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I’ve mentioned my bff’s now and again on here but since today is devoted to best friends I get to gabble about them in a bit more detail 🙂


1. Named after Harry Potter, as such he is brave, courageous and protective!

2. Can be a grumpy little git that rants both to others and himself.

3. He likes to take a bath when you’re in the middle of cooking, so everything becomes a rush and you need 4 arms. Plus if you strain any food/put it in a sieve/colander and turn your back you will hear feet tip tapping away as he runs off with some of it.

4. He doesn’t like anyone to see him less than perfect looking, so after he’s had a bath he hides until he’s quite dry and smooth again. If he gets anything on him he’s too embarrassed to let you take it off and will try to run away. An extreme example was when he was still young and didn’t have any colouring except all over Green and mum told him he was boring looking, in a matter of days he had what we call ‘traffic lights‘ (Red and Yellow alternative blocks) on the front of his wings. That said he likes to be admired whenever any of his head feathers are out of place because even if just one moves it gives him a whole new look – salon fresh lol.

5. He doesn’t like toes e.g. whenever I’m in bed and he joins me he’ll go under the blanket, run to the end where my toes are, bite one and run back. Also doesn’t like flowers.

6. He has a Napoleon Complex…

7. Though he doesn’t pick on anyone/thing smaller than him but all those bigger, watch yo’ self if you act outta line, heck even if you don’t! If he feels threatened by you, it’s on. Plus he knows about pressure points, expect extremities/limbs to go numb.

8. Expect the backs of wooden furniture to disappear.

9. Will get involved in discussions, really involved and expressive with wings and body moving (particularly likes to listen to mum lecturing him), but if you ever ask him ‘will we win the lottery?‘ He’ll automatically go silent and act like he’s not listening.

10. Finishes all his food down to the last morsel except things he can’t peel – an extended example would be when he stripped a Xmas tree (that we found lol) of all the pine buds, it took a month of meticulous searching but he did it.

11. He was so shy as a bappy (hard to believe for anyone that knows him) that he wouldn’t move from one position in the cage he had at the time. I’d spend up to 7 hours a day on my knees painstakingly feeding him seed by seed and drink. It was only when we decorated his area with lots of branches & leaves that he got excited and started to move around. Then we found a used Xmas tree (different to the one above) and he really liked it that he lived on it.

12. He has ‘sympathetic skin condition’ with me i.e. he’s always trying to groom me as in take off loose skin/dandruff but he has a peculiar habit of copying my spots. Whenever I get a spot/s so does he in the corresponding places, not puss spots but little dark circles/spots which disappear when mine do.

1. Samson was named after Samson and Delilah, which means means he’s the strong, quiet, gentle type. Whereas Harry is the intelligent, aggressive, warrior/guardian; Samson is the intellectual, well behaved yet cunning, philosopher.

2. He’s five years older than Harry and generally more mature, laid back and responsible.

3. Samson’s first words were stereotypically ‘pretty boy‘ – we hadn’t used that expression and he hadn’t heard it on tv (all their tv watching was supervised) so well, an inate sense of beauty is definitely there. We call him pretty and beautiful, Harry is cute and gorgeous, both are lovely. (Harry’s first words were ‘bad cat‘ and he said them to me on the phone since I was away at the time.)

4. One night mum and I watched a documentary on child psychology and how kids can develop behaviours to worry and manipulate their parents/guardians into doing what they want. The next day Samson started utilising the methods explained, he’d never done so before… Stupid tv!

5. Other than the above emotional blackmail he’s very well behaved and mannered, no trying to break everything, pulling keys off keyboards, tipping containers, beating others up nor eating off your plate, drinking out of your cup as well as his own or even from your mouth. Only…

6. Wallpaper is a temptation or repugnance whereby it becomes stripped from the wall section by section. The same goes for newspaper, when reading one one has to be quick!

7. Mum decorated his cage (both had cages when they were bappies) with some of our old baby clothing e.g. a romper that worked perfectly between his bars – he’d jump from one to another and use the romper as a hammock.

8. For some reason Samson’s beak and nail growth isn’t obvious like Harry’s whose beak flakes and nails leave my hands looking like a scabby mess.

