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The Warrior

This is my entry for an etailpr (see the side banner/widget on my blog) competition sponsored by Little Mistress – a purveyor of gorgeous clothing particularly dresses. This content is featured in the etailpr newsletter and on their site so may just be for members but the deadline is the 28th February so still time to sign up and enter and see if you can qualify for any of their other campaigns.

To celebrate the launch of their spring summer collection, Little Mistress are hosting a spectacular competition that we know you’re going to fall in love with – appropriate considering it’s Valentine’s Day, we know!

You could have the chance to win £500 to spend onsite at Little Mistress! That’s right, a whole £500 to buy whatever you please. All you need to do, is create a wishlist post featuring an outfit from Little Mistress and blog about it before Friday 28th February.

To give you a little inspiration, you might like to style an outfit for the perfect date night, a girls night, or even a collection for a weekend away. Whatever you choose, make it good, and you could get the chance to buy it all for real!

When you’ve selected your items, styled your outfit and published your post, just make sure that you email a link to bloggers@etailpr.com so that we know you’d like to enter and for your entry to be counted.

Good luck girls, we know this is a fabulous one!

I’m a sci-fi/fantasy fan (so that includes a lot of YA fiction as well) and like the idea of visual kei, conventions and theme/costume parties – so when I saw this dress from Little Mistress I automatically thought Starship Trooper but then altered it to my own preferences with the fantasy theme making it work for an older fashioned warrioress rather than techie soldier.

Warrioress Goddess Valkyrie Amazon Fighter Warrior

The Dress can be found HERE – gorgeous sequin embellishment in a very feminine pattern

The headdress is HERE
The Wings are from the same shop HERE
The mask is HERE
The shield is HERE
The coat which I’ve been eyeing for years is HERE
The bone/skeletal hand jewellery is HERE
The skeletal/bone finger claw/ring which mum and I actually both have and bought ages ago from the famous Camden Market is HERE
I’m a super fan of shiny lurex tights so the next best thing for a sequin metallic dress like this – chainmail boots! Ha ha ha! With suspenders to hold them up – substitute tights and footwear all in one. Can you say ‘love’? I can. HERE

The Sword
Please bear in mind that I’ve used this for artistic affect and to complete the armour looking outfit however a sword is not a toy or a pretty accessory. No matter how beautiful or ceremonial the look it doesn’t takeaway from the intended purpose and nature of the tool/weapon. The character in the scene is a warrioress and so it fitted in with her appearance, however in actuality if going to a convention/party a costume one would be better 😉

So that’s my outfit, whether for a costume ball or end of the world, I’m ready 😉



Jungle Warrioress Black Gold Lurex Cape Sateen Pants


Comments on: "An Outfit with Little Mistress Competition" (13)

  1. Girl look at them abs!!!!! *dies of happiness* haha. I love the creation you made as well. Pretty neat!!

  2. mtsedwards said:

    This is brilliant! I hope you win! Too bad I can’t vote. You know this outfit sings to the fantasy geek in me. Plus, the dress itself is very Art Deco which is very 20s which is the theme of the week this week. ;p And it’s a good thing you didn’t give a direct shopping link to that skeletal hand or else it would’ve been mine!!!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it and here’s hoping to some success too lol!

      I didn’t think of that but you’re right, it is very art deco and does fit into the them perfectly 😉 Lol I only saw the hand jewellery on the blog but if I come across the shopping link I’ll be sure to let you know 😛 it’s funny how they turn up like that. Mum bought the finger claws for us at a market ages ago (I can’t remember if I was college or uni age) and then it seems they were sold later in a mainstream store!

  3. OMG! I want those ABS!! wow

  4. This is gorgeous, and I love the fantasy element. I’ve been after one of those skeleton hand jewelry pieces forever! I just love the way they look.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I know what you mean, they can be quite difficult to find without other types of decoration/symbolism attached.

  5. Hehehe “ready for the end of the world” 😀 I think that would make a great video game character, it’s a perfect outfit for it

  6. Jealous of your bod! 😛 Good luck! I hope you win!!

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