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So I decided to put a temp Silver rinse in my hair, and I think it turned out pretty well. I figured I’d been Copper/Orange, Gold/Yellow and Platinum/White for half my life but I hadn’t tried Silver/Grey – I’m a Yellow and Red at heart (or Blood and Gold as some people call it) and yet there was a type of Blonde I hadn’t tried so heck I decided it was about time!

I thought about decorating my eyes Ruby Gloom style but it’s not a very wearable style so I streamlined and my own furry sis Kitty was in the background of the pics (Ruby has a dark cat too called Doom Kitty, ours is named Kitty).

Silver Red 1

Silver Red 2

Silver Red 3

Silver Red 4

Today is Chinese (Year of the Horse – just read that which is funny given I recently watched Melody of Oblivion and was thinking about reviewing The Last Unicorn) and Vietnamese New Year – and so of course I am reminded of Quan Yin, the name for the ancient goddess who was later adopted into Buddhism, relegated to their version of a saint/prophet/great guru i.e. a bodhisattva and then masculinised. Much like the goddess Brighid, of Britain, who was later incorporated in the newer regime and demoted to saint Bridget (interestingly enough as I write this storm Brigid is over the UK at the second super moon & second new moon of this month – a rare occurrence). However rather than being one of many deities Quan Yin ties back to the Gnostic Mother-Daughter where the Mother is too powerful to be viewed and hence separates herself to become her own Daughter to look after creation on a more personal level. The Daughter does not create, she is also known as the priestess of the Mother and the representative. She was sacrificed by/for creation that had fallen and resurrected from the cave much like the later stories of Ishtar/Inanna, later Persephone, other male versions and then the obvious predominant male version of this time period. – Quan Yin who vowed to bring justice/help all creation to the very last blade of grass. No one is left behind and no one is forgotten and no one is forgiven.

According to the cute novelty calendar today is also Backwards Day and Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. I’d already decided to draw hands in prayer, clasped or supplication position for today since they are so difficult and wanted to try but then I read about the New Years today and remembered Quan Yin I thought perfect. So my art inspires my heart in an acknowledgement of the ancient yet young one, the younger of the elder, the direct child of God, the Daughter of the Mother, part of the Mother Herself. She who will remember everything and everyone. It being backwards is by remembering Her, going back through time reversing the cultural learning’s of his-story.

For example adam, from the feminine adamah, means ‘bloody clay’. The Adam story being present pre-biblical time from the belief that man was made from clay and moonblood. The moonblood signifying menstrual blood. Or where the koran says Allah made man out of flowing blood; but in pre-Islamic Arabia Allah was the goddess of creation Al-Lat. In Sanskrit root languages aka what has morphed into modern Indo-European languages the word man meant woman but later got swapped around, much like how hermaphrodite and androgyne were switched with hermaphrodite meaning the singular and androgyne the double, However in Hebrew the word dam means blood and still with the original link of from the mother or woman so some forward, or perhaps backward/non-amnesiac thinking scholars ask does A-dam mean woman or blood from a woman/mother?

In modern Hinduism the triad/triple god/power symbol is now male (father/son/holy ghost archetype) but there is a fourth known as the king of the deities, Indra. He stole/tricked the nectar of immortality (known as ambrosia to some) from the doting triple but one goddess Kali/Lalital/Bala (Dark Mother, Mother, Daughter) to get his title. Odin of the Norse peoples did the same thing. Thor reached enlightenment and so-called immortality by bathing in the menstrual blood of giantesses – giantesses in comparison to his own so-called pantheon, more primal and ancient than his people. Celtic kings received their so-called divine right of kingship by drinking the mead, specifically red mead (menstrual blood) of the fairy queen Mab shortened from the name Medhbh (like pharaohs drinking the blood of Isis). People really don’t realize why they worship and admire vampires. Everything has gotten twisted, backwards, names and faces have changed, meanings have conveniently moved, dates have changed – the scarlet woman was not based on a whore(s) (she is based on blood priestesses who did not worship a beast or depravity) and the girl who danced the seven veils was not a tart (the salome story is a morph of Ishtar/Inanna going through 7 levels of the underworld losing piece of clothing at each gate being desecrated/humiliated). Now it’s the blood takers and the created which are seen as divine whereas the source is hidden. The blood is the life to people worldwide, on all continents, through race and religion the menstrual blood has been referred to as the soul, the form, the source of man, that man was made from clay and blood. Blood that protects and is pure, associated with the lunar cycles and has the potential to create, but doesn’t have to. Within itself it holds the knowledge and immortality of that knowledge, reproducing dilutes it and drinking it doesn’t last, fusing/injecting it (yes there are stories) contaminates it – basically changing it in any way desecrates it which is probably why the Mother-Daughter creation is direct, a direct separation/split or self fertilization and why the Daughter is pure, neither has a male consort (Quan Yin is an old version, the later versions who were displayed through mixed pantheons were ascribed lovers) and lesser creation (people call it ‘life’) was known as through clay and menstrual blood. Yet the male ultimate gods and triplicates always have a female involved even if it’s a female child, something many people would balk at and refuse if it was their own pre/teen daughter impregnated by someone/thing claiming to be god, but hey, a huge proportion of the world believes it and seem to be ok with it. There’s still many parts of the world where as soon as a girl menstruates she’s ‘allowed’ to be married to an adult male, a few places up until recently allowed the men of the islands to have their way with all girls that turned 14 as the males right/privilege and up until a handful of years ago men were ‘allowed’ to rape their wives as property in the Western world (like people thinking they had the right own and do what they want with slaves, that didn’t end that long ago yet many have still gotten complacent and forgetful though slavery hasn’t officially ended for women internationally and still happens in communities in the West). Even in modern parts of Europe there’s lobbying to lower the age of consent to 12 – people forget that the age of consent is for older teens acting with teens close to their own age, not adults desperately looking for an excuse to call a teen an adult overnight and say it’s legal. Thousands of years of so-called civilisation and we’ve only just started (last 100 or so years) treating some of us in some parts of the world with any respect.

Back to the part of the world where New Year is being celebrated and why I remembered Quan Yin. The moon goddess Chang-O was said to control menstruation akin to controlling the tides. (Many stories worldwide talk of male gods/deities and wannabes immersing and fighting over sacred waters, or churning it – the congealing or solidifying of it being a metaphor for blood being made solid.) She lived away from the moon (very old religions tend to depict things as both physical as we know it and as personifications i.e. the profane and the divine – significant of how we as humans with our extremely limited audiovisual perception can barely sense anything around us in comparison to the spectrum) so that she could be with her husband. He was jealous and begrudging of her creative power to the point where she left him to go back to the moon (like Lilith left Adam to live at the Red Sea – Red water…) Another interesting moon ‘myth’ from South East Asia being that of the moon maiden who somehow ends up on Earth, thankfully she feels the calling of the moon and her people come for her. In the story she was found on Earth as a baby in a shining bamboo stalk (aka the proverbial stork). There are a few places in Asia that thought that people came from bamboo or that they can come from bamboo stem. Plants have always been an ancient symbol of the sacred geometry (yantra, mandala) of life. There is an Indian saying for a girl’s first menstruation ‘she has borne the flower’ and the meaning of flower being ‘that which flows’. Flowing life = menstruation blood – connected to the moon.

Moon clay is mentioned in various cultures worldwide as is moon blood. What is moon blood? What was the profane/man/creation as we know it made of? Menstruation blood and according to stories clay – we certainly go back to it when our bodies stop functioning. Ever wondered why the non-toxic period aid are called moon cups? What is the colour of ritual, celebration, royalty, blood? Red. From imperial colour to the VIP Red carpet – they walk on the blood, on the rolling tide, the sacred water. Who else walked on water and who walked through the Red sea water? Those two late examples (though one is backdated) being reincarnations of older stories. Who and what power were they able to do all this from – whose blood? Men don’t have menstrual blood. Reminds me of women who’ve self-fertilized and groups of animals where they had no women/females left, usually after having killed them and/or some managed to escape, the males left behind somehow turned back into females (I say back into because the XY is a mutation of the original XX chromosome, everyone starts out female). Interestingly enough in the Indian version of that story of the deity who stole the nectar/drink of life/blood from the MotherGoddess to become ‘king of the gods’, he has a curious feminine quality afterward – he gained knowledge/power and the ability to procreate. First ever male pregnancy eh or did he gain/regain (like the above non-human animal examples) a quality like that of one of his pals (Vishnu) from the male triplicate who has the ability to turn into a female in order to have incestuous relations with another part of the triplicate (Shiv) and reproduce in the profane way.

Oh heck with all this his-story a picture of hands in prayer, acknowledgement, supplication to truth, goodness and purity is needed. It’s not great since I don’t have time or practise or aesthetic (I don’t have pretty hands anymore and I based my pic on them) but it’ll do.

Where is there to look, how will we see – we can’t even look within with all this invasive frequency, many can’t trust their instincts and they don’t search through history, is there a way that we can truly be free? Oh Mother listen to me, I’ve been calling you forever, Earth is not as she used to be, we need you now more than ever, we’ve lost the key. Take us back to that from which we came, we cannot live like this any longer, it’s nothing but shame. I beg you on behalf of us all, return us to source, stop us from this fall. Make yourself complete again, make yourself whole. You’ve waited long enough, take back what’s missing from your soul. People fear what they do not know, they are scared of the connection, they hold on to what’s close to them mistaking it for protection. You and we are incomplete in this state of desecration, we have claimed to be you and perverted manifestation, fix it now and end this devastation. Oh Mother I beseech thee! Hear me! NOW!



This was the quickest drawing I ever did lol, earlier today I dug out the charcoal I’d decided to use for some reason (haven’t used chalk or charcoal to draw since school, which was umm 17 years ago (damn! I got old) I finished school early, wow though 17 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday unfortunately. Anyway I got my coconut milk and just did the fastest self portrait I could (yes I wear a ton of clothing) which was another strange thing – I’d figured I’d just do the hands or get a picture of hands to use them as a model as I always avoided self portraits because I was no good at them, they were my least arty ability but I guess drawing at speed helped prevent any finicky ‘it doesn’t look right’ issues. Then I kept snapping charcoal as I’m not used to holding them anymore and smudging my lines, lines that I remembered whilst drawing don’t keep the same width as you draw them because the charcoal wears down. Ah well. It’s called ‘Supplication – Daughter’.

Then thisis one I drew later, it’s a picture I’ve been seeing in my mind for a year and half now but I have to be in the mood to draw and in the right mood for the right pic, so I left it until today when I was in the mood to draw these types of images. That said I didn’t have the time or practise for chalk and charcoal as I had imagined doing it so I did it digitally, something that I am used to though have a lousy time doing on the touchpad with my fingertip. Et Voila!


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  1. You are so talented! This looks amazing 🙂

  2. I just love your silver rinse. It looks gorgeous, and a little bit more spectacular than the blonde (although you look lovely as a blonde too!)

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