9. Samson is a lot cleaner and neater than Harry and makes his messes in certain places – Harry is more ‘free spirited’/back to nature that way, cue my way older than necessary hands thanks to having to wash them frequently.

10. Likes to sing and whistle, doesn’t dance that’s Harry’s field.

11. Doesn’t seem to laugh… When Harry laughs he does this worrying/unnerving jiggling of the head – Samson just kinda smirks/chuckles… Yes they have very expressive faces for people whose mouths are sturdy and don’t have noticeable cheeks.

12. Is very studious and can spell a little, other than tearing newspapers he does like books and will carefully turn pages and likes listening to things read aloud.


1) They have interesting feet – they have trouser legs which are cute but its the sound the make when walking/running that’s quite something. They don’t move quietly like the cat for example, they literally sound like mini versions of the T-Rex or Velociraptor from Jurassic Park. Bu-doof, bu-doof, bu-doof! Lol reminds me of ancients like Archeopteryx.

2) They fit next to my ears under my hair perfectly so they can travel with me without others knowing – until they pop out and scare people 😀

3) They garner respect, everyone puts a ‘Mr‘ or ‘Sir‘ in front of their names when addressing them, even I call them ‘The (name)‘.

4) Once they got old enough a cage became defunct, more like a pad to visit now and again or stand on with the doors left open.

5) They and kitty respect sleep i.e. they won’t bother you when they think you’re sleeping, they won’t make noise or fight – a lot of the time they’ll just sit with/on/near you until you wake up.

6) Harry tried to befriend Kitty first as he does everyone (until they show they don’t deserve it) but she tried to swipe/swat him (I would not recommend having conflicting animals, it can be very dangerous and risky depending on the personalities but it just turned out that way) and he never forgave her. That said – none of them fight when left alone or other adults aren’t around. They just get on with their own business but like the security of knowing they’re not totally alone – though they will argue and try to fight when other adults are watching. I say ‘other adults’ because if they’ve been left without humans for a while they can be found upon return quiet and doing their own thing, or when it’s just me they will at least tolerate and not harass each other but if there’s anyone else in the place they’ll make a point of bird not letting cat in their territory and vice versa. If it’s just me we can actually all sit together and get on with things peaceably.

7) They like to be held/snuggle in the crook of the neck or atop the head – easier for them to travel (and Harry will bang on your head if angry at you).

8) Harnesses – Samson will wear one and Harry will struggle out so it’s easier to take Samson out. Kitty wears one too and always goes out with us and loves it as she’s a house cat. Even though Harry doesn’t want to wear a harness, when he’s managed to get out he didn’t go far and when he spots you looking for him he follows and then stays in one spot, up high obviously. He just likes being outside which is understandable but he acts as if he’s waiting for you to pick him up which is fine if you know where he is (and when he wants you to pick him up)! One occasion saw me hanging out the top window of a tower block. Note – remember Einstein the African Grey who spent a lot of time in human company and being tested yet spent all his ‘free’ time looking sadly out the window?

9) They all (cat included) call Mum ‘Maa‘. I get called ‘Dorry‘ which reminds me of a series of books I had as a kid called ‘Dorrie the Little Witch’ whose ‘hat is always on crooked and her stockings never match. She has a black cat named Gink who follows her wherever she goes. She lives with her mother, the Big Witch, and their house-hand, Cook.’

IMPORTANT NOTE – Let me just say that I don’t support the pet industries, I hate breeders/rapists and many farms/zoos, smugglers, people who look at non-human animal companions as convenient or nuisances ‘pets’, the ridiculous class system we have for non-human animals we deem ‘food’, ‘bi-products for materials and consumables’, ‘friends’, ‘eligible for experimentation’ etc. I also hate the idea/practice that we can buy a baby whenever we feel like, even less consideration given to animals that are not infants and the way many people complacently replace them. I didn’t buy Samson or Harry but I didn’t abandon them.

Comments on: "Best Friends Day! Close Encounters of the Feathery Kind" (6)

  1. Aww, your birds look sooo cool! 🙂

  2. The Otaku Judge said:

    Watch your toes you “bad cat.”

  3. Parrots are awesome! They are the best people in my life, besides, of course, my guinea pigs.

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