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Howdy ladies, gents, one and all!

So today I’m back in Warwickshire, specifically Warwick and so that gave me some time to wander around, um I mean productively spend at Warwick Castle

This attraction is usually busy and people seem to prefer it to say where I was last week at Kenilworth Castle, perhaps partially because it’s still standing, gives good protection from the weather and they always have events/shows. That said though I find the place interesting – or moreso the grounds interesting – it’s a bit dead to me. Weird? It sounds inversely proportional but I tend to find buildings that have tons of people passing through (as opposed to living in them – then you get sick building syndrome) the less ‘soul’ it has. I prefer Kenilworth even though it’s ruins, I like the exhibition space there and the books available to read (a handful but still interesting). It’s like how I found Sacré-Cœur to have more soul/presence/ambiance to the big, cold, empty Notre-Dame even with its ‘prestigious’ coffins.

On a sidenote – I tried to view the ‘Princess tower’ only to be barred since I’m an adult with no kid companions – ha adults are supposed to be allowed in there to look, it’s not like I wanted to see the kids show, I just wanted to see what they’d done with the place. Humph at the woman on guard with her fancy dress costume and cute Western Euro-doll looking braids!

Anyway – today I’m bright Red and Blue, a more stunning colour combination (though I’m actually wearing Beige and Blue). The last time I posted pics in this combo was HERE and this was one of the pics.

Red 50s Halter Top Blue Sequin Indian Sari Lehenga Lengha Skirt
The blouse actually has Silver pinstripe but it didn’t come out in the pics and I love with wide leg Oatmeal/Beige trousers (found them in mum’s clothes) – great retro style with a nice sash belt. Added my bright Blue coat with it’s retro cut and felt fabric, and voila, what I consider fancy/smart enough for today’s theme though the shirt and trousers really did look better in real life. The pictures really came out crappy.

Beige Oatmeal Wide Leg 70s 80s Retro Pants Trousers Blue Silver Ruffle Blouse Shirt Felt Funnel Jacket

Beige Oatmeal Wide Leg 70s 80s Retro Pants Trousers Blue Silver Ruffle Blouse Shirt Felt Funnel Jacket

Beige Oatmeal Wide Leg 70s 80s Retro Pants Trousers Blue Silver Ruffle Blouse Shirt Felt Funnel Jacket

Beige Oatmeal Wide Leg 70s 80s Retro Pants Trousers Blue Silver Ruffle Blouse Shirt Felt Funnel Jacket

Beige Oatmeal Wide Leg 70s 80s Retro Pants Trousers Blue Silver Ruffle Blouse Shirt Felt Funnel Jacket

Peacock standing on hedge
A real gorgeous-ness here, though it looked kinda weirded out when I stood somewhat close to talk and take a pic. Can’t blame it, since it has to put up with people everyday and even though I didn’t invade its space I may have been a bit closer than most since I’m not scared of featheries and am used to mean birds and angry birds that look exceptionally beautiful, gorgeous, cute, pretty, just out of the salon etc… That’s not to say it was mean or angry lol – just capable since peacocks (parrots, geese, swans etc) are known for being able to defend themselves – good. Anyway I used my zoom, and of course NO FLASH for taking pics of animals up close. They have their right to good health for their eyes regardless of human curiosity and the need to take thousands of pics when visiting places, most of which usually end up in storage and never looked at again.

Other bloggers celebrating Fancy Friday

Shaaz at MizShaazStyle

Black Dress Skirt White Shirt Ruffle Frill Blouse Polka Dot Spot Shoes Wedges

Looking super fabulous in her day-to-night outfit, in classic Black and White, feminine designs and awesome shoes! I love wedges and those are real statement pair!

Maricel at MyClosetCatalogue

Custo Barcelona top chevron pattern skirt hippy retro

Taking mixed prints and patterns to another level whilst keeping the colours in harmony really makes this outfit fun and eye popping in a delightful way!

Camila at TheGeekChickBlog

Black lace shrug bolero White Vest Sun Top Cami Ripped Jeans Denim Heels

Camila went for the ‘perfect outfit’ mixing favourite pieces and styles creating a great blend of cool and feminine with the ripped jeans and lace! (Love those stools!)

Vanessa at NessBow

Tie-dye Hippy Print Pattern Wide Sleeve Bell Top Pants Boho

Vanessa also mixing prints with harmonious colours in a very bohemian look – fun and fancy in a comfortable way! Love the layered tops!

I will update this post with link/pics of other bloggers I see celebrating Fancy Friday 🙂

Viva la Vendredi!

Comments on: "OOTD: Fancy Friday Castle Adventures" (13)

  1. Love it!! you look Amazing! the colors and back drop oh my:)

  2. Cute I love it..

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  4. Your coat is amazing and it matches the peacock!! so cool!

  5. mtsedwards said:

    The blues of your outfits mimic the peacock’s so brilliantly. If I weren’t already so enamored of TARDIS blue, I may just have considered co-opting this one.

    • Well Tardis has a special place in your heart so I can understand its dominance in the Blue part of your life 🙂

      The peacock was Turquoise and Royal but did look at me enquiringly! Maybe it was the Red :-S

  6. The Otaku Judge said:

    You need a kid to visit the castle? Ouch, it will take nine months to get one of those. Talk about a long queue.

    • Yeah it looks like the Princess Tower is off limits to me, but heck princesses and towers have a scary reputation in fairy tales! There’s no way I’m getting locked up in one, having some guy climb up my hair, touching a poisoned spindle… :-S

  7. Ooooh, that skirt in the first picture is so beautiful. I also love the bright turquoise shade of your coat. Lovely!

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