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So yesterday was International No Diet Day and the 11th is Eat What You Want Day (as well as Mothers Day outside the UK).

Sounds good/tempting doesn’t it?

You know, normally it would. However I’m currently on the 13th day of liquid fasting and so food doesn’t appeal to me even though I’m not fasting by choice. Strange? Well yes and no. Many of you may have noticed the recently renewed popularity of juice fasting – something which as a general health maintainer and fixer-upper has been around for ages – but as a fad it comes and goes like anything else. Many of you who’ve tried it may have noticed the detoxing and energizing effects it has perhaps with weight loss and better mobility as side effects. The typical amount of time newbies juice fast for is 7 days.

What is the difference between juice fasting and liquid fasting?

Juice fasting is bloody expensive. There was a point when mum and I had two fridges; one for raw fruit/veg/herbs (that we were able to buy wholesale) and one for everything prepared/processed. However even though we’d have loads of fresh fruit/veg/herbs we never used it for juice fasting; nope we ate it with meal plans and preserved it in various ways and froze it so it damned well lasted months. If I had juice fasted I would have gone through it like that *snaps fingers*.

Market Vegetables Fruit

What is the difference between juice and smoothies?

This is a crux debate between many, personally I don’t care but I see it as: juice is easier and faster to metabolize for many especially when there is veg/herbs in the mix and not just fruit. Many people don’t process raw veg well or quickly and need it fermented or cooked e.g. steamed, sauteed or slow cooked to reap the benefits and not feel bloated. People also mistake beans and nuts as foods that cause bloating and spending longer in the bathroom, but those foods move along what is already there. So basically, even though there was a smoothie ‘revolution’ some years back where people ‘realized’ the benefit of having the whole food/skin/seed (some leaves/branches) people have now gone back to juicing and some think of all the pulp as ‘nothing but fibre without any nutritional value at all’… Yeah I’m not going there. Plus you need a pretty powerful blender to juice properly and I ain’t forking out for that let alone being able to in the first place. Buying fruit juice in recyclable (actual, practical, recyclable materials like cardboard rather than say the neigh difficult to find tetra pak style material recycling plants) works out cheaper – make sure it’s not from concentrate. I’m not saying it’s anywhere near as good as organic fruit/veg/herbs that were grown with organic seed and if it actually happens – protected from contaminated soil, acid/chemtrail rain/water, wind carrying gm seed – and handmade by yourself but it’s more economically viable for many (just make sure it’s fairtrade at least) and bear in mind the controversy over processing for common items like apples, oranges and tomatoes.

Green juice herb vegetable fasting glass drink

So what is liquid fasting?

Just as it says, straightforward, anything liquid. In my case it’s been mainly herbal tea but also homemade alternative milks and at times water with a bit of superfood Green powders and/or extremely nutritious clays (yes it tastes like grass juice or soil water but as I’ve oft been told “beggars can’t be choosers”). Dried foods (e.g sundried or dehydrated – I prefer sundried) can be bought so much cheaper than fresh and easier in bulk plus you can make milks with the constituent ‘flour’ and water like coconut, rice or soy flour). I haven’t been taking diluted, unrefined apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ intact since we don’t have enough left but that’s a good choice too.

ACV Apple Cider Vinegar

Why am I liquid fasting?

Because I can’t open my mouth other than to talk and drink at the moment.

Why am I not hungry?

That’s an interesting one. People who are used to fasting can probably empathise and say that ‘fasting makes you stronger’ or ‘you get used to it’. In my case once the initial hunger pangs from the first or second day (usually the second day as I have enough left over in the digestive system to get to the next day without stomach grumbling) are over that’s it, no more. Seriously? Yes. I just don’t get hungry after that neither do I feel weaker, more tired, slower etc. I just feel normal and if I’m doing a lot of walking and/or yoga/meditation at the same time I actually feel a lot stronger and calmer. Whilst fasting and post-fasting (until I get lazy and normalize into regular eating habits again) I need less and less to keep me going for longer, the body just becomes more efficient and uses everything better.

Chakras Art Artwork

saffronlungs.deviantart.com/ art/ The-Seven-Kundalini-Chakras-357608866

Lalita MahaKali Kali Goddess Mother Sri Chakras Tatvas Sanksrit Yantra Mandala

Pic of mum illustrating chakras in tandem with tatvas

How did I get into this?

Started when I approx 14 and between then until 18 I would attempt 21-28 day liquid fasts, mostly successfully. I thought that if ‘spiritually enlightened’ folk aka mostly priests and monks (yeah you never hear of the women) could do it then so could I. If they could train themselves mentally and emotionally with physical endurance then so could I. What they could do, why the heck couldn’t I? I later had to acknowledge that they have massive advantages in knowledge, cleaner environments and less people getting in their way or trying to sabotage them. They can sit under waterfalls with the pressure and sound blocking out everything and no electronic pollution, noise and tinnitus or regular pollution, they can sit in the sun and breathe the air and feel the natural power. I can’t.

