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I bought this dress when I was 15 and wore it once then Mum wore it a couple of times and kept it safe and now I wear it again 16 years later. The sun and other stars, we’re here together, with other planetary bodies around. You’re imprinted in my memories. Time, distance, the dream – nothing can keep us apart. Space is all around us but you’re imprinted in my minds eye. Smoke and mirrors can’t take away your image, even when I close my eyes. The sound of your voice, painted on my memories. You and me. I’m with You and You’re with Me.

The light kept changing when I was taking these pics so they have different hues but the sun knows what she’s doing.








Comments on: "OOTD: Space, Sun, Stars" (4)

  1. mtsedwards said:

    I may just have run out of adjectives to describe you and your outfits. I lurve this one – very reminiscent of the YA fantasy books I’ve been into recently. Actually, you look like an anime character. What fun!

  2. First off it’s flipping amazing that you still fit so perfectly in something you’ve had for sixteen years(i need to know the secret:) second i think its so cute that your Mom wore it too, it says a lot about you, and the dress is awesome and unique and will never go out of style so it looks like something you can pass down! LOVE IT!!


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