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I was given this award by Petrel41 at DearKitty.SomeBlog and to be honest it’s one I’d been hoping for for a while. In my own small way I do try to get people thinking when I write posts; not always directly, not aggressively but in an eye opening way (though anyone who knows/knew me non virtually could confirm that I am an aggressive person, sometimes with aggressive being another word for passionate). A way that makes you go hmm…? In ways that try to help people feel more confident and able to help themselves. I’m not a lifestyle or activist blogger – I don’t write about my everyday life, just moments of it usually focused on food I make that I found more interesting than the usual and days when I felt up to being on camera (and now that I have to on Fridays, which is easier since it’s a shared experience with other bloggers). I don’t write about my political opinions, thoughts or discourse on ethics and existence, my reading material, actions/activities, myself or people in my life in much detail – but I leave inklings because I’m alive, there’s hints and glimpses, I go over history and culture a little to highlight points in posts. Whilst my blog may not be massively inspiring I hope it’s at least interesting and supportive. I’ve written more on other people’s blogs, forums and review sites and still throw verbiage at wordpress’ ‘new’ reader format which is presented imo in a way to disparage reading. It’s harder and more cumbersome to visit blogs and read posts whilst easier to ‘like’ posts as Homer used a weeble type toy in The Simpsons to do his job for him when he worked from home. So even though the extra clicks and increasing slowness of my computer in general annoys me daily when trying to read my reader, I still do it and let other people know that I appreciate their time/effort. It’s nice to know that someone with such an issue relevant/informative and educational blog finds mine inspiring. I am completely honoured to be part of the awardees, a list filled with important, enlightening and reflective content. I was a bit surprised actually to be amongst them and perhaps some of the readers of this post will be as I’m aware that on glance my blog may seem superficial. No one said blogs had to be serious (all the time at least) and intellectual, they can and are about anything and everything and some are an avenue of escapism, a relaxing hobby. I don’t really know what mine is – it just is and I just do with both foresight and spontaneity. Thanks for thinking this space in the online library or internet/web otherwise looked at as waves of social consciousness and current thought/language used by some for data capturing and examining for pattern/event prediction, inspiring enough.

The steps for this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

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3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

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7 things I would like to be a part of my life

I was daydreaming recently and wondered to myself, if we had our own place and could decorate it any way we wanted what would I really like?

1) Funnily enough the first thing that came to mind was a statement dressing table, perhaps because my dressing/makeup area consists of a bamboo stool, a box and a mirror that fell out of an old leftover wardrobe in a horrid and rumoured haunted place we had to stay in (certainly experienced a lot of things there). Ha the mirror is funny because it was the first full length mirror we had since I was a kid and I spent my teenage and young adult years never knowing (and never caring) what I looked like from the neck down unless I went into a public bathroom or looked in a shop window. Plus the featheries like to sit right up against my midriff when I sit there so I try not to bend forwards towards the mirror too much when doing my makeup, they don’t mind it to an extent as it’s like cuddling but still. With a dressing table they’d have plenty of space to stand and do their own thing and now that I write about it I remember I used to pass a furniture warehouse on the way to college everyday and look at a show piece dressing table they had. It was there for years so it was probably too avant guarde or gauche for people’s tastes but I liked it.

2) Moving on the second thing (on a roll now ha) I’d like is a bureau plat/writing desk with a space for ink, paper, envelopes etc This would probably be a faux pas but I’d probably etch something in it, not something crude like ‘so and so woz ‘ere ‘ but something in cursive script stating something like ‘we came, even if no one remembers us, we were here’. It would also have a couple of draws, one with a secret compartment and little key. Not that I’d try to lock it, you can’t lock or close anything with us. No matter how quietly you close a door there’ll be furry and feathery people immediately on the other side making a fuss or preparing their best ‘I’m so sad’ looks to make you feel guilty, acting like you’re keeping a secret or shutting them out of something. The hinges on everything may as well be ancient and creak cantankerously people everywhere have such good hearing and always know what you’re doing. Watching me brush my teeth, sharing the shower, trying to eat from my plate/mouth is not enough for them. There is no privacy. Speaking of which they also like to know where you are, so when I’m out I inevitably get a call (yes they know how to speed dial). Well they’re better than human creatures with GPS, tracking vans, satellites, drones, gang mentality and hypocritical excuses 😉

3) Ok next I’d like a couple of rocking chairs for mum and I – I imagine us as old hags poking a stick at each other to get each other’s attention.

4) Hmm this one should be really be first on my list; a garden. We’ve never had a garden nor indoor space to grow fruit/veg/herbs but I’d really like a kitchen garden and a long trellis covered in a plant with long vines/tendrils or roses so we could walk through/under it.

These almost but for the purposes of labeling 'Black' roses are extremely rare only found in one place in the world hence are called Halfeti Black roses.

These almost but for the purposes of labeling ‘Black’ roses are extremely rare only found in one place in the world hence are called Halfeti Black roses.

5) A garden swing underneath/attached to a big tree with a treehouse or even better a series of trees with walkways and treehouses for each of us and natural woodland critters.

Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens

Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens

Cute eh? Photo Credit: http://www.bajiroo.com

Cute eh? Photo Credit: bajiroo.com

I wouldn’t like stylized ones like this

Very sleek but do birds fly into them? Photo credit: globaltreehouses.com

Very sleek but do birds fly into them? Photo credit: globaltreehouses.com

6) Gnomes! I’d have to hide them from mum since she hates them, but perhaps I could mix them in with the more classic statues of wee folk such as fairies, pixies, nymphs etc, some nice water features (a well, a spring/stream that goes through the house), a pagoda, a decorative arch bridge and possibly a maze. Mum would probably have me digging a moat whilst she draws up the plans for a drawbridge and battlements. My ideal garden though would be split into several types of garden (there would have be a ‘cloud’/bubbly hedge somewhere, I love those and maybe a mineral cave nearby ack just throw in a volcano).

I love the jungle garden in this episode. The whole ‘Around the World in 80 Gardens’ is a great series btw, after this episode my favourite is the floating homes/gardens on the Amazon (ideal living).

Hilarious ‘One Foot in the Grave’ episode featuring garden gnomes.

7) At the front (and maybe the back) there’d be a ferocious giant Goddess Kali jet Black statue (according to mum there’d be a circular perimeter of the statues or just all over the place). There are very few left in the known world and they’re not made anymore other than as morphs of later ‘gods’ and in smaller sizes but the originals are awesome and we like them. But then again I can peaceably walk through flocks of geese or swans when other people cross the road. I’ve seen people walk faster and put their heads down/turn away when going past big statues, a strange phenomenon particularly from those who have/use all kinds of symbols on their clothes and consumables usually in the form of branding/logos/artwork which more often than not are twisted and adopted from older cultures (e.g. when you do the ‘devil horns’ you’re telling me that you’re constipated or need to move your bowls). Perhaps some people are innately scared of a Jason and the Argonauts effect where the statues come to ‘life’/are robotic/automated or they just don’t like the ones/images/symbols they’re not used to in a context that is marketed and normalized for their lifestyle such as waxworks of celebs. Oh well, nowt as queer as folk.

Ok so those were my 7 et al things that I would like in a home and home is where the heart is.

That said, I wouldn’t mind these two ready made places:

My blending in with the landscape ‘portabello’ house

or my underwater looking version:

Cob houses really appeal to me though too and are of course better than the above, especially ones made straight out of the land/hills/mountains/caves.

There are many inspiring, interesting and wondrous places, structures and buildings on and in Earth; natural and, well I’ll say ‘human’ made though some are up to speculation especially if you look at some ancient carvings and see things like what we think of as modern ufo stereotypical images.

An awesome 4 video serious of amazing places.

When I look at images and videos like these it makes me feel freer, like I was there. If I was alive in the world pre-money/currency, before ‘ownership’ of land/water/air/each other and when the notion of citizenship would have been alien, scary and even laughable – the life of a wandering wayfaerer would have suited me just fine. Laying/sitting still under the sun and then the shade or walking and walking (perhaps even flying) – the world was the home, not the spoils of war, with a living, breathing, hot heart.

That feeling is similar but not the same as the more common one experienced by many nowadays but seen as being ‘lost’, poor and not the same as those who are raised in places of coveted learnings through rigid hierarchical systems (that I don’t agree with ethically) and by the time they’ve trained their minds and bodies can survive on the/road with nothing but thin body coverings, a walking stick and maybe a bowl. Ha I’d love to be breatharian/inedian.

The modern way of being a traveler is seen as a short term phase for most to fill some kind of void and then ‘settle down’.

I’d always know where/who’d I’d end up with though, the start and finish is always the same. I never feel lost just knowing I come from her. Some say a chip off the old block, I say a speck/a grain of sand and on this road I’ve been honoured to be by her side. Were that I’d heard her call sooner. I’m not one of those fools who can’t see or acknowledge when there’s someone better than them (more good, ethics over talent – talent is just a bonus, without ethics/goodness there’s no spirituality, no point and talent doesn’t excuse/make up for anything).

Carried by the Wind Tsukikage Ran Full Episode 01
The English dubs – 13 episodes – are on plenty of anime sites.

Lalita MahaKali Rajarajeshvari Goddess

Mum – Rajarajeshvari



Home beckons. And not on a false Yellow brick road.


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Thanks again for this award and thank you to the blogs listed.

Comments on: "Very Inspiring Blogger Award – Home Calling" (15)

  1. mtsedwards said:

    Congrats, lady! You deffo deserve it. I find myself intrigued every time I visit, so it’s no surprise to me that you received this. You always manage to give me food for thought and I fully appreciate that. Glad to see others share my sentiment as well.

  2. congratulations.That is awesome! You deserve it!

  3. Well done 🙂 All the best for you and your blog!

  4. Congrats on the award sweetie! Great post! ❤

    New Blog Post: How to Look Well Rested

  5. Congratulations! And thank you very much for nominating me! Really appreciate it! I intend to post soon the award and the new post!
    Have a nice day, Dasha

  6. Forgot to tell you that I’ve nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award too! Check more on my blog: http://greenmakeup.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/2694/

    • You’re more than welcome, your blog is a valuable resource and I appreciate your efforts! Also thank you in return for the award and double congrats to you for both of the ones you just won! Oo tongue twister there lol. I’ll let you know when I write my post and was delighted to read your lovely 7 facts 🙂

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