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So today is Free Comic Book Day… yay!

The comics I first started reading when I was little (even little-ler than now anyway) were The Beano, Asterix, TinTin, Where’s Wally/Waldo, Charlie Brown, Garfield… I also liked magazine series’ that were superficially informative and had things you could build over the course of the series such as skeletons, dinosaurs, aeroplanes etc. Yeah.

The Beano Magazine

Wheres Wally Waldo

Charlie Brown Lucie Snoopy

Then there were awesome annuals and special editions like my favourite:

She-Ra Shera Princess of Power Swifty Bow Kowl

Super massive sci-fi & comic fans (though the characters on The Big Bang Theory are fictional anyway – and no… I don’t relate to any of the characters in this show, thankfully, but heck they’re funny half the time):

Can girls like comics? OF COURSE THEY CAN! It’s true a lot of comics (and manga/graphic novels and anime) portray females in ridiculous ways and all the violent, cruel and grotesque stuff that happens to males happens to girls/women PLUS every kind of sexual portrayal, molestation and rape. Then in manga/anime the sexualization starts real young, kids are not exempt and quite frankly a lot of anime even ‘family friendly’ ones start with ‘fan service’ in the first episode before the getting into the plot, from their barely there school uniforms to panty shots and guys ‘accidentally’ getting a look or copping a feel. But that said there’s a lot of other material available or if you’re willing and able, can do your best to ignore (and mutter curses at the production team/culture to yourself) those bits when reading/watching. Unless females (who don’t think it’s cool to be ditzy, think flaunting & unbridled vanity is empowerment or emancipation, nor into maid/similar costumes) take more of an interest it’s always going to be very lopsided and usually in a negative way:

Aw I like the ‘Comic Book Guy’ and would have gone with his recommendation and not have chosen ‘Thor’.

Why do arguments occur about comic ‘fantasy’ elements?

Science and comics – two areas females aren’t really encouraged towards or end up in due to changing messages/promotion at various age levels through family and social conditioning. Maths was my favourite subject in primary school, Physics in secondary school (wanted to do Electronics but was the only one and hence relegated to ‘Design Technology’ which was just a waste of time) and the maths lost its appeal and then in college weird things happened – aced Physics in class but the maths taught stopped making sense and being able to do one easily yet not the other isn’t something ‘people’ like to be known especially since they say one is dependent on the other. Also doesn’t fit in with their ‘tell crap/watered down basics in one level of schooling, then change it/add more in the next level, then have to re-learn it all at uni’ method. Wish I’d known about Vedic maths back then. But I realized my personal interests would have to take a backseat anyway to the vastly more important need and passion for Ethics in this world.

So whats so free about Free Comic Book Day?… I don’t know; comics are generally paid for whether bought as dedicated physical media, strips in newspapers or on the sides of packaging but there are also websites dedicated to old and new comics and of course good old libraries. (Support your local libraries, they’re hubs for the local community and offer valuable resources 🙂 ) A nice thing about today’s theme? It causes a bit of nostalgia and reminds me that there’s anime out there that I was supposed to read the background/ongoing story arcs for but haven’t!

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  1. The Otaku Judge said:

    I love comics, although I don’t buy many as in terms of cost/entertainment time they work out being more pricey than a DVD or game. These days I mostly read manga and superhero stuff. When I was younger I too also read Beano (along with Topper, Beezer and Dandy.)

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