That said I didn’t do a bad job, I was already used to asceticism or I was ascestically minded never being attracted to materialism for the sake of it and growing up the way I did meant there wasn’t much choice anyway. School meals were my main meals baby until I became a teen and mum had discovered the need to cut out all artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings, e-numbers, MSG and aspartame. Then we had a bit more choice but by that time I’d decided on the above anyway. After 18 I didn’t keep up with it, too many distractions but I did fast now and then usually 7-10 days. Wish I’d discovered coconut water/juice earlier! I could have done with it in my early-mid 20’s.

Nowadays most of my liquid fasts are just practical like when I soup fast in Winter which is very easy to do both economically and on the stomach with dried beans, water and a bit of seasoning. Can have 1-2 portions of that a day and it sees me through well. Much like with foraging for ‘carpet plants’ and well known weeds or hedgerow plants/fruit for teas and salad/veg intake – saves massively on food budgeting. Those who are old enough/remember the world/post war days can probably see where I’m coming from rationing to growing their own and that group of people you barely hear of nowadays the proud ‘honest poor’. People take for granted how nutritious (and lovely) such plants are and if you can find places that are public (if you don’t have a garden or space) and not so affected by nastiness/pollution like roadsides how readily available they can be depending on the weather. Though it’s true they tend to be quite bitter in general so more for those who don’t mind that so much.

So why am I talking about food when I’m not eating?

Well it’s true I’m not hungry but we all know how in the modern or non-major food producing countries though including the US even when its a major crop producer (yes the cruel irony there where ‘third/developing world’ people grow but can’t afford their own foods or at least not regularly in comparison to us expecting everything and anything in supermarkets) we’re addicted to food in some way or another. I noticed these two days side by side and thought it was interesting. I figure once I can eat again I’ll have chips which are my stock answer and since chocolate is drinkable. ‘Chunky fries’ or ‘wedges’ as I suppose they’d be similar to for US folk don’t sound healthy but they can be, I’m not one to have ever have thought of natural unrefined oils as ‘(useless) fat’ (the kind that the body doesn’t essentially need after a certain point) or that naturally high oil rich items like olives, peanut butter, humous/hummus etc were bad for the body even when eaten regularly and find they have quite the opposite effect and I’ve never thought of potatoes as just ’empty carbs’ if that were the case they wouldn’t work so well on light burns for example. The same goes for the multitudes of salts and sugars, I don’t think of one as ‘sodium’ or the other as ’empty calories’, each salt can be used for different things and Earth thank you so much for SUGAR! Lol if it weren’t for unrefined salts and sugars (‘nutritional’ values on packaging are based on refined White table salt and sugar) where would I be.

It’s like this ‘new’ way of thinking that has spread over here where people think of and call soil ‘dirt’ – how grateful of them, not. That reverse way of thinking is something else begetting questions like why are foods that come from farmers who wear hazmat style suits and then refined and/or added to with extra ingredients more expensive than simple foods and why grocery coupons tend to be for junk food and household items you should wonder what the consequences are of washing that stuff down the drain is, what is released when incinerated or recycled and having contact with/consuming/forcing into others over years.

What do you essentially need to stay ‘alive’ or at least not total zombie mode, or what you get in hospitals if you can’t consume food/drink yourself or you know they’ve sedated you into oblivion? Saline solution. What is saline solution? Salt, sugar & water. Period. Now I can’t comment on their quality/purity since you know I doubt they’d fork out for Himalayan Pink, Black, Red or rock salt in general – heck they may go for sea salt since the seas and oceans and life within are so contaminated it’s cheap, and I don’t know if they’d go for beet, cane or fruit rich sugars but Goddess I know the we animal life on this planet love salt and sugar, you can see non-human animals loving their salt/sugar licks or crowding around salt and/or chalk rich cliffs etc and if it weren’t for good salt and sugar I’d probably be hungry since you know I can’t access ‘prana’ from clean air, water or sunlight. That’s just too much to ask ain’t it *rolls eyes* 🙄

I praise natural salt, sugar and clay (hey everything goes back to the Earth, you can only be vegan to the extent that you’re consuming what has come from death and returned to soil/water – which is what I settle for seeing as I haven’t and am unlikely to get to inedian/bretharian).

Panda Eating Sugar Cane Relaxing

That is the life, basking in the sunshine, fresh air & eatin’ sugar cane. Oh yeah. – pinterest.com

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  1. (Sugar cane and Pandas!)

    Thank was very informative, thank you for posting! I’ve juice fasted before, and I liked it too! Maybe I’ll do one soon again. 🙂

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