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Clay Bentonite Face Masque Facial Mask

2 tsp clay bentonite
1 tsp apple cider vinegar (always better to go for unrefined with the ‘mother’ intact for the nutritional value)
1 tsp water (purified or filtered)


The weather has made it perfect to use fresh mud however I was not feeling up getting some and mum refused to get some for me lol. So I thought ‘fine I’ll make it myself’ and went to dig out some clay bentonite (not actually dig it out, just get it from the cupboard). Now usually I prefer to use milk (soya or oat milk especially) but I seriously needed a facial, I haven’t had one in ages and my skin was feeling really ‘thick’ and ‘heavy’ so I went for the stronger vinegar mix. If apple cider vinegar is unavailable, lemon juice can alternatively used.

Clay bentonite is a volcanic clay (volcanic ash and water) with lots of health giving properties (hey soil is full of the nutrients of life afterall and volcanic clay has additional) for topical and internal use. It is the main ingredient in the more commonly known ‘Fullers Earth’. The two main types available for cosmetic use are sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite. Both have many uses from skin cleansing to deep internal cleansing if drank and for heavy metal detoxing. The heavy metal detoxing is an affect of the negative electromagnetic charge of the clay whereas metals and ‘toxins’ are apparently positively charged; meaning that the clay swaps or draws out metals and toxins and replaces them with sodium or calcium when made into a paste with water (don’t mistake the word ‘sodium’ for ‘salt’, obviously sodium is part of salt and natural salt – and sugar – is necessary in the body e.g. saline solution or salt licks for remineralization, but not all salts are the same or ‘bad’ for you). In a very basic way I’d think the sodium bentonite is better for cleansing, and the calcium bentonite better for enriching the calcium/silica. Both are helpful though and provide properties needed by the skin/body (just remember to research before taking internally and only in moderation). There’s a wealth of other uses such as for poultices, toothpaste and deodorant but that’s a different post.


The above mixture should make enough ‘mud’ for the face and neck or two applications for the face. Remember to keep it covered and put it in the fridge if it’s too much to prevent it drying it. If it still dries a bit in the fridge just add a few drops of water to hydrate it again.

1) Mix the above in a non-metallic bow with a non-metallic spoon/stirrer. Nothing obvious will happen if you use metal crockery for this (not sure about doing that regularly though) but remember the point about clay bentonite being used as a heavy metal detoxer. The point of a face mask is to draw out things you don’t want in your skin so its best to use clay that still has ‘space’/propensity left in it to take those metals, toxins (and fat, oil & grease) rather than already being filled with metals from your tools.

(On a sidenote – that begs the question of the state in which your bentonite is in when you purchase it. If it’s a strong heavy metal ‘leacher’ then how much has it taken in before it got to you…? Always checkout the company you buy it from first to see if they have information as to how the clay was mined in the first place – with machinery that the clay would absorb metals from or something else?)

2) Stir until the mixture turns into a paste, apply liberally over the face & neck, leave for 10-20min. The mask dries quite fast.

3) Gently wipe off with a warm damp cloth and splash skin with cool water afterwards. I prefer a warm damp cloth especially in this weather and because warm water opens the pores making it easier to remove grime whilst the wiping creates friction removing dead skin and then the cold water to reinvigorate the skin and close the pores. Though if you’re running short on time you can simply wash your face with warm or cold water afterwards instead of wiping and splashing.

4) Voila you should find the skin feeling refreshed, looking more radiant and very soft to the touch.

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