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I got a book titled ‘Victorian Household Hints’ published in 2006 which features interesting information on the roles of servants in the household and some of their tips for keeping the roost running efficiently. I thought I’d post some of them one by one for the sake of cultural interest, I am not advocating or disagreeing with them. Hope you find them interesting too!


Rub them often with elder-berries. For the same purpose, some make use of burnt cork, or clove burnt at the candle.

The Duties of a Lady’s Maid, 1825

Sound weird?! Homemade mascara has been around for ages with the the usual formulations including ashes and oil and/or some kind of metal like with kajal and kohl for lining the eyes and other religious/cultural uses.

I don’t wear mascara and have only tried it a couple of times in the past but generally have found the thought offputting since lashes are there to prevent things getting into the eyes yet mascara is in constant contact with them. Added to that modern chemical concoctions are really offputting and having heard from a number of older women that they believe their eyesight has deteriorated from lifetimes of wearing them I steer well and truly clear. That said there are a number of natural mascaras on the market with beneficial ingredients so if I were a mascara wearer those would be worth a look see .

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