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I’ve been wearing my hair in braids/plaits lately and I admire Medusa so drew this. Remember she was a victim of the conquering pantheon and their king in particular. The whole story was a corruption of an earlier African goddess upon which later cultures superimposed the idea of her beautiful hair as snakes; and was then portrayed as demonic. Her look is similar to many deities still worshiped today in Hinduism and a part of the worldwide reptile theme, which in itself has been twisted to apply to characters switching roles e.g. from hero to villain and vice versa commonly applied to humans, aliens and hybrids (the latter two going back and forth as ‘gods’, ‘monsters’ and ‘bodysnatchers’).

Kali is part of the Daughter/Mother/Dark Mother (Bala/Lalita/Kali) triad, she is an ancient carryover which survived even the post-diluvian/Vedic Arayan wave (long before the most well known takeover in Afrika i.e. Graeco-Roman) which changed the early tribal gnosticism to the foundations of Hinduism leading to modern Hinduism and Gnosticism. Branches of those modern systems used for later monotheistic religions e.g. the Indian prince otherwise known as Buddha spreading a diluted and more friendly version of modern Hinduism i.e. no untouchables/low caste to widen the net of believers and for which many disillusioned/outcast could ‘safely’ be transfered to. It then conveniently became monotheistic and masculine but by then the Zoroastrian method was rampant and in no chronological order along came Judaism, Christianity; prophets and gurus were allowed divinity with Islam and Sikhism and of course worshiping oneself or focusing on the self with Jainism (not to be confused with the hedonistic and nihilistic ‘self’ promoted with the version of free will where the individual is ‘god/divine self’ – for the masses rather than religious/political/cultural founders that ideology is more 19th/20th century). The same branches were recycled with systems for those disillusioned with the rigid structures e.g. Wicca and New Agers. So as not to leave anybody out atheists have a special place with modern Science and Technology (not to be confused with ancient science and technology e.g. mathematics, natural science and astronomy/cosmology which have been included in religion all along) with many very modern folk taking a post modernist approach picking and mixing from both religion and science. Though of course there’s always the hypothesized one world religion in the works for the walk-ins/clones, robots/drones/AI,  cyborgs/hybrids, zombies and anyone bloody else leftover. What is this, the open house of our part of the galactic Local Group?

One of the forms of Kali was known as having snake hair, currently she is called Tara Kali but of course her image has been changed with Buddhism so depictions/statues of the original are very rare. Nowadays most people know the male substitute as the ‘one with the snake hair’ and his priests wear dreads especially. Snakes in general were taken from her hair and placed as beds and adornment for later deities – basically it went from snake hair to snake body to furniture and kept as hair for the sex change in patriarchy.

The Medusa link is a twisted version of a goddess that had basis in Earth Mother God tradition, that goddess (with a spider connection tying into the hair connection and being multi-facted) was a fusion of Kali (the Blackness representative of the Void i.e. the 1 which the 3 came from – see previous post – Time, Mother/Protector/Destroyer) and the gorgons which were a later version of a lesser triad of female deities who can also be likened to the later Fates but were really to do with virtues. Kali is always ‘the other one’ to modern Hindus, people can’t pray to her for material boons so she’s not that popular and has been relegated to ‘an aspect of’ the current ‘consort’ of the ‘most important’ male god of the male replacement triad. It takes a lot of time and energy to learn about her origins but beyond the ‘fertility’ and ‘porn’ labels of the really ancient archaeological relics that have been acknowledged to the public, these relics (all female) share  Mother and Dark Mother attributes. It’s hard to keep her hidden, she keeps coming back – even in the pervading religions today signs of her are found because somewhere deep down people remember her e.g. the Black Madonnas in Sicily relegated to the doorsteps outside the ‘sacred buildings’ or the ones draped in traditional Afrikan and Asian dress styles used by missionaries when converting ‘primitives’. Also important to note – human/animal sacrifices were a later invention of patriarchy and attached to her, like temple prostitutes with other forms of the goddess and burning wives with dead husbands etc etc bloody etc. As an ancient, tribal Mother Goddess she’s associated with the ‘vegetation/Earth’ Goddess who then became known as a fertility and porn figure and much later a part of a consort  ‘generously’ thought of as an aspect of the one (from three) male god  associated with negative reptilian themes both domestic and alien. The ancient Egyptians and surrounding places/cultures akin to the South Americans were pretty visual with the alien theme. Other belief systems use euphemisms like “from the stars” or children of god coming upon (ew) the children of Earth.

As far as I’m concerned dreads, braids or snakes make damned good hair and at least with the latter one would never be lacking in others to talk to! Let’s just say I don’t believe hair is dead or an excess of the body. I’ve drawn the hair here like ribbons, but hey everybody, their doppleganger(s) and clone(s) have thus far gotten away with twisting time (those who shout loudest and long enough) to make ‘truths’/’half-truths’ so I thought it best to streamline the snake action for those with weaker stomachs 😉


P.S – Closing comments

Mum says: “Well it’s the end of the world isn’t it? No one needs to be afraid, you will only reap what you have sown”.

I say: “I dislike stereotypes but the one about women and being fashionably late comes to mind; after of course doing the preparation for the party, organization and setting up. Then leaving it to the guests so she can go cook and do blithe hosting duties. Then snapping back to full attention at the end to say bye and clean up the mess.”

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