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Hello everybody!

The very talented culinary Ahila of A Taste of Sri Lankan Cuisine (Homecooking – the way we like it) has awarded me with the Dragons Loyalty Award so I’d like to say thank you to her both for it and her awesome blog!

I was a bit perplexed at first regarding what the Dragons Loyalty Award actually represents but with a little research found the following information explaining that it’s a thank you to members who’ve shown ‘loyalty’ or at least visited your blog a few times and shown their appreciation. Hence I’m pleased to be rewarded for showing support and being able to pass that on to bloggers who’ve supported me 🙂 and I’m not loyal to any dragons that I know of :-).

Quoted from: VintageBookFairy

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is a fairly new one to show up on WordPress; that’s fine, but the meaning is a bit uncertain, in my humble new-comer opinion. This is what my quest uncovered; you decide:

Let’s begin with Kindredspirit23 (March 8, 2013)

As for the wonderful pic of the “Dragon Loyalty Award” that needs some explaining. I enjoy starting my posts with a pic. I looked up awards on Google and enjoyed this one. So, I just wanted to clarify that I really didn’t mean for it to become a new award! However, let me give it fair credit as the pick came from: Parajunkee . Now, if it is legal and all to continue passing the picture, I love it. I would ask that you embed or give the credit mentioned above. There, I think we have covered the basis.

*credit to Parajunkee, check* But, was this the originator? No. It was passed on from Just Random Stuff –who has not posted since 2010–and I could not find any reference to the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Alas, the hunt for the award’s originator will have to be filed as a cold case for now. However, I did find reference to its original meaning on Parajunkee’s blog, which interestingly is on Blogspot, not WordPress: (September 2009)

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal fan/commenter, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or just a someone who follows and comments regularly.

Got it; loyal follower and/or commenter. Makes sense to me. You with me so far?

Now back to Scott at Kindredspirit23. He has an awesome blog and lots of fans; he was given two awards around the same time, so he decided to combine them in one post and used the dragon pic because…it was just a cool pic. As mentioned, he did not intend for it to become a new award, but it took flight anyway — without its original meaning of Loyalty.

Instead, under new WordPress usage, the Dragon’s Loyalty Award was morphed from the combination of these two fine WP awards:

So, at the end of my quest, that’s what we’re left with: one award with two meanings (huh, like the Constitution). Regardless, the WP Kingdom Rules that should be followed are the same:

Display the Award Certificate on your website

Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers (I won’t hit fifteen right away)

Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post

Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

7 facts about moi:

1) I say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ to everything, e.g. from say thank you to the water when washing my hands to the calculator for doing sums to praising the alternative milk maker or if I accidentally bump into something or use it a lot I apologize.

2) I’m the only person I’ve come across who even though they can play sudoku fairly well, doesn’t like it.

3) I’ve always gotten on better with older people, as a kid I was debating ethics with people my mother’s age. I get on fine and can have fun with people my own age or younger but have more interesting conversations with much older people.

4) Used to hate the taste of olives, aubergine, mushrooms, uncooked tomatoes, parsnips/swedes and brussells sprouts and that practically changed over night.

5) I regret not having gotten braces for my teeth as a child and am one of the ‘old generations’ of Brits who are known for having bad teeth lol, so many people get their teeth beautified nowdays but seriously there used to be a stereotype about Brits and English people in particular having weird or funky teeth. Back when I was in school only the people with private healthcare got braces or those who needed oral surgery i.e had teeth growing really uncomfortably in awkward places/angles, the rest of us got a communal visit from a dentist once or maybe twice in primary school and were mostly told our teeth were fine unless there were cavities (unfortunately even at that age plenty of kids had those). Hence most of us ended up with wonky, crooked and overlapping teeth. I have a deep voice and less than fond of it so once in a Blue moon I wonder what my voice would have sounded like had my teeth been shaped more evenly. Colour of course is also very important nowadays and where the Mel Gibson smile used to be his trademark it’s now a common thing and even though I brush my teeth with a sodium bicarb mix, drink unrefined apple cider vinegar and oil pull I recently discovered a bloody awful stain on a tooth. Damn! I guess my teeth just got used to those helpful habits and after a life of not drinking tea I suddenly started herbal tea regularly, left to brew usually for ages before I got round to drinking it and voila this if the negative side effect I have to show for it. Damn! Oh well, being vegan means not using most cosmetics/pharma so I guess it’ll just stay there. Humbug. At least I’m short so most people don’t see my teeth anyway ha!

6 I’m one of those who like garden gnomes and am not ashamed of it(!)

7) Has a mother who used to play in trees most people kept away from because they were deemed haunted and used to stick her hands in beehives to eat the honey and wondered what the ‘crunch’ was… *Shudders*

Passing the award on to 11 other members:

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Ciao! 😀

Comments on: "Dragons Loyalty Award – No Dragons Involved :-)" (6)

  1. congratulations! 🙂

  2. cheers to us 🙂
    Thankyou for awarding me with this Award , I really appreciate it and accepting it proudly
    & Congratulations to you aswell for receiving it …..
    its my first wordpess award and I loved the fact #1 about you above
    but you know I can’t thinks about Facts about me its kind of weird :))
    but I hope putting the award – post up on my blog page is gonna be fun

    -SSK ❤

    • You’re welcome and thank you too for the congratulations 🙂 and for being one of my earliest blog followers, I appreciate it :-). I look forward to your post and lol I understand, thinking of ‘facts’ was difficult but I’m sure you’ll have some excellent ones! 😀

  3. Thank you and congrats! 😀

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