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Hola mes amis! (yes I know I’m mixing languages 🙂 )

Viva la Vendredi! (There I’m at it again 😛 )

At the moment it is vera vera sunny though it’s set to get darker and possibly rain so I’ve got a jumper on with a matching fishnet top on underneath but until then I’ll likely stay in the shade so as not to overheat :-S

My outfit isn’t really fancy today but it’s the kind of outfit that takes a little swagger or shimmy maybe a little sashay, heck even a jump and skip to wear properly without looking casual or frumpy since it’s fitted – and I’m in that kinda mood! Thank goodness for sensible footwear 😉 (I spend most of my life in comfortable, walking shoes). So if I feel like hopping to tap a signpost or twirling round a lamppost I can 🙂

Pink Jumper Sweater Buckle Buttons Black Pants Trousers Beret

Pink Jumper Sweater Buckle Buttons Black Pants Trousers Beret

Pink Jumper Sweater Buckle Buttons Black Pants Trousers Beret

Pink Jumper Sweater Buckle Buttons Black Pants Trousers Beret

Pink Jumper Sweater Buckle Buttons Black Pants Trousers Beret

Pink Jumper Sweater Buckle Buttons Black Pants Trousers Beret

Hope you all are having a good morning, I will update this post later with links and pics of the other bloggers I see celebrating Fancy Friday 🙂

To use the Fancy Friday button copy and paste the following text into your text editor (not the visual editor) when making your post and it should come up.

Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday
<div align="center"><a href="https://fashionthatpays.wordpress.com/dress-up-fancy-friday/" title="Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday" target="_blank"><img src="https://fashionthatpays.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/fancyfridaybutton.png" alt="Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Vanessa at Nessbow

White Lace Vintage Thrift Feminine Fancy Friday Dress

Sweetness and light today wearing an adorable lace dress from her mother especially for her mother’s b-day. Love the design and the cute pose, like a princess 🙂

Shaaz and MizShaazStyle

Black White One Off Shoulder Flower Floral Liquid Wet Look Leggings Decorative Belt Purse Heels Stilettos

Aye yai yai that outfit is so hot and incredibly worn I bet people needed thermometers and ice just being nearby! I lurve it! The textures are gorgeous but I have to say my fave is the floral neckline matched with the flower on the wrist. Total swagger outfit.

Marta at MimosasandFashion

Black White Horizontal Stripes Jumper Sweater Lace Skirt Boots Bag Hat Sunglasses

Rockin’ the horizontal stripes! Not an easy feat but she does it so easily 😀 Worn over a delicate lace skirt this outfit blends a little roguishness with sweetness – what’s not to like about that ? 🙂

Maricel at MyClosetCatalogue

Pink Blue Schiaparelli Jacket Blazer Print Ruffle Blouse Skirt Silver Pumps

Funky and fancy – I like it. Channeling the 30’s that awesome print – almost inverted dinner jacket is so cool and I love it over the vivid Pink and Blue (checkout her blog to see why Cobalt is so important to her and what she calls it) 🙂 With the metallic shoes she shows her sci-fi babe style 🙂

Leah at MorningInk

Red Floral Dress White Cardigan Satchel Nude Shoes

Celebrating Spring Leah brought out her favourite dress and I can see why! – A beautiful, Red, floral number like that is sure to pick up any mood and great in warm weather – delightful and feminine yet smart in the overall outfit 🙂

Nicole at High Latitude Style
Last but not least special mention to Nicole this week who is dress in such an educational way 🙂 If you look at her post you’ll see her top illustrates the essence of air movement. A nod to the theme of her post which explains how air masses of varying temperatures and moisture levels affect each other causing streams and movement known as conveyor belts – and how the places along the conveyor belt will feel different weather due to the way the air is moving and connecting. Very interesting and very relevant.

Pink Cardigan Print Scarf 3D Pattern Top Shirt Tee Turnup Jeans White Heels Stilletos

A chic, cool outfit made very fancy with its colour, shoes and of course patterns/prints. I love the interpretation of her Science Friday theme into this outfit and it works very stylishly and indeed stylistically.

Hope you had a Good Friday!

Comments on: "OOTD: Dress Up Fancy Friday – With Swagger!" (11)

  1. Beautiful outfit Dolly!!

  2. You look so beautiful!!

    http://www.ManhattanImageandStyle.com / http://www.MISBoutique.storenvy.com
    New Blog Post: [Outfit Idea] PoP of Print
    Previews Blog Post: [Inspiration] 7 Steps to Conquer Your Closet This Spring

  3. mtsedwards said:

    Great minds again, eh? We both chose pink for our fancy Friday festivities! You look positively smashing in yours! ;p

    • Heh Pink is such an uplifting colour it was necessary lol – I came in yesterday, lay down and conked out for 16 hours. Been so drained the last few weeks, though I aim to get back to regular posting and catching up 🙂

      Your outfit is just radiant – the eye popping colour and print, a real sight for sore eyes! 🙂

  4. Such great outfits! Dolly, you know how to rock a hat.

    • You ladies were certainly stunning yesterday and always put together great outfits! 🙂

      Thank you, hats and scarves are good for covering my roots too 😉

  5. The Otaku Judge said:

    So if I visit your blog every Friday I get to see lovely ladies posing in flashy outfits? Wow this sure beats hiding in the bushes with binoculars 🙂

    • Lol yes, you silly! As if you don’t see enough in manga and anime as it is! But then again we’re all a bit more mature than the 2D girls and I guess I’ve read so many of your reviews (which can’t be helped since you are way better at consistently posting than me) it’s only fair you help boost my ratings! 😛

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