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In light of yesterdays Winter solstice (21st Dec 2013) I guess my mind moved to darker things; illusions, veils and the magic they were inspired from.

Ok so the three women below are just sketches of the main Discworld witches; Magrat Garlick, Gytha (Agatha?) Ogg aka Nanny Ogg and Esmeralda Weatherwax aka Granny Weatherwax (not maternal, it’s an honoury title). In the Discworld universe they represent the power of 3 minus 1 (meaning that the original triad Ma-Trix/triple Goddess 3-become-1-and-vice-versa came from a quad creatrix i.e 3 came from 1.) The power of 3 was indeed well known before the tv serial Charmed though those characters also show inappropriate personalities – except Prudence – in a triad position. The triad was also known in days of old as the Maiden, Mother and Crone (corrupted version of the earlier ancient Daughter, Mother and Dark Mother triad minus 1 – the one being the void making the original quad).

Magrat is/was the Maiden, Gytha the Mother and Weatherwax the Crone (though she prefers to be called ‘the other one’) or in my view of those three in particular; the Baffled, the Bitch and the Bully. They can be hilarious to read about e.g. in one of my favourite books ‘Witches Abroad’ but I couldn’t tolerate them in the reality we live in. I know the witches command and deserve respect and some people may call my thinking of them as pot and kettle but I know at least that I wouldn’t use others like pieces in a chess game or domestic slaves. Magrat is my favourite because she’s the nicest or least mean, can’t be having with Ogg and I admire the grit and will power of Weatherwax. Of course this trio is past dated since Magrat gave up witching to be a queen despite there being no obstacles from being both, and her replacement in the form of Agnes with her split personality alter ego Perdita aren’t half bad, a pretty likable duo actually thus far but when I think of the Witches of Discworld it’ll always be those three. They aren’t worse in comparison to other triads people are culturally spoonfed at least though they remind me somewhat of the Orion Queens (who I see as a foursome) of whom out of which is speculated there is nothing likable let alone redeeming.

The reason I’ve repeated aforementioned trio in the sketches is to get their body positions vaguely correct since I planned to have shown them pushed aside after quickly jumping out of the way of a fast moving cart on forest road with big ditches on the side. It’s supposed to be humorous and as you can see Magrat is fainting, Ogg finds it very funny and Weatherwax would be chasing after the cart with her cat holding onto her hair.



Ogg and Garlick

Ogg and Garlick

The total imagined scene is ever so slightly vindictive but that said the witches who have made themselves indispensable to society aren’t as bad as the bloated parasitic wizards who are considered the most intelligent, intellectual (non magical intellectuals are the philosophers who are also generally seen as ‘fine as long as they’re not in my back yard’ or ‘harmless’) and powerful characters in Discworld other than the gods/monsters, other anthropomorphic characters and the auditors/greys. Well they certainly are intelligent i.e. cunning and in their case ruthless, and it’s easy to be so intellectual when they have access to vast and practically infinite resources of knowledge (their library/ies), secret archives and the invoking of beings from other dimensions. Their replacements, as they were/are bribed into bureaucracy, as the visible rulers/governors of society are no better of course and the ‘elected tyrant’ is as sinister as they come.

I drew this sketch last year, it could represent the male trio minus one which has replaced the female in the modern era (past few millenia). A bit dark perhaps? Terry Pratchett’s ‘Hogfather’ is an excellent piece of satire; parodying and rethinking well known characters and aptly seasonal. The film adaptation was very well done and could also be of interest to those who liked watching a skeleton pretend to be Santa, though ‘Hogfather’ was thought out or spelled out in greater depth and there are no catchy musical numbers.


This one is mum’s latest handiwork titled ‘Blue Kachina’ and has nothing to do with the sub-title of this post but more with the content.BlueKachina

Comments on: "3’s, Witches & Bears Oh My" (2)

  1. Oooh, I loved seeing your drawings. I’m a massive Discworld fan and the three witches are some of my favourite characters. I know you aren’t so keen on her, but I just love Nanny Ogg. Of all the Discworld characters though, my all time favourite is Susan Sto Helit. She’s awesome.

    • Thank you so much! Susan is definitely awesome and we’re on a similar wavelength with our faves; my all time favourite is Death, I think he’s pretty gorgeous 😛

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