amount. The veg was from ‘Frugal Friday’ which just goes to show we know how to keep and ration yet still eat healthily and enough (I’m really full even though I take small mouthfuls and chew as much and as carefully as possible whilst savoring each bite. One meal a day goes a long way!)

Alternatively the vegetables and rice in this dish can be steamed.


P.S – Mum said I should put this video on the blog since its given me joy (thank you super cute and massively talented parrot with awesome rhythm, moves and persona… *hopes my feathery best friends don’t get jealous and realize that watching the vid just reminds me of them, ahem*) and have watched it too many times, even with her amazing patience… *Watches it again* hehehe. My face is totally suffering since I’m not used to a full smile, my usual smile is more Mona Lisa style (I don’t take photos that often but better to posture with big smiles than look like a wannabe Daria or Oscar the Grouch, who was my favourite SS character btw as we’ve a lot in common except I’m not a Scroodge or rude.)

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