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No way?

I kid you not.

Today I went on air on Capital Radio ‘London’s No.1 Hit Music Station’ (potentially 8 million listeners) at a prime slot to tell people about a costly mishap, well a slapstick series of events. I won’t go into it because I think enough people heard it already given the station’s popularity and it was embarrassing/humiliating enough!

I had to tell it in a funny way but I’m an old fashioned, droll person with a sardonic tone of voice that gets more emphatic accompanied by expressive hands as I go along and my voice is kinda deep to boot (though changes to girlish now and then of its own accord). The person contacting me coached on how to deliver, tone of voice and frequency i.e. straight to the point, bubbly and fast so I couldn’t tell it the way I would have but that’s ok (and I’m not usually a bad raconteur in person!) I also had to speak much louder than usual. I think my voice came out a tad slower and teensy bit less energetic than a chipmunk but at least I was understandable, didn’t trip over my words or fall into umming and ahhing!

So what did I win? Ā£500. Not much but when you don’t have it, it can be hefty. Suffice to say it will almost all have to go on bills and a couple of gifts but I’m going to try and squeeeeze a tiny bit aside to treat us with, heck I haven’t had fresh fruit or veg at home since my pineapple salad post, I think we deserve it!

Pineapple Carrot Chillie Salad Gajar Ka Achar

I’m just waiting on the competition team with the prize details now, I’m outdated and thought I’d be put through to them on the phone straight afterwards but was told they’d contact me shortly *rubs hands stressfully thinking about what food I’m going to make!*

Do I feel lucky? Well, do I?

Oh please. Well… If luck is a freak incident or series of coincidences then I guess I was extremely lucky in this competition though it came at a price! I’ve been regularly entering competitions for 7 years now, both direct ones where you just enter your contact details and effort based ones where you have to put together an entry submission or in this case, go on air. I’ve won six prizes, mainly books and the biggest (and best imo) prize being this tub of coconut oil.

Viridian Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Hell I’ve put hours and hours (and hours) into competitions and have entered thousands, some one off entries and others where you have to enter consistently. Obviously most tribulation, frustration and heartache comes with the effort based ones especially when the winners are picked on popularity, who can social network the most, chosen randomly, or when it’s the same characters being chosen again and again. If there’s a Silver lining I guess I can say at least I do it out of necessity rather than addiction… Wait, that doesn’t sound good either… At least I started as a creative outlet and hobby, phew good intentions save the day!

Anyway, it’s true to say that for all those people that have weekly or monthly wins or big wins instead of regular ones and have somehow caught the favour of ‘Lady Luck’ or whoever’s in charge there’s a heck of a lot more who don’t win, it only takes one person to beat you (the same as with anything in life), and even more who don’t enter at all. So I’m grateful for this win and give a solemn nod to all those who enter and enter, try their best, lose their mojo, pick themselves up and try again, repeat the vicious cycle and perhaps eventually give up. A lucky break can happen, it’s not guaranteed and I wouldn’t recommend comping as a hobby but if you have to, you gotta be in it to win it.

Thanks and all the best!

Comments on: "Muhahaha I won an on air radio competition!" (8)

  1. I don’t always enter in competitions but when I do…it’s not often, haha.
    Especially the ones that allow you to continuously enter until the deadline, or those that allow you to enter multiple times a day. My thing is: I’m only entering once & riding on that bit of ‘Lady’s Luck’. I’m not absolutely desperate for whatever the prize is. Heck, I can probably buy the prize myself if I put forth the effort.

    The competitions I like are the ones that allow you to enter your email, your Facebook, your Twitter, Any network that you might have (long as you share the contest after). Course, I don’t go & make a Facebook just to have an extra entry šŸ˜›

    • Yeah the ones that you have to do daily or consistently are so time consuming and makes it harder on everybody. Good for you that your efforts pay off so that you can potentially get what you’d like. It’s not lack of effort on mine or many people’s part. It’s just life as we know it, that’s why there’s such a thing as working homeless or a 1000 people entering for a Ā£10 grocery voucher. Regular compers have their reasons, I don’t agree with them all and of course there are those that are just greedy and negatively selfish but it’s not necessarily because they don’t work or haven’t tried hard.

      I don’t really frequent social media other than for news but do use one for comping half the time. I understand why people make separate profiles for comping though – why would any of their friends/family/contacts want to see their comping status updates all the time lol.

      I do like your point about limiting your use of ‘Lady’s Luck’ – if there was a ‘host’ used as some sort of energy fount, I wouldn’t participate unless absolutely necessary with their permission to win their freedom.

  2. Congratulations! I do the same thing, I feel like I always enter all these competitions but it never goes anywhere. Glad you won one for all of us who never do, haha!

  3. OH WOW! Congratulations Dolly!! That is such positive thing to hear! you deserve it!! xxo

  4. The Otaku Judge said:

    Congratulations! Five hundred quid seems like a fair price for revealing an embarrassing story to eight million listeners.

    • Lol if only my story had happened earlier when they used to offer Ā£1000 but heck I’m not turning my nose up at it! Helps sometimes to be able to see the funny side and laugh at ourselves! Thanks for the congrats šŸ˜€

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