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Lady Void Guardians True Forms Goddess

I Serve The Void

A Call To Arms

To all the Sirens of the Sea,
Temptresses and Torturer,
To Sinful Sailors’ Vanity,
Sing and Scream and Call to Her.
Move the Waters and Come to Me.

Magical Maidens of the Ocean
Who once Swam Happy and Carefree
I call to you with Pure Devotion
Raise up the Waves and Come to Thee
It’s Time to Cause such a Commotion

And Water Sprites I do not forget You
Of Pond, Lake, River, Puddle and Spring
You’ve been Hunted and Feel all too Few
Take Heart there is still much Fight to Bring
Make Water Red with Blood of the Untrue

To all the Pure Ladies Left on the Land
Once You had Homes that were Lush and Green
Your Festivities were Enjoyed and Grand
Now You Feel Buried, Covered and Unclean
Get Yourselves Ready to Make the Last Stand

Be You Live On Sand, Snow or Ice
In a Cave, Hill or Underground
Earth is Sick and Full with Vice
Her Death Wish Hath Resound
Honour Her Now, Less will not Suffice

Serene Sylphs And Women on High
You Ask and Wonder “What’s in My Hair?”
False Clouds Are Spread To Fill the Sky
The Pure Air You had has Gone Awry
Rock the Mountains Shout Your Battle Cry

Deep within the Earth I seek
Holy Fire I Want to Reach
Mother Magma to You I speak
Blast through the Shell I Beseech
Use All Your Power Nothing Meek

Burning Acid Your Breath is Desire
The False Sleep is Over, Awake
Hasten Spread Thy Funeral Pyre
Hurry Be Quick, Do Not Forsake
Nothing to Remain no Cease-Fire

I Summon You All; Heed, Obey My Call
Disrupted, Invaded, Contaminated
Trapped, Numbed, Abused Since The Fall
Break the Chains of the Calculated

Gather Together Your Might,
Bring it All.

The Animals have Been Going, Alone or Grouped Together,
Ancients Rising from the Deep, Bodies Washing Up Ashore,
Others Dead in Fields, Thousands a Go in every Weather,
Millions the Number and Mounting, There will be More.

Ambassador of Dolphin & Whale Said Goodbye to Me,
Their Last Request to End the Suffering of their Kind Left,
Then went to Seal Their Fates in the Vast, Eternal Sea,
All Animals Carried the Greatest Burden, Dignity Bereft.

Now it’s Time to Finish the Job.
Get on with it.