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Firstly I’m honoured to say that Mtsedwards of MyClosetCatalogue decided to try dressing up on a Friday rather than going casual as is the convention and not only did she look positively lovely but she enjoyed it too! Hopefully we’ll be able to link Friday posts in future and anyone else interested in joining is welcome. More info on the Dress Up/Fancy Friday theme and how to participate HERE

With Dress Up/Fancy Friday I decided to start doing Casual Monday as well as an opposite not only to the Friday but also to tradition so I’m wearing my last Custo Barcelona top today to finish the series of long sleeved tops featuring a print of a woman that I found I related to a bit. Much of their range used to feature bold vividly coloured prints of women and you can see my other two tops in my post HERE. What I like about these types of prints is that they say to me “Myself;Yourself”.

Pink Peach Custo Barcelona Long Sleeve Top Blonde Lady Black Wide Leg Trousers Pants

Pink Peach Custo Barcelona Long Sleeve Top Blonde Lady Black Wide Leg Trousers Pants

Pink Peach Custo Barcelona Long Sleeve Top Blonde Lady Black Wide Leg Trousers Pants

Pink Peach Custo Barcelona Long Sleeve Top Blonde Lady Black Wide Leg Trousers Pants

Comments on: "Casual Monday OOTD – Custo Barcelona 2" (2)

  1. mtsedwards said:

    Absolutely LOVE this top! As you know, you instigated my current mad hunt for Custo tops because you simply look stunning in yours. I’ve got an alert set on eBay right now – can’t afford them full price – so maybe one day I’ll be able to do a themed Custo week and hopefully be half as posh as you. ;p

    As for Dress Up Friday – you know I’m in! In fact, I was thinking of hosting a link up too. Even researched how to create the linky thing and everything. I was gonna call it Fancy Fifth Friday since I didn’t think anyone would willingly regularly dress up every Friday much less sustain it.

    However, if you’re hosting one, I’d rather join you. Or perhaps we could co-host? Whatever you decide, I won’t steal your thunder. I’m just loving the idea and I think you ought to do it! Oh, and thanks for the shout out! My name’s Maricel, btw, but “M” works just as well. 😀

    M @ http://www.myclosetcatalogue.com

    • Thank you and fingers crossed that you find some soon! I got mine from eBay too lol 😀

      I totally don’t mind co-hosting 🙂 – I’ve asked a few people and the ladies from the following blog have gotten back to me so far:

      It definitely doesn’t have to be every week – just whenever we can and even if one of can’t do it one week another will so it balances out :-). I’m not sure about link-ups I’ll have to look into it and see if there are any blog gadgets available. In the meanwhile I was just thinking to post normally and when I see others who’ve done their posts I’ll update mine with their links and a pic for each one, and let them know so they can update theirs if they wish. How’s that or have you found some cool techie gadget for us to use and hand out? EDIT – just editing this reply as I’ve just found out that any blog hosted on wordpress i.e. with the .wordpress in their title cannot use javascript or any of these linky tools unfortunately! 😦 So we’ll probably have to go the old fashioned way and just update posts for the moment but that won’t stop us! Haha! – End EDIT.

      When I get more replies, I’ll post the list to everyone on it! and keep us updated if new ones come in, who knows we might find new people trying the idea out along the way 😀

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