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My last post fully illustrates the basis of today’s outfit:

Black Yellow Destruction Outfit

I didn’t have time to take new photos today but all I’ve changed is wearing the dress over a Black turtle/polo neck because when I wore that dress originally I had no idea it would be so figure hugging and low cut. I bought it years ago but hadn’t gotten around to wearing it, and it does not look slim fit, I thought it’d be abit loose on me lol and when I had that outfit on there was no way I’d fit any layering under or over the arms. All I’ve done today is switch the arm ribbons for the turtle.

For my hairdo I started off like Princess Leia from Star Wars with a big bun on either side of my head but they pulled too much and I knew I couldn’t wear them like that all day. Hence I loosely twisted my hair, lifted and pinned them at the back of my head.

Black Yellow Destruction Outfit whilst being Red

Black Yellow Destruction Outfit whilst being Red

Black Yellow Destruction Outfit whilst being Red

The last time I was Red temporarily was in Oct 2012 for a few months and I looked like this:

Warrior Goth Gothic Black High Collar Buckles Bow Top


Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday
<div align="center"><a href="https://fashionthatpays.wordpress.com/dress-up-fancy-friday/" title="Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday" target="_blank"><img src="https://fashionthatpays.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/fancyfridaybutton.png" alt="Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


Maricel at MyClosetCatalogue

Red Orange Skinny Pants Trousers, Print Long Sleeve Top, Nude Shoes Heels Wedges

Attuning her outfits to the colour wheel this week with recommendations from Pantone, Maricel has gone for Red/Orange look or Cayenne and Celosia Orange. A very warming combination and reminiscent of Autumn leaves and breezes – checkout the awesome top too 🙂

Sarah at PlusSizeProud

Black Gown Mesh Fascinator

A sombre yet utterly gorgeous and elegant ensemble in all Black here and of course he favourite – a cute hair accessory! Sarah is looking delightful whilst giving a shoutout to her friend today 🙂 (P.S – look at those cute dots on the overlay!)

Vanessa at Nessbow

Androgynous Dapper Pencil Black Skirt White Shirt Blouse Grey Trilby Suit

Celebrating her feminine form within an androgynous framework today Vanessa looks very dapper indeed – loving the fun feel and the hat!

Motown at ThisIsMotown

White embellished embroidered Black Flounce Chiffon Dress

So pretty and flouncy in this uber feminine yet edgy outfit – Hollywood inspired. Love the bodice on the dress – what detail! Nice to have you back Motown!

Shaaz and MizShaazStyle

Plaid, Check, Cape, Handbag, Purple Top, Black Pants Trousers, Mustard, Gold, Shoes, Heels

This is a woman who can mix prints, textures and colours to her heart’s content and look fantastic each time. My eyes are drawn to the awesome shade of her shoes especially, a great colour to wear at night!

Camila at TheGeekChickBlog

Floral Dress, Black, Tights, Pantyhose, Jacket, Sunglasses

Postin’ that rock n roll ain’t dead and showing that edgy outfits can be feminine as well (much like Motown this week 🙂 ) Camila gave a nod to mixing and refreshing styles – love the fold over style of the boots with the sun glasses here!


I will update this post link/pics of other bloggers I see celebrating Fancy Friday 🙂

Viva la Vendredi!

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  2. So beautiful!!!

  3. The Otaku Judge said:

    Red hair is cool. Have you ever tried green, blue or pink?

    • I’ve tried light Pink and a darker/richer Magenta, plus Lilac – all of which I liked. I do have Blue and Green colours in a box somewhere… Never got round to trying them though. What about you – tried any funky colours? 🙂

      • The Otaku Judge said:

        Alas no. I don’t think I could pull off such a colorful doo. Heck I barely have any hair left these days.